Friday December 19 , 2014


a day for inner healing, enlightened thoughts, and to find some answers.

This day is open to anyone and is not restricted to men only

a one day - non residential - experiential workshop
where you can join all the dots together and to see the bigger picture of

'What is the meaning of my life'
'What's it all about'

'Where am I going and why ?'


All these questions will be answered when you allow an altered state of consciousness to view your life story from a slightly different angle to how you normally see things,  and with expert and supportive facilitation by a very experienced teacher,  you have the ability to connect all the dots - see the bigger picture - and get answers never before thought of,  and these can be life changing moments towards your journey into enlightenment.

If you have ever wondered what life was all about - or why this or that had happened to you - and if you have unanswered questions that have stayed with you for years, unanswered, then this weekend will show you how to ask and how to receive hidden wisdoms of the ages and how you can use this knowledge in your every day life.

what is 'the connection' ?

The connection is the bridge between your physical body and your spirit body - it is the connection between your own Self and the Divine that resides within.  It is learning how to connect the two worlds and how the Divine within can heal the physical body mind and spirit - so easily - you will wonder why you never used these methods before and why - as it is so easy - mankind in the western world has kept this a secret all this time. 

'interconnected breathing'

One of the most powerful tools to inner healing you can ever master

There are many healing applications involved with the breath and these will be discussed and some may even blow your head off.

This is a non sexual day spent in loose clothing


a one day - non residential workshop

Monday March 25th 2013

Monday September 23rd 2013  

The day starts at 10am and finnishes in the evening around 10pm

includes lunch and dinner - all hot and cold refreshments


Shamanic Healing Circle of Gia Awareness
The Questions you need answering
Introduction to your Inner Guide
The journey - leading to 'a connection' with questions and answers afterwards


and there is a charge of

£75 per person inclusive

no concessions
which just covers the costs of the venue, food, heating etc.

advance reservations essential

This day is open to anyone from the spiritual community
and is not restricted to just men or the LGBT community

Gay - Straight
Black - White
Old - Young
Woman - Man

everyone welcome