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Hi John,

Good to hear from you about your rates, thank you.    I have a question though for you.

Why is Hamilton Hall the only such place like it in England?    There are a lot of gay men in England aren't there?    Is it because of the clothing optional part or is is because of the BE training?    Let me know.   

I hope that all is well with you, John, and thank you again for your information.

Pride and Huggggs, John,



Dear Roger:

Thanks for your e mail although I am not sure what a BE Training is. 

All venues run for profit and  make the majority of their money through having  an alcohol license,   whereas we do not have a license for alcohol for many reasons.

Many also do not realise how hard it is to run such a venue, where we work 15 hour days – 7 days a week – 365 days a year,  and Hamilton Hall is also a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE  and I do not get paid a wage and have not had a holiday – except a few days away in the UK, in decades – and drive an old clapped out car and am constantly worried about finances.  When you invest as much money as I have in Hamilton Hall, ( around half a million – cash – no mortgage  ) most expect a decent living standard – expensive lifestyle and holidays – whereas I am dedicated to helping the human soul find enlightenment – and see through all the shallowness of every day life that for many,  gives reason,  and when you see through the bullshit – you cannot go back.

It’s like in the Matrix. Once down the rabbit hole, you can never return. 

There may be tons of gay men in the UK but many are more concerned with their carnal fun,  of having a hedonistic lifestyle and are unaware of the spiritual connection  which many consider not for them and ‘ flaky’ and the gay scene is rather vacuous in many ways and it is a limited – often more mature man, who seeks for more out of life as they realise the gay scene is often shallow and superficial and that there must be more to life than sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.  Naturally,  this is a bold statement and I do not mean to stereotype as there are many aware and open gay men of all ages about, but sadly,  they are vastly outnumbered by ignorance and fear of self development and of creating  a better world, not just for themselves and the gay community ( whatever that is ) but for the world at large.

Hamilton Hall is also:-

The only  -   Men only venue that has not been forced to become a members club in order to remain men only now the equality law has been implemented

The only -    Residential school of Tantra in Europe exclusively for men

The only -    Spiritual Retreat exclusively for men in Europe

The only -    Residential venue offering over 40 spiritual, sexual and self development weekend events this year alone

The only -    Venue in the UK that is clothing optional all year

The only -    Venue in the UK offering a web site that is read globally by millions each year – for free – covering a hugely wide choice of topics to educate and enlighten

The only-    Venue in the UK teaching sexuality to men – as basically – most men haven’t a clue about real spiritual sexuality

Hosted by the most experienced sexually enlightened person you are ever likely to meet with more knowledge on spiritual sexuality for men – again – than anyone you are ever likely to meet,  and I certainly do not say this out of arrogance and ego,  but fact.  It makes me giggle my head off when I think about my journey and how and what I have learned and now share and how many men know bugger all about things as basic as good sex, let alone about the Heavens, the Stars and the Universe – and not to forget – God.

If you watch that fab camp programme – ‘The Hotel Inspector’ – you will see how many owners haven’t got a clue – and I sold a big hotel in Guernsey decades ago to 3 people who lost the business in 3 months – complete bankruptcy – as they assumed it would run itself whereas a hotel with 60 guests, busy bar and restaurant and incredibly busy tea room,  needs constant supervision of staff as they will not run it for you… unless you wish to be ripped off.  It was sad to see our beloved business go down hill as fast as it did, but they just hadn’t a clue.

Oh – and not to forget – the abuse received.  Last week alone I received over 45 pieces of abuse from the same person.  No idea who it is – just an anonymous Hotmail address that anyone can open and close as it suits them,  and although this is a lot – ( usually it is around 50 – 100 pieces a year )  it can – if you allow it  to – do your head in.  I appreciate I am a larger than life personality with a larger than life background,  and some resent / envy / are jealous and like to throw the most nasty vile venom at you and it does hurt. Even though you know this person is obviously in pain and fear,  it does hurt.   

I am sure this is a somewhat longer answer than you were expecting,  and your question about Hamilton Hall did surprise me , as doesn’t our web site answer this for you… ?

If you do know of any venue even vaguely like Hamilton Hall,  do let me know their web address as in 13 years here, I have searched and asked and never found anywhere, globally, that offered as much as we do.,.. but then, they do not have John Bellamy at the helm… ha ha  and ultimately, that is what it is all about.  Personal journey – having the guts, the temerity, the passion to follow your heart and not your dick or your wallet and do what feels right for your soul,  mine as well as others,  and live the life that enlightens and brings joy and harmony rather than just money all the time.  It’s a destiny – a vocation – not just a job.   It’s a sanctuary retreat – not just another boring gay hotel.  It’s a place you can call home and feel loved and welcomed, not just some anonymous – faceless venue with foreign speaking staff…  except Kevin of course… he’s Scottish… ha ha

Hope that helps…  Can I ask why you asked the question in the first place…

Have  a great weekend, It’s wet here and the garden is soaked… must have poured in the night…  at least the tomatoes and strawberries in the back garden will not need watering…

Have fun..






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