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Here are just a few of the many comments we get from our customers.  




The magic you weave there couldn't be done without lots of hard work & attention to detail. Ive never been anywhere that makes you feel so relaxed the moment you walk thru the door. Steve

Thanks John, there's always hope where you are concerned ! You're a  very kind compassionate person that comes thru in so many ways. I hope you find someone suitable for your vacancy. If I were nearer I would have loved to have helped out 'til you had filled the post. Mind you, your guests might have been put off by a sixty-five year old Scotsman ! ?No doubt you will have plenty of friends to talk to, but if you have an "effing awful day" & want to let off some steam, then please get in touch. I trust you will not think me presumptuous. I am a listener for The Samaritans. I wish you all that you wish for yourself, Tom x.

Greetings from the USA.  Have been reading your web site and OMG John,  love what I see.  Good on yu.  Love a man who has something to say. So much better than so many of those guys with empty heads, empty mouths and empty hearts.  Never seen a web site like yours. Top marks fo the work involved.  Can I contribute some funds towards the cost involved - do you have a donation button somewhere.
Keep it up, I shall be a regular reader from now on.
Raz. ( Florida )

Thanks Raz.  There is a DONATIONS BUTTON on the bottom of the Home Page.


John.  I stayed recently and we spoke about the business side of HH and how broke you were and how unsupportive the gay crowd has become in recent years.  Can I make a sugestion. You host straight weekends. Like many gay men I am married and my understanding wife has seen your web site and would love to come and stay but cannot.  Any thought of hosting straight / mixed weekends and workshops.  We would attend a Massage Weekend and work on each other - maybe make it a couples only weekend.  If the gay crowd to do not support you financially, then why keep it exclusively men only ?  Where's the sense.  With fewer gay bars etc because of the equality laws,  allow women to attend and make the money you need and live the lifestyle you want and stop being broke. YOU OWE THEM NOTHING JOHN

John M. 

A short note to thank you for my stay at your lovely home. I really enjoyed the space both physically and psychologically. My batteries are not exactly recharged but I feel refreshed.
I really appreciated the lift you gave me to the station, there was a train waiting for me! My lack of forward planning is paying off and the universe appears to be taking care of me at the moment. (He he) perhaps I need to learn to go with the flow a bit more.
Thank you once more.
By the way I left a new dressing gown (primark - sorry) in room 3, this was deliberate. I thought that someone similar to me (not comfortable naked until I at least know people a bit) might make use of it during future times. If it is surplus or you feel it irrelevant please dispose of it.
I hope to visit you again in the near future.


Dear John,

Hi John (  01/02/2014 )
My wife and i have just watched 3 in a bed straight away i said men only cannot exist in this day and age so then i went to your web site and read it all which did take a long time as you can imagine

i now can see what your hotel is about i found the whole web site very informative in parts very funny what you have written about people and i have changed my view completely, in fact i admire you for what you have achieved down there, i live in Birmingham with my wife we are in our late 50s and are foster carers looking after children, in a way you are too looking after and helping lets say the older children in life, your place sounds so friendly and comfy i think i am jealous, so when my wife and i come down bournmouth area as we do as my niece runs a hungry horse pub down there, and we would love to just pop in say hello and say thank you for all the people you help in life more people like you and the world would not be full of idiots like it is.

god bless you and your partner and one day i will shake your hand which would make me very proud to say i have met you.

regards Barry and Judy
ps we think you should write a book, i will buy the first one signed of course

Dear Sir:  ( edited from a longer e mail - January 2014 )

My son Jason visited your venue several times as your guest and enjoyed 3 or 4 free weekends with you in 2012 and 2013 and I wanted to let you know he had died.   He had been unwell for some years with Parkinsons and at 43 years of age died in his sleep.  He spoke kindly of your open heart in allowing him to stay for nothing and how you would  take him on drives in the afternoon when you walked your dog.  He always looked forward to visiting and he always spoke about how kind you were not to charge him and how you included him always, whereas he found many who were nervous around him and so stayed away.   Being homosexual he found it hard to make friends in the last few years and he was glad to be in a venue where he felt at ease.  He would often joke and tell us stories about things he had seen and heard at your place and he was somewhat in awe of the life you have had and shared with him.  I wanted to write and thank you as our son meant the world to us and will be dearly missed and thank you for offering a little sunlight into his world and not charging him to stay.  If only more people were as thoughtful and kind.  It meant a lot to him,  as it did and does to us.  Thankyou.
Emily and Jack ( Jason's parents ) 


You have made a life where you are surrounded by lovely people , it is wonderful to see, you have created an oasis for people. You are a lucky man. Xxx


August 2013 after the TV programme was aired again:-  

Dear John,  I have just watched you on 3 in a bed and wanted to drop you a quick line to say I think your amazing in what you do.

I get what you are about and that really touched me and I felt quite emotional. You have a beautiful smile and a big heart and came across as a truly wonderful caring person.  10 years in a non profit making company is now a days unheard of and I truly hope you are proud of what you do because you should be 

I wish you every success in the future and hope you continue for many more years providing that sanctuary that I bet so many men appreciate , obviously however that didn't include Andrew lol.  All the best.  Caroline 




Taken from Trip Advisor: ( June & July 2013)

John & his staff made me feel incredibly welcome, I felt as though I was at home from the minute I arrived. The roo I had was both well appointed and immaculately clean, and the little extra touches provided were fantastic. Whilst I understand that for some the 'Home from Home' charms of a place like Hamilton Hall may not be to taste, for me they added to a wonderful trip, and made my week in Bournemouth memorable for all the right reasons.  ( Reading ) 
I would like to say that my stay at Hamilton Hall was fantastic , John & Kevin make you feel at home from the minute you step in the door, there is nothing that is too much trouble for these two guys, tea or coffee soft drinks on hand whenever you feel like it, the rooms are superb and spotless.
The meals are cooked by John and served to you by Kevin and all seated around one big table, which helps break the ice, with other guest's some of which are newcomers and some who come back time and again. Derek ( Dorchester ) 


