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I found this review on a gay web site recently

and I find this mans attitude to be really sad. 


16 Mar 2012   8/23/12 12:00 AM 

Quite possibly the worst 'hotel' I have ever been in. The rooms were poky, dark and very dirty. The prepared food was microwaved ready meals just chucked on a plate and the attitude of the owner/manager was, to put it bluntly, disgraceful. The man is egotistical in the extreme, self opinionated and downright unpleasant. There is no time to relax at Hamilton Hall as this odious oaf is always there, always watching you and always eager to talk about his favourite subject - himself and how wonderful he is. He is an embarrassment and his hotel a dirty and very unfunny joke. 


Comment from John:

Reviews on web sites that make personal attacks on the hotel owner are illegal and place the web site they are on at risk of being sued.  Complaining about the venue is one thing
, taking personal shots at the owners has caused Trip Advisor many legal battles and complaints from hotel proprietors.

This guy, whoever he is,  was obviously not staying at Hamilton Hall  at all and has some serious mental health problems to have stated the things he does.   I am not about to comment on the nonesence he has written as it is clear for all to see that he has a disturbed and dellusional mind.

I just feel so sorry for people like him though. I feel desperately sorry for those who see no joy in life and no sunshine in their day and cannot see anything nice to share with others  in general,  and then he tries to destroy others who do.

I feel desperately sorry for anyone who then takes the time to bitch on a web site and hide his identity and remain anonymous - rather than be man enough to speak to me face to face - or even e mail to e mail,  and help sort the problem he may be having  out.  

It is people like him I was warned about when I first opened and people like him that destroys more good work being done by many good people who get sick of people like him,  and believe me,  while it makes me laugh and while I feel sorry for this man,  there are a few who will listen,   while I do believe the majority will read his words, frown deeply and assume he is some kind of nutter, or has a personal gripe or is even another gay hotelier trying to cause trouble.

I find it actually much easier just to ignore people like this and assume they will eventually get the medication the need and will find happiness and enjoy their days and stop seeking the doom and gloom that seems to so weigh them down.

There are some very fucked up people  and there are some very nasty and vile people out there as well.

I see them as 'THE WEAKEST LINK ' and ignore them.  Other than a few minutes writing about them here,  I will concentrate on the worthy and all those people who value and enjoy what is offered,  and believe me, I do not offer miocrowave meals chuckd on a plate ( that did make me laugh ) and the place is spotless.  As for the personal attack on me, I am aware that I am not everyone's cup-of-tea and that is thgeir problem and not mine. Hamilton Hall has an 85% repeat clientelle,  and this speaks for itself.  Besides, jealous queens flatter when they offer snide remarks like this.  

John Bellamy

Honestly John. I read the bad review on your site about the microwaved food slopped on the plate and I agree with you, this guy has never eaten anything at Hamilton Hall. The food I found to delightful and your Cottage Pie with blue cheese topping, OMG I can still taste it - yummy yummy.  A dirty venue, I definately think not and if I was Kevin I would be pissed off at that comment, considering I saw how hard he worked at keeping the place clean.  I truly admire how you speak your mind, educating the masses and keeping us informed as to what is going on.  This guys remarks just show what a thick shit he must be.    We really can all do without pricks like him and reading his words really made my blood boil.  I have enjoyed so many times with you guys over the years and never been disapointed.  Ignore it John.  You are right to concentrate on the mass of people who love Ham Hall and yourself and all the wonderful things you offer ( besides brilliant home cooked food )   Dean ( Wolverhampton ) 

John:  I was shocked to read that report on your site from the guy who commented on your microwaved food chucked on a plate.  I was truly shocked and dismayed that anyone could be so vile, so viscious and so untruthful about such a wonderful place as you have at Hamilton Hall.  I worked it out the other day that I have stayed with you since 2001 and in all, about 15 times, and I have never had a microwaved dinner chucked on a plate and your home cooked and beautifully presented meals have always been a large part of why I stay in in the evenings and don't bother eating out.  I shall be booking again for the summer and believe me John,  I look forward to your clean and beautiful hotel and lovely tasty food.  Robert ( London ) 

Dear Mr. Bellamy:  As the Head Butler to a very wealthy family who live a lifestle that many can only dream of,  I am use to fine dining and top class service from my staff and if and when I travel with the family.  I get little time off and visited your venue back in 2012 and was delighted at the informal and friendly attitude of all concerned,  where staff and guests all shared the dining table and everyone talked and laughed.  So different to where I work, where even Sir and Madam hardly talk over dinner.  The comment I saw on your site was silly and you are right in saying some people do have a mental health issue to scream such rubbish.  For what you charge I thought it stupendous value for money and anyone even thinking of complaining obviously has a problem.  I wish you all the very best and shall look forward to my spring holiday in May and shall endeavour to visit again.
Walter M.  ( Paris )


Don't worry about it John. Some jealous fucked up wankers don't know when they have found a good place and will do whatever to damn and destroy and that's why they are sad fuckers.  Mark ( Hackney ) 

After my heart operation,  I stayed with you for some weeks to recover.  After my eye operation I again stayed with you to recover. Just somewhere to relax and not have to go out. Good food and friendly people helped enormously  both times  John, your sympathetic and caring attitude - while respecting my space, was top class.  Ignore those who say otherwise and find reason to moan.  It is unfair and I know it must hurt,  but I am very pleased to have found Hamilton Hall and shall return soon, hopefully this time NOT in recovery...  Robert. ( Cornwall )




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