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  2. COLD WEATHER current position



Hamilton Hall is Centrally Heated and Double Glazed.

We also offer oil filled electric radiators for £10 a night if you feel you want extra warmth in your bedroom.  

With utility costs soaring every year;-  like everyone else, we struggle with the costs involved.  Do not assume we get our heating free of charge. 

We are not part of a multi national chain that can affoird to ride the recession out - and we ask that you are aware of this and make some allowances.  We struggle financially - and always have - and if you cannot accept this and expect a sauna bath 
warmth - then you will be sadly disapointed. We do what we can. 


Special weekends - like our Naked Chill Out or the Naked New Year - naturally we turn the heating up higher than usual,  while for every day B&B we keep the chill off and maintain a standard warmth you would expect.  

If you are staying at Hamilton Hall and the weather is adversely cold - then we have tons of blankets and extra bedding. We have dressing gowns available and - although I love being naked - there are times when it is cozy to snuggle up in a blanket and watch telly or chat with others for the evening all snug and wrapped up warm.

If we do have a very bad cold winter and there is snow, remember your elderly neighbours and see if they need some supplkies collected  for them. Pop in every day and just check on them and make them a bowl of tinned soup or something.

If Meals on Wheels cannot get round,  be the kind soul who takes care of them.  One day, it could be you.


THE Met Office might be a much-maligned institution in the UK due to bungled forecasts about barbecue summers, which turned out cold and wet and mild winters when it was freezing and we can all remember numerous occasions when the Met Office - quite blatantly - not only got it wrong,.  but COMPLETELY got it wrong, and it seems over and over again they prove themselves unworthy of anyone taking much notice of their forecasts. 
Bournemouth may have its own Micro Climate - so how come even the local Met Office - who understand our weather on the south coast - STILL - REPEATEDLY - get it so very VERY wrong.  This costs small business billions as tourists stay away,  business is quiet and the beaches empty.  
Many business do not use the Met Office and more and the one below is much nearer correct more often than ever the Met Office.






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