It never fails to amaze how many times I visit Hamilton Hall and meet like minded people who, like me, have stayed with John many times over the years.  There is a huge loyal repeat customer base and I totally get why.  Very clean and presentable rooms, plenty of chill out lounges anbd space to relax, the garden this year was the best I have ever seen it - absolutely beautiful,  and with home cooked meals and plenty of it and banter from John that always makes me smile,  good service from Kevin and the delightful Missy ( the dog ) -  it lightens my heart and I really feel better for  a few days here.   Robert (Richmond ) 

Hi john. Have to share with you that I am still laughing every time I think of you and Hamilton Hall and it always makes me laugh, even a week after being home. God John, you can talk for England and I just loved it.  It was such fun to see you animated when we talked on just about everything and you certainly got us all thinking at the breakfast and dinner table. It really needs your energy and gift for life to keep it all going as the weekend I was there,  they were all a bit on the quiet side and you really cheered the whole thing along.  You are a wonderful entertainer and thank God there are people like you to represent the gay scene. Watched the '3 INA BED' on return and well done you.  I shall certainly return soon as I felt your energy healed on so many levels and it was quite rewarding. Thanks John. Steve ( July 2013 )

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for another great weekend full of fun and laughter with good company.  Trev and I had a very relaxing weekend.  The room as ever was excellent.  Thanks also to Kevin.
See you again soon  Take care Alan

Thank you John and Kevin. You helped make my stay  one to remember. Great place, food, accommodation and everything. Nothing to fault at all. Kevin works hard at keeping the place so very clean and tidy and John, well what can I say about John.  There is only one John and they certainly broke the mold when they made you - and that is a great pity and the gay community needs more like you.  Robert. ( London - Jule 2013 ) 


John Comments:  I laughed like a drain when I read this one below on Trip Advisor - who very quickly took if off-line when I complained - and all I can say is that I feel desperately sorry for this man - who makes up so much of this  and so much is just so silly - calling Ham Hall an apartment,  no bathrooms en suite etc.  it is just silly. See what you make of it :-

A very basic guest house, dark and smelly from the dog - in no other hotel dogs have access to all public rooms including dining room - just disgusting !
You have to share the small bathroom with all other mostly very old and not so clean guests, and the owner'sCattitude is very dominating all the time, you always have the feeling, that you do something wrong, because he controlls his guest's behave all the time. Hamilton Hall is not a hotel, it is a tiny private apartment with several rooms - that's it. He offers different sexual themed weekends, like wanking-weekends and so on, but he ask you to for no attitude, this means, you have to be ready to play with old and fat man, if not, you have to leave, because you have not the right attitude in the owner's eyes.....All the picturers on his website are just fiction. The majority of his customers are around 60-70 years old, massive overweighted and mosty smelly. And he expect "lip service" during a wanking-weekend, this is compleetely off topic, when the theme is mutual wanking. Think about all this before you make an reservation and read thre owners's comments from other customers experiences..... In all other hotels worldwide, you credit card will be charged during your checkout - he debit your creditcard before you arrive - so strange !!!

 Personally - This kind of silly comment is not worthy of any more of my time. He is a pathetic silly little man who can take his business elsewhere if this is how he reacts.  What a waste of space he is.


John. Your garden this year must be the best I have ever seen it. Truly spectacular. Well done on all the hard work you and Kevin do to keep the place looking so clean, tidy and so very presentable.  Peter W.

John: I really enjoyed my stay and wish there were more places like it. Nick.

Thanks for such a lovely few days. Wish I could stay longer but work and family calls.  The weather was great, the guys I met at HH were all so friendly and informal and your garden and plants was awesome. Truly beautiful. I saw how much work you were put to and was full of admiration for how hard you work to keep things so nice. I will definately return.  Colin ( From Liverpool but living in France ) 

John, thanks for all the updates over recent times. I am currently living in Thailand and I was hoping to come over in September for about 2 weeks, but I must return to Australia for business. I hope I can make it over next year in April maybe. It sounds such a great place to stay. Thanks a lot for such a comprehensive website also! William

John. The first day at your place I was a bit nervous as it was a bit like staying in a private house,  and I wasnt sure what was allowed.  Then I relaxed.  I have stayed at many places, some gay and most straight, and never have I found anywhere quite like your Hamilton Hall. You really have thought of everything. The amount of teas and drinks freely on offer is most impressive.  I found you a man full of wisdoms and could listen to you for hours. Mind, you can talk for England but all good stuff.  You must write a book John,  when we spoke about Tantra - your expertise in sexuality  was awesome. You have got to write it all down.  I shall most certainly return the next time I am back in the UK.
Michael ( Australia ) 

John. After spending  a few days and speaking with you about various spiritual issues etc., I have to write and congratulate you on how you keep going. So many in the spiritual world, gay and straight,  get burn out and thoroughly pissed off at the attitude of other  people who offer negative  attitude towards those who are actually doing something for others,  and I know of so many who have quit to do their own thing.  My Aunt ran a retreat in Glastonbury some time ago and she closed and moved after some years because of exactly this,  petty resentment from others, and as she said, it did her head in.  Shameful behavour from many within the spiritual community and shamefull bahavour from gay men as well, as I also ran various LGBT groups in London back in the 70's and 80's and all I can say is 'NEVER AGAIN.'  So you have my total admiration and respect.
Lovely hotel. Wonderful food. Healing energies and a wealth of knowledge.  Hamilton Hall was more than I ever expected and it is all down to you John. Well done.
Derrick.  (Windsor ) 

Just spent sometime on your website. i find your outlook and sexual point of view fascinating, intelligent and familiar. i have wanted to find ways to associate my spiritual life with my sexual one. love your kinks as well. it's rare that i get overseas but after reading what i've read of yours and seen your pictures i know i'll want to make a point of visiting. 

thank you   all the best   ryan 

you have a superb seeing it pumped.  Richard. 


