Saturday September 05 , 2015




Check out our normal 7 day tariff detailed below

compared to the charge for a whole month .


We very rarely get snow down here, and this was the first snow in over 10 years.  Just imagine how cosey and safe it is all tucked up after a long dog walk,    warm and toastie with a cuppa and a piece of cake.  No worries. No responsibilities, where we cook and serve dinner and you relax and snooze on the couch watching the news or a good movie.  On those stunning warm winter days,  a walk out into the New Forest or down to the beach and take the winters air.  No need to feel isolated and alone. No need to worry about your future - come and be amongst friends.

This price is very very low and we know it is very very low and offer this with the love in our heart to those who need something in the winter called company - as there are many lonely people out there and we are here to befriend you with no hidden agenda but just being nice to our fellow man.


Pay for a month in advance and receive this very special

Winter Get-Away Deal




Come and be warm in  a home from home with fun and laughter, company and loads of good food

You are not limited to your room and we share a movie in the evening, a walk in the daytime with the dog and even a trip round Tesco's ( exciting huh ...)  Occasionally we try and get out for the day - maybe a day trip to Weymouth, or some other local beauty spot, and with our 8 seater mini bus,  you are welcome to join us.  ( A small contribution to petrol and lunch out may be asked )

Hot and cold refreshments freely available 24/7 - FREE OF CHARGE

2 course dinner served every evening and plenty of it.

There is no need to spend the winter months alone when you can share good company.  No age limit - as we do enjoy the company of the more mature gay men here. If you are elderely, then you appreciate this is cheaper than many Care Homes - although we do not offer the services or facilities if you need a carer or special equipment although we do go so much further than other hotels. 



We will ask that - as part of the family - you help out a bit - make your own bed and help wash up...  you can use the washing machine for your clothes - and we all chip in and help out if and when needed... and it all adds to the fun and besides, at these prices,  it is not much to ask.  Don't worry, you are not expected to clean the gutters or sweep the car park...

Private Rooms or room sharing may be offered - Not available over Christmas & New Year periods when - depending on how long you are with us, we will offer a sizeable discount - otherwise the full tariff for the Festive Season applies.  ( Various discounts available if booked in advance ) 

Normal Terms and Conditions apply.

The winter months can be a lonely time, with the windows and doors shut tight, expensive heating on and other than the telly,  there can be long solitary evenings alone - and yet there is an alternative.  Hamilton Hall will welcome you with BB&EM at this hugely reduced price for the winter period and the longer you stay, the more friends you will make.  It is never dull around here and every day we meet interesting and fun guys and have great chats over meals and even throughout the day. 

Older gentlemen very welcome and encouraged.

So tell your friends who need to get away for the winter - and come stay on the south coast where the weather - usually - is milder... for we rarely get snow... despoite the picture above, which wa staken because we were amazed to se snow here as it really is a very rare occasion we see any white stuff, maybe once a decade or so... 

We are not offering Care Home facilities and do not have trained care assistance or nursing staff.  We are a hotel where you can be  part of the family and share of yourself with others.  If you need help with some things, that's fine., but not personal hygiene things that need trained and experienced staffing which we do not provide.

 BOOK NOW and have a great winter period.

 This is me, John, waking the dog last winter, I think it was probably about October - November time.






Comment from John, your host. 

I shall be 60 next April ( 2015 ) and value and respect the older man. When I was 16 I lived with a lover for 8 years who was 26 years older than myself and he had tons of friends his age and older, and as a youth, I grew up surrounded by 'older men' and was always understanding to their lifestyle compared to my own.  I know how easy it is to  find yourself shut up for the winter and lonely, and we are hoping to get a good group of guys here at these very low prices - to help us stay afloat and to offer something special for you. 

I can guarantee - it will not be dull.  Hamilton Hall has a wonderful welcoming atmosphere and is well appointed for shops, seaside, the town centre and bus routes.  I have a ' people mover' for day trips out and to drop you in town ( staff and time permitting ) and you can live as 'one of the family' and be involved - or be peaceful and oblivious - the ch
oice is yours and we respect you for your choices.  I do hope you will be joining us and we welcome anyone who values what we offer here to help in whatever way they can,  and offering this long winter break - to be honest  - is something I would personally LOVE. 

There is a doctor and dentist just 2 minutes walk from us - just aropund the corner and Bournemouth Hospital is a 10 minute drive away - on the way to Tesco and we will certainly be there as much as we can, like a family,  to check you are okay and be there for you.  You do not need to be alone over these long dark evenings when the wind and rain / snow is blowing and there is bugger all on telly and you are at a loss as to what to do with yourself.  Come and share a laugh, a joke, anything - with people who care.

If I could afford it and I was not working here,  I would thoroughly love living with a friendly group of gay men in a hotel with my meals prepared for me and share the fun and laughter while still having my own room.  It sounds like an Agatha Christie  story ( just with no murder )  So who wants to be  Maggie Smith - or Judy Dench,-   as I want to be Julie Walters... ha ha

I do hope you will want to join us.

John Bellamy





Hi John,
I have heard of marginal costing but I must congratulate you on this one.If you do not get any visitors when you are offering home living at a fractionof rates elsewhere all I can say this world is a funny place.

I do hope this latest offer of  yours is a great success as you deserve it!!!

Sorry I cant enjoy the offer as regretfully I still have to work, if I had stoppedI would jump at a long break in Bournemouth. Your offer is even lower thanstudent accommodation prices. My niece has to pay £650 a month without foodor utility bills for her one room near the University

Best wishes - Steve


Wow John. Your special winter 4 week deal is amazing. I have several elderly friends who live alone and I shall certainly be telling them of this deal as its too good to miss.  On those cold winter with you guys - how amazing and what fun that will be for someone who lives alone and hybernates all winter,  it's a wonder you are not packed out. Well done. Richard.