 I read all about you, and saw you on the Tv thing - 3 In A Bed,  and liked what I saw.    So I came and visited and stayed 3 nights longer than anticipated. We chatted and shared and watched a couple of movies in your private area and I was thrilled.  I have always been in a relationship, so I may not be as experienced in the world as you yet you treated me so kindly and with such gentlkid gloves. I like your views and opinions, and you seem to have come through life's experiences with a determined and experienced attitude without becoming bitter or distracted about life. xxx 

John. Originally saw your comment on the Home Page of your web site saying there was no other venue in the world like Hamilton Hall and I really thought it was pretentious clap trap until I walked in the front hall for the first time ( last weekend ) and absolutely got it.  I got the energies, the vibes, the aura, the ambiance and the ethos, all in a split second standing in the hall, and as we chatted and you showed me to my absolutely lovely room ( Room 3 )  I was totally convinced that the comment on your web site is 100% correct.
I have visited a ton of gay mens venues all over the world and I have to agree that there really is nowhere quite like your Hamilton Hall.  It was breathtaking the weekend I enjoyed with you and I sincerely want to thank you for what you offer and the manner in which you work so hard offering so much,  to a community so in need.  I absolutely agree now with the comment as there really is nowhere that I know of that is quite like Hamilton Hall, and for all the right reasons.  Well done John.
John M. ( (Toronto)


Report from Trip Advisor:

“The most relaxing hotel I have ever stayed in.”

Having stayed at some of the best hotels in the world, Four Seasons & Hyatt Regency, to name 2, nothing compares to Hamilton Hall, and I will be returning for my next holiday. John & his assistant Kevin are so genuine & helpful and & it truly is an urban oasis.

As soon as you step through the front door it is as if you have entered another dimension, one of peace & calm, I never heard any noise at all from the outside world, it was as if you are on an island in paradise. The room I was in, No 2, Tranquility lives up to its name, with everything, artwork & ornaments, designed to aid relaxation.

I paid extra for an evening meal that was home cooked & delicious, the continental breakfast was the largest choice I have ever seen & there are cooked breakfast options which other guests had for a small charge which were popular, next time I will treat myself! 

John Bellamy is worth the stay alone for his anecdotes & humor. I found him charming, very informative & refreshingly honest & there should be more like him. 

The Hotel is for Gay & Bisexual men & clothing optional is your choice. 

To sum up, If you are looking for characterless uniformity with identical furnishings & layouts which we are accustomed to, then I dare you to be inspired & stay at Hamilton Hall. However, if you are into detail & are critical & moan, you have missed the point.

Hamilton Hall is are rare treat in this generic world of uniformity & scripted service. 
It is a breath of fresh air that truly inspires ones imagination.  Mobile phone conversations are banned from the ground floor, which is a boon so there is nothing to disturb quiet reflection, take a book or simply sit & let the ambiance of the rooms fill you with peace, & meditate & relax.

Hamilton Hall will nurture your soul if you let it.
David A. ( Colchester. )


John & his staff made me feel incredibly welcome, I felt as though I was at home from the minute I arrived. The roo I had was both well appointed and immaculately clean, and the little extra touches provided were fantastic. Whilst I understand that for some the 'Home from Home' charms of a place like Hamilton Hall may not be to taste, for me they added to a wonderful trip, and made my week in Bournemouth memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Stayed June 2013

Great Location, good facilities, totally unique, friendly and help owner (John) and staff, what more can you want? 
I stayed just the one night but have every intention of going back and staying far longer.  Regardless if you only have time for one its worth the trip go with an open mind and I suspect if staying a few nights you will leave far happier and with a spring in your step. Peter. Durham. 



Reports below on Trip Advisor:

Fantastic Value

March 2013

Stayed at Hamilton Hall only two night for a wind down from usual life and time to destress. You can certainly do that here. The beds are extremely comfortable and rooms very clean and nicely decorated. It's only a shame that work calls otherwise we would have stayed the weekend too. John the owner deserves pat on the back. He has put all his effort into making something that he wants and other people can enjoy and it seems he as succeeded. Well done my friend.  EssexBoi.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----

My first time at Hamilton Hall, plenty of parking space.  Hamilton Hall is situated 14 minutes walk from the sea front,  in a quiet peaceful street away from the noise of town traffic.
I was greeted by John at the door and he made me a cup of tea whilst having a chat, then showed me to my room carrying my bag for me. First impressions go a long way and Hamilton Hall does not dissapoint, the heavenly smell of insence drifts through the hall to greet you and make you feel you are home. 
Room 3 "Joy", is a spacious twin in brown and tan hues,  nicely decorated warm and welcoming, with its own shower and basin cleverly installed as a walk-in room.

Didnt have to wait or mess around with the shower, the hot water was there strait away.and warm towels on the rail finished the job perfectly.
The beds are very comfortable, plenty of pillow choice, and cushions, i had lovely rays of sun streaming through the window on my arrival. 
The rest of the hotel is of course maintained to a very high standard,with cosy sitting rooms, study area, meditation room, with relaxing music playing in the background and a well set out well decorated Dining room. 
Residnets can join in with meditation work shops, and are encouraged to be themselves and feel at home.
John himself and his staff run this Not For Profit Hotel to a high standard and i got to meet "Missy" the resident dog who was no trouble at all.

I like the way Hamilton Hall is set out,there is a smoking area for those who do, outside, the garden is tastefully set out with "nooks" for sitting and meditating,or just chilling with a beer. The food is home cooked, hand prepared and very tasty,with a help yourself approach to breakfast for the hungry traveller. Cerial, fruit,toast, fruit juice,yogherts,jams ect tea coffee,a miriad of fruit and specialist tea's to. 
John is a very knowledgeable friendly person and nothing is too much trouble ,he is a very expirienced person, well travelled and also has a professional approach to the day to day running of Hamilton Hall, it is an ideal place for indulgent "me" time and as such i felt very relaxed in the other guests presence.
would i return to Hamilton Hall, yes i would, very much so, in fact i wouldnt go anywhere else. 
a huge thank you to John and his staff for making me so welcome. ,

Room Tip: all rooms are of a very high standard.  March 2013




March 2013


When I received a rather rude and aggressive request to tell them why I wished to pay by cheque (which attracts a £20 surcharge) rather than just provide them with ALL my credit card details (along with the security code) by phone, the rudeness was enough to prompt me to cancel my reservation. The answer to his direct question about concerns about the data protection element was not well received. Even ruder and borderline abusive emails from Hamilton Hall were received with more and more verbose about these are his terms of business and as I did not agree with them, I could, more or less, get lost. Also apparently, it's my loss as no other venue offers the same service. Based on the service I got however that can only be to my gain. I'm glad no details were provided or else I'd be arguing about all the various cancellation policies and subsequent charges that abound on his website. Wonder why he needs so many?  TC London.

My answer:

When someone refuses to follow the standard procedures for making a reservation which every hotel in the land follows - ie: credit / debit card confirmation - and tells me that they will pay by cheque, despite the fact that my web site makes it quite clear about not accepting cheques without prior arrangements and a £20 surcharge added - and when that person then starts arguing with me and wasting more of my time, this person is then not welcome at my establishment. After 13 years in business I do not appreciate complete strangers trying to tell me how to run my business, especially when it is clear the customer doesn't have a clue what they are talking about, as in this case. 

People with this level of arrogance are not welcome here as their attitude spoils it for others who are here for a relaxed - NO ATTITUDE - time, and that is why this customer was told to - basically - 'sling his hook' and go elsewhere. 
If anyone cannot follow some simple instructions for making a reservation, then no reservation will be made and they can go elsewhere, but being as how Hamilton Hall is 'one of a kind' - it really is their loss.

I do not really care what this man thinks of me as his manner on the phone was agressive and obnoxious, telling me how to run my business and demanding I do everything his way and not the general way of business.  

In order to protect my other guests from that kind of attitude, I do refuse people and although it is very unusual and very rare,  it does happen and I am not afraid to spoeak up. 

As for our Terms and Conditions, it is because of people like him that has caused me to have one in the first place and as we do get messed around and we do get abused in business,  like anyone else, I have to protect the business from those who will financially cause trouble.  It is not a big leap as to why we need one or that every business in the land has a Terms and Conditions so this guy must be nuts to even consider questioning why we have one in the first place.

If all you want is a Customer Service person who is limited in what they are allowed to say back to you, then phone a Premier Inn 24 hour phone line. If you want personality and that more personal approach, then you must be prepared that it you offer less of yourself and you are rude, you will be brought into awareness of this fact and you may not get a reservation, as we simply do not need your rudeness and attitude.

Running  a business like this is a huge amount of work and if people cannot appreciate how we work, then as I do not need mountains more put onto my shoulders, I can well do without the custom.  As I always say, I sold my body for decades and yet my soul was never on offer.  I would rather sell up and / or go bust than put up with rude assholes and obnoxious attitude in order to make a living. Life is far too short for that and my other guests - just read their reports, agree with me. 

Sadly, there are a lot of fucked up people out there and many fucked up gay men who offer abuse and obnoxious attitude to others and there are a few of us who will not tollerate this and will speak out.  Just see what the results were after the TV programme ' 3 IN A BED' where I spoke up against the homophobe and politely put him in his place. I will not - ever - tollerate bad attitude concerning how I run my business. 


Dear John:

I live in the U.S., but I am very impressed with the offerings at Hamilton Hall, You have created a unique environment for Gay men. If I decided to travel to the U.K., I will be sure the make a reservation for one of your wonderful events. Perhaps, I overlooked an entry on the web, but I did not find anything specifically related to HIV positive men. You might consider such an event in the future. Best wishes, David Chaille "special bottom" Long Beach, California, USA Stats: Single Gay retired male, bottom, age 69, 5'4", 140 pounds, brown hair, clean-shaven, non-smoker, non-drinker, no drugs, undetectable HIV positive and amazingly healthy, part-time nudist.
_____ _____ _____ _____ __

I did answer this e mail and ask what exactly he thought we should offer those with HIV that the various - now closed through lack of use - drop in centres were unable to offer. With him being in good health - as stated - what is he looking for and who does he think will join him for a weekend that - to my way of seeing things and from the experience I have had with every single HIV related weekend  being cancelled through lack of bookings,  he thinks we can offer these days that is in demand ?    I have offered so many HIV related weekends and never - ever - had a single booking - and this was after wide advertising - so obviously there is no market any more for HV related issues and I am very pleased people are getting back to their own lives and are no longer living their lives through their condition, which is never healthy, and they no longer need workshops etc.  catering just for them.  I didn't hear in answer and I thank David for his e mail. 



Good on you John. I support you and your cause 100% ! Keep up the good work, we need you. Even people who don't realise it need support like yours ! Lots of love from Simon from Munich in Thailand :-)

John. Spend much of time on your web site. Love it. Boyfriend and I read together to help English. Like what said, very good stuff and rewarding much.  Visit soon but troubles in country and banks hold money from customers. Little jobs and live now back with Ma and Pa. Not good. I 27 boyfriend 24 from small town no gay life and get much reward reading blog on HH site. A wind of fresh breeze for us both. Regards Kai in Thailand. 


May 2013
Hello again John,

This is David,   just checking if it is possible to arrive around 4 pm on Friday? I have a 200+ mile journey & will leave early in case of delays though my intuition serves me well if i give it full attention & not regress into fear! Lol

I am so looking forward to meeting you & have had a very vivid dream about you, i get dreams, visions & have had many incredible experiences of a spiritual nature.
Though the dream I had about you was more sexual, quite unlike anything I have had before!
I feel that you will be quite unlike anyone I have met before & it will be amazing & enlightening to actually meet you & to learn from you. I feel you are the Master & all those that are ready will continue to be drawn to you.

It will be incredible to get into some deep spiritual/sexual conversations.

As was said on the day we spoke & I booked & paid, & to give you advance notice, it would be great to stay a few more nights, if you have availability? Maybe Sunday. Monday & Tuesday? I like giving people notice so they know in advance. It is the longest car journey I have made for years as find driving tiring. I drive 20 miles to work & back but rarely more.     I have driven all over the uk & towed a 23 foot caravan  over 10 years ago. But find concentrating tiring. Now naked driving would be more freeing? But only do that after dark when warm!! Lol  Hope all ok with you & your team & will await your response.

Love light & peace.  David 


May 2013
Thanks John,for lettin me know, always enjoy receiving your emails of your adventures at the hall!   This weekend would be right up my street, as Id love to go around your place, totally bollock naked, and not give a toss,  as I know I could be myself!..  Keep sending me yer messages my friend!    Neil x


May 2013
John -  
Just a quick note to state - I enjoyed your post today - including your history.  absolutely lovely way to state your reason for the hall.  i must get over there, or see a virtual tour of the location.  very interesting for me.  seem like a great man, as well.  take care.  sal  ( Los Angeles ) 

Sounds lilke the perfect birthday to me, restful and dinner with friends.  I'm the same do not drink if so maybe a glass of red wine, sip slowly.  Gald you are having good weather.  The weather is gorgeous here in Alabama, storms tomorrow though but a beautiful weekend ahead. We are blessed that you were born!  Thank you for your contribution to society. Cheers to you!!! Michael  

Hi John,
I have been receiving your newsletter for many years. I live in Langkawi island, Malaysia. I am amazed by the activities Hamilton Hall has been organizing for gay men. I am a therapist myself for 10 years and running a little nature retreat, spa and training centre in Langkawi called Rumah Holistic. The reason I am writing to you is because I am visiting UK for the first time and I am staying some where near Bournemouth called Corfe Castle, and I noticed you are very close by. I hope we can meet up and I can pay a visit to your place. Who knows we may work out something together in the future?  Sincerely,  Eric




Dear John First of all sorry it's been so long to reply but I'd like to thank you and Kevin so much for my Easter weekend ( 2013 ) with you. You both made me so welcome.Service with a smile. With the dinners you made were amazing and to be able to be sat together with you, Kevin and the other guests was lovely and to be able to chat with one another as well was so nice.  Thanks Kevin for greeting me when I got there to you and showing me around and letting me settle in my room Harmony! Hamilton Hall is so relaxing and what I need to relax and the clothing optional is so liberating. It's an added bonus that you open all year so I can come down for a quiet getaway and still visit Bournemouth and Poole and the surrounding areas. I'm also very interested in your specialist weekends. Sadly all good things come to an end.But I looking forward to more visits to you. Thanks also for the complimentary Easter Egg. I've just finished it and to have Spiderman you must know I have a thing for men in lycra. Anyway take care both of you and of course to Missy. All the best Simon

Thanks for another amazing weekend at Hamilton Hall.
Workshop, people, accommodation and food were all wonderful !
Looking forward to doing it all again soon :-)  Best Simon ( March 4th 2013 ) 

John:  I tend to stay at more salubrious venues on main holidays like the Travel Lodge but hey when something is convenient, clean and cheap for a night! I'll check out your hamilton hall.


I told this guy that no one with any style and sophistication would ever think of using the words TRAVEL LODGE and SALUBRIOUS in the same sentence as the Travel Lodge is far from salubrious and that with an attitude like his, he was not welcome here.  I was gobsmacked at his rudeness and my friends who were here and who saw his e mail just laughed and laughed...  and as they said - ' What a wanker, what a turd, what a prick.'


Hamilton Hall is a really relaxing place, no pretensions, no sexual overtone to it that most people seem to think of it. It is just like a home from home and one place I will definitely stay again, especially with my partner Drew x

"The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of."  ~Blaise Pascal, Pensées, 1670

Dear John,
I am delighted to hear from Hamilton Hall again. In those uncertain times, it is a joy to hear that your business keeps going .You must be blessed.  Wishing you a happy valentine's day
Kindest regards,  Laurent 

Just got back from a weekend away at hamilton hall.
john and kevin made me feel so welcome, as though we had known each other for years.
i booked a single room, but was upgraded a very very large plush double.
the room was warm and welcoming and very clean.
nothing was to much trouble at meal times and dinner at £10.00 for 2 courses was very good value for money.  Shaun.


Hi John:  JJust saw your b and b and i really admire your work, i think you are so uplifting, what ashame that there are no women or ordinnary ? copples allowed ! wish you the best for all the years to come, but Karma will find it's way ! keep up the good work! ♥

Hi John: With so much depressing news and e mails this morning it was with great joy I read your recent e mail post out and it was good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping me posted with your events.  I must book for something soon as I feel in need of a little of the Hamilton Hall Special Effect, as I call it, and even my friends all mention when I get home from you how I am different, smilier and more upbeat.  Time for a recharge.
Soon.  John D. ( Swindon ) 



I travel a lot around the world and have stayed in many different types of accomodation over the decades. I have to say that Hamilton Hall is a rare treat and probably unique in the world. It combines my love of staying in "family run" places, naturism, good conversation and the opportunity to meet new like-minded people and to develop myself spiritually. So far this is the only place in the world which has offered me all of this under one roof. The warm welcome made me feel like an old friend and I really felt like part of the family with John and his lovely helpers. I had booked to attend a workshop, which was excellent and really raised my spiritual awareness to deal with my own issues and those of other people. The owner, John, is an immensely interesting person with wide ranging knowledge, views which he can justify and life experiences which he is happy to share over the dining table and at workshops. He was really attentive to my needs, even going so far as to provide help with my dietary problem so that I could enjoy one of his delicious home made soups. The sense of community at Hamilton Hall is very strong and profound and I am sure has made many visitors leave feeling good about themselves and the world in which they live. Altogether I had such a rewarding weekend that the first thing I did on my return home was to book my next trip to Hamilton Hall !

The other staff are also very warmhearted and friendly and I ended up making cups of tea for them as often as they did for me ! I did this because I wanted to and not because of any lack of service offered. The hotel is located a short walk from Boscome Pier and the beach, and I also walked to and from Bournemouth town centre along quiet leafy streets. I had the opportunity to go with the gorgeous dog on a long Sunday afternoon walk and John delighted in showing me the local scenery.
To conclude: I highly recommend Hamilton Hall, but be warned - this is not the mundane experience you expect from an expensive hotel where you are imprisoned in your room and sat in front of the TV and eat at a table alone. It is a real community resource where the possibilities are literally unlimited !  P.P.



John:  Since having my heart by-pass operation and after staying with you for a month to recuperate,  your kind offer of free weekends to aid in my reovery has been a God send.  I live alone and I think the solitude and lonliness would have had a detrimental effect on my healing and I was beginning to slide into depression.  You saved me from that. I am not a rich man and wish I was then I could help support your efforts more instead od being a drain on your finances with the free stays.  You are truly a thoughtful and kind man and I shall never forget what you have done for me at a time when I could have easily slipped into a bad dark place and given up.  Thanks John.  Steven ( Hampshire ) 

John. I kow how hard you take it when people find fault and I have to stand here now and lecture you on ignoring those assholes and being aware how deeply I appreciate and value you.  Hamilton Hall has long been a home from home for me and you offer so freely of your time and work. I don't know nowhere that goes as far and I for one must tell you a very big thank you.  Dave.

Dear John:
Having worked for the same company for over 45 years, married with 4 grown up children and half a dozen grand children, it was with great excitement and fear that after my wife died,  I decided to 'come out' and visit some gay venues. After a few awful, and I mean absolutely awful experiences in Blackpool and Brighton, I came across your web site and was thrilled.  It seemed everything I was looking for, support and friendship.  I came to one of your Massage Workshops ( this is 2 years ago now ) and it was a life changing experience for me.  I mentioned at the time how amazing it was for me but now these years on, I felt I had to write and truly thank you for introducing me to a gay lifestyle with loads of helpful input from yourself.  It is very different being  gay that straight and everything I thought I knew, was different when living as an out gay man, and you really helped me with that.
My children all know I am now gay and are all pleased for me, as after all, their Mother is dead and they are only too happy that I have found some happiness in my 80's - for at 86 now,  I feel content and happy for the first time in a long time, as I am now true to myself.  Thankyou for your brilliant venue John and your kind and thoughtful manner towards an old man who came seeking answers, and you were there for me.
Stuart.  ( Manchester )

This e mail brought a tear to my eye. I remember Stuart.   He was a laugh a minute and when he 'came out' - he blew the doors of their hinges, and good luck to him.


HOME PAGE -                  A picture in case you are getting bored....


John:  I had to write and tell you how I admire your commitment to people. Your drive is unconditional.  I was so impressed with my visit to Hamilton Hall and I felt bad at not saying something at the time. I find you and what you offer to be inspiring.  After meeting you, I feel there is some hope for mankind after all. Terry 

Hi John I have read your website with interest over the past few years and have always admired you for making your dream come true. My partner and I live in America and travel frequently to England to visit friends in Bourne. We have a few questions concerning your annual Christmas and New Years gathering. Do you ever have any other gentlemen attending than from England? The program really sounds interesting.
To our knowledge there is no type of establishment in America that you have in England. We could not come this year, but were thing about Christmas, New Years of 2013. Also, am looking at the workshops for Tantra. We have a favorite teacher in Palm Springs, CA named Austino who recommended your establishment years back. You sound like a very interesting gentlemen and we hope to be able to meet sometime soon. Peace

Comment from John:  WOW - Someone in America is recommending my establishment... WOW.

Wow what a web site. Looking for a place to stay - got caught in reading and many hours later - exhausted, went to bed. Love your weekly campaign John. What a deep and meaningful man you are. So good to see in a world full of shallow people. I voted for the police thing yesterday as I see you did. Wonder how many others couldn't be bothered. I shall book and come and stay soon.  Ian. Glasgow.

Thanks John for providing the new SP weekend ( X Rated ) that I asked about some time ago.  I was thrilled to read about it on the site. This has been my dream. Saw it in the USA but never here in the UK before. Not residential anyway. Great stuff. Put me down for it.

Martin ( London )


Hi John

Trust you got a smile on your face when you looked at the Halloween card Jim and I sent you. Sort of goes with what you described yourself as on the advertisement for the upcoming cock and ball workshop. You are lucky to have someone demonstrate on you all the ideas!
Honestly admire you for doing the majority of work at Hamilton Hall. We only have employees besides ourselves to do all the work and nationwide company does. But we love what we do and I can tell that you are the same.
We so much want to come and stay at Hamilton Hall and to attend one of your activites or workshops. Planning on vacation to India in December, 2013 and stopping over in England on way back to states. Perfect opportunity for Holiday Season holiday.
Well, today is our election in the states for president and all the other village idiots. Never been so disgusted as I am with what has been said by both parties. They lie like a rug.
Nothing is going to change whoever is elected except who commands Air Force One or who lives in the White House.

Take care friend. Truly admire you for what you are doing for the gay community.
Peace   Fred, Jim



“Nightmare At Hamilton Hall”

Reviewed 21 January 2013.   Even though he claims to have stayed here in August 2012
- ONLY because when you backdate a review,  that is the longest time in the past that Trip Advisor allows. Chances are, this is a completely bogus report.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----

When I first arrived at this dreadful place I was shocked to find it's location situated in a very down market part of Bournemouth - very seedy indeed!!!!!! The house was cheap and tacky in every way possible and the owner was no better. The food was of poor quality and badly presented. My room was basic and no chance of any reasonable sleep with so much noise inside and outside the property. The owner needs some form of therapy as he is clearly a disjointed individual.

This review above appeared on Trip Advisor recently and was - as always - anonymous because if the date is to be believed, we have not had any customer with his name stay here in or around the date he has claimed, so I can only assume this is a bogus report.  PLUS:  Just read what he has to say and you will know that what he is saying is absolute crap.

I do feel desperately sorry for those who feel the need to attack a venue that is so hugely appreciated and followed by so many,  and find the need to attempt to destroy something of beauty and light - to make claims that are just untrue and ultimately - if they got their own way - close us down and then they would complain there is nowhere to go - no gay mens venues left - only anonymous Hotel Ibis's and the like - and it is people like this who hide behind their computer screens and throw their bile at others while not being brave enough to actually talk to me about whatever problem they have and be a man about it.  It is cowardice.

As for what he is claiming in his review, it is just plainly from a deluded and immature mind.

Personally, while this stings, I know in my heart and soukl that this man is not on the same journey as myself and I just have to ignore him totally and coincentrate on those more worthy, those who do appreciate and those who are open to a higher level, and not waste my time on those who are not ready.

We even offer a guarantee

and yet this man above does not offer alternative venues that he can claim are better than Hamilton Hall, and all he does is attempt to destroy.




Hi John:  Thanks for all you offer at HH.  I sincerely hope you will be here for decades to come as I consider your place a second home from home, a sanctuary.  Can't wait to bring my son with me next time as although he is straight and understands all about his Dad being gay and all that, he will love you. He's heard all about your madness and crazy ways and thinks you are a hugely good influence on me and I have to admit he is right. Having stayed at other places that are just so cold and anonymous, and all the places abroad I stay at because of me travels, there really is nowhere as inviting and as welcoming as Hamilton hall.  Well done mate.
Dale ( Dover ) 


Morning John,

I am happy you received the small donation.  For some reason I was drawn to visit your site yesterday.  After reading about the young lad and his issues and remembering my enjoyable visits I was guided to make the donation.  I know it was small but I hope to be able to continue to do so.  Our economy is still difficult but I know that I have been so very blessed.  I was given a wonderful family life and have been fortunate in my career life.  

My first visit to HH in 2011 for the Tantric workshop was very enjoyable.  Being a 50ish gay guy we still have insecurities and deal with the gay aspects of our lives.  You invited me to your room after the Friday evening session an we had some indepth discussions about life, theology,ect.   

I attended the massage workshop this past February and it was also a fun experience.  It is so nice to be in such a warm, relaxing, non judgemental and enjoyable environment.  I have so much respect you.  You have taken a gift and shared it with a community that needs love, support and guidance.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May and had surgery in June. The surgery was a robotic surgery and went extremely well.  I had a short recovery period and my PSA levels are as the doctor expected.  I had an erection two weeks after surgery and all is working well thankgoodness.  I jokely say to my close friends the best thing about this now is there is no clean up, I have great orgasims but do not ejaculate externally any longer.  Well, I guess the cum lovers would not like me. LOL 

I plan to attend the massage workshop again in February.  It's my birthday gift to myself.  I am thinking of either coming a day early or maybe stay a day longer to explore Bournemouth.  I normally fly  to Heathrow on Friday morning and travel to Bourmouth, then to London on Sunday afternoon and visit for a few days.  I will keep you posted on my travel plans.
Have a fun and enjoyable day.  
Thank you again for sharing yourself with the world.

Hugs Michael

John,   Anytime you feel the negative aspects of others just remember all the good you have done for others and the community. People will always be critical and try to place their own issues on us. You have proven to many that your heart and soul is in the right place.  Have a fun and enjoyable Sunday.
Hugs  Michael


Don't know how you do it. After just 5 years running  a gay business I have had enough. My lover is insisting we get out before it drives us completely angry. You've been facilitating for over 12 years. HOW ?  How do you keep the energy, the passion and the trust in your fellow gay man ?  Most of what I once had has now gone.  I need to stop before I am a complete cynic.  It has all been take take take .  Almost no one even thinks to offer much in return.  The gay crowd can be the most selfish, the most up-themselves and the most screwed up I have ever worked with.  No straight person would demand half of what gay men sometimes demand .  When you say no - you get an ear full and bad reports left on Trip Advisor. 

I have wanted to smack some of these people - hard - and as you say - WAKE THEM UP.  So I am closing the business ( gay hotel here in California ) and going to do my own thing for a few years. No more putting  myself out there to be critisised and beaten up by vocal assasination from those who don't get the point. I need to do this for myself and  my relationship.  Well done on you for keeping going after so many years.  I shall continue to follow your Blog. Jacob ( San Francisco )


Brillians place you have in Hamilton Hall. Came for a few days and kept adding extra days on until I had been here almost 2 weeks. Just didn't want to leave. So restful and friedly. Home from home, it most certainly is NOT - as my home is full of noisy people,  phones ringing and harrasment all the time.  This was like a little bit of Heaven.   Garvis ( Pimlico )

Hi. Found you while surfing. Great web site. Good stuff and so much info to educate. Wish there was something like it here in France.  Gay scene here is strange and unfriendly.  Must visit you soon. Gerald. Paris.


I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your staff for a lovely relaxing time I have had this weekend.
The room, meals, all staff, ambience were excellent. Ultimately your workshop and input was brilliant and I learnt so much, which I will hopefully take forward over the coming weeks and months.   You have definitely got a unique 'Gem' in Hamilton Hall.
Only downside was 'Blondie' ! But don't let him spoil what is special about you and your establishment :-)
Right, I'm off to practice my 'balls' pulling technique and hopefully see you on 22/12 !!!! :-)
Have a good un,


I weas shocked at the rudeness of one of your patrons last weekend who completely cut you dead.  I was shocked and stunned anyone would be so rude. It just goes to show how there really are some dreadful screwed up people out there and how 'in your face' their rudeness can be.  Believe me John,  the vast majority get what Hammy Hall and yourself is all about and we love you for it.  Twelve years and still open even during this dreadful credit crunch. Must stand for something John.

Hi John and thanks for a great workshop weekend. Shameful of 'Blondie' - the rude man who was actually quite abusive to us all in his ignorant manner.  Ignore wankers like him,  you're bound to get them. I did feel for you when he - basically - slapped you in the face - and top marks for you  for how you ignored him.   Think I might have punched his lights out.  Great weekend and everyone else was so friendly, he did himself no favours.  T

Johns Comments:  We had a very rude man stay for a workshop this week who cut everyone dead, insulted me and acted like we were all skum under his nose, and although he tried to spoil it for everyone else staying,  they saw straight through his obnoxious attitude and knew him for exactly what he was... an sad and miserable man who is in desperate need of some therapy - and friends.
He is now banned form Hamilton Hall which has only ever happened about 4 times in 12 years.  Some people are just assholes and no matter how you try and be nice, be friendly and be thoughtful of them,  they are just assholes who are determined to ruin everyone elses visit because they are unhappy within themselves and resent others who are happy.  Glad to say that ' Blondie'  tried his best,  but everyone, even those not in ther workshop, all voiced how vile he was after he left and how glad they were he was gone.  Sad, but true.  Some people are just assholes and we have to ignore them .

My husband is gay and showed my your web site and after an evening reading, my opinions of gay people changed.  Sorry to say before it was rather negative but not I realize there are some good and kind people in all walks of life  such as yourself,  and some real pain in the butts out there as well,  and sadly I have met a few of them.  My opinion was made originally about gay people because of these not so nice guys I had met in the past but now I see that I was wroing to jump into a conclusion and you have helped open my thoughts and expand my awareness towards the gay community.  
I have a very good relationship with my gay husband and I keep telling him he should pay you a visit and stay a few days and as yet,  he has yet to make some plans.  I know you would be a good influence on him.
Phyllis and Dave. ( Battersea - London )


Hi  John. Blown away I am by what you are doing for that young man whose parents are homophobic. Bloody good on yu mate.  I read your Blogs and stuff often and your web site is my Home Page and I just love it.  Must come again as its been too long... 5 or 6 years since I came last.  Keep it up John and well done mate.
Rob. ( London )


Hamilton Hall in the snow - and while we rarely get snow here in Bournemouth, with the weather changing - we have had a couple of times in the last few years where everything looks so lovely under a blanket of white and it only lasts a day or two.

Blimey mate. Love your place. Real splendid it was. Came for Sunday Cream Tea and me missis says I had to find you on the web and write and say Tar - as we both loved it massive.  Use to go for cream teas some place in New Forest donks ago but that closed and nowhere else know of until now. Great stuff mate.
Tom and Sylvie.

John. Thanks for the free stay. After I was ill while staying with you, you offered a couple of extra days to recover and thankyou for that. It was my own fault - I overdosed on Viagra ( all on my own I will point out ) and thought I was having a heart attack. After you rushed me to the hospital and after speaking to the doctors I remembered I had taken 2 of the little blue pills.  I mentioned this to the doctor and he basically had very little time for me after that. Saying I would get over it and not to be so stupid as to take so much in future. They monitored me for the day and when I came home, I was embarrased to tell you. Not sure how you guessed - but thankyou for not thinking me dumb. It was foolish. Your compassion and time spent with me was greatly appreciated as I did feel groggy.   I have learned a powerful lesson. Steven.

Hello John,

I only found out about you and yrs via a forum here in Turkey. It was an anti gay comment, but it got you noticed Haha. My name is David I'm 57 and I live here in Turkey with my Turkish partner. I wish I could help with monies for that young man yr trying to help. But I have been Scammed over here and lost every penny I had. 

Anyway I just wanted to say hi to you and say thanks for helping that young guy. Would love to stay in touch with you and things over there. You take care John and keep up the good work.

D & A

Real love what youz doin there man.  Great place. Red web site and spent a right age on it I woz, and blinking ell man,  you knowz a lot you duz.  Mazing read.  Must cum visit some day, bring me mates, very spiritual I was brought up, Me Ma is out there she is, Pagan stuff and healing people and that.  Bin smoking the weed since I was 14 and had great times. Now just 22 and wonna get in the spiritual groove some more.  Ma is dyke. Dad vanished when we woz young so Ma struggled but we are doing okay.   Love on man. SKY.

Dear John:  I am so jealous of you John. I resent your ability to live your life and 'do your own thing.' I envy your physical cock and balls and all the sex you have enjoyed as a former sex worker. I envy the fact that are are still HIV Negative.  I envy your bouyant and fun personality and how you can keep any party going with fun stories from your past, which many find fascinating.   I envy the fact that you can take - or leave - sex these days and simply not bother with it. I envy how you own your own home without a mortgage and that you have the knowledge and expertise to run the place your way and how innovative and creative you are with what you offer.  I envy how your family have always embraced your gayness and how you are quite content to be alone and not have a lover.  Even your dog is brilliantly well behaved and stunning looking.  I envy that.  I envy the energy you have to keep going year in and year out and I envy how you stood up to the homophobic bigot on the TV thing that you did and I envy the attention you must have got from that programme and the extra business it would have brought in. 

I suppose what I am saying,  is I think you are incredible.  After all these years, you still try and see the best in others - and in a world - a gay world at that, that is so full of nasty, vile envious and jealous queens,  you surface each time you are knocked and carry on, concentrating on those who are worthy and ignoring those who send nasty e mails and anonymous letters.  You still perservere in helping the gay soul and those who are in need with free holiday oeriods and I don't know anywhere where this kind of freebe is available.
Thankyou John. I have never met you and have read your web site for years and I hope this e mail does not offend as I am an adamant admirer of yours and wish you all the best.  

Randt. South Africa.

Dear Hamilton Hall.  Thoroughly enjoyed my stay with you back in the summer and have only now thought about writing and saying how much we enjoyed it. After 5 years together,  Jason and I thought we'd spoil ourselves with a weekend away but were aprehensive. Having stayed in gay venues before, most have been dire. Yours sounded so good on the web site, we had to give it a go. So glad we did.  From the moment you opened the door to the moment we left, it was amazing. It beat our expectations. The other guests were fun. Food was brilliant. Your dog amazing and your chatter so informative. I could listen to you all night. You invited us to your private area and we watched that Maggie Smith and Judy Dench film Marigold Hotel and laughed all the while.  Bought it on DVD when we got home. Thanks a lot John.  Bless you for your kindness shown and for Hamilton Hal

Martin and Jason.





I have been working in the hospitality industry for most of my life ( over 50 years ) and have seen numerous changes over the decades but one venue I hope never changes is yours. You have most certainly hit it just perfect. I must congratulate you John. Your personality makes the place, and while you do chatter on,  I think we all found you compelling and absorbing to listen to.  The meals were excellent.  The chatter and laughter between you and your helper ( sorry, forget his name ) was such fun.  I really had no idea this kind of fiendly venue existed until I saw it on 3 IN A BED some time ago and eventually thought I'd pay a visit.  For an old fossil like me, it was a delight. You included me in everything and did not exclude me just because I am old, and that was greatly appreciated.  I shall certainly return soon... pension permitting.   Kenneth.



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