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Kevin had an old tattoo on his arm that he disliked.  It was years old and had memories of a past love - and his new love wasn't too keen on the memory.  So Kevin decided it was time to hide it behind another tattoo,
one that meant something to him.

A number of years ago he was a champion bowler and he spoke with Chris,  and together they formulated the concept of a bowling scene,  and Chris came up with the piece shown here - and Kevin  was delighted.  

This was the first time I have watched a tattoo being done.    It took about an hour and Kevin is delighted. He says the pain was well worth it and after it has healed,  will look even better still.

If you have an idea for a tattoo - have a chat with Chris and see what he can do to help.  He's a brilliant artist and can adapt ideas and even anything you may wish to bring with you as an idea, in order to give you a poiece of skin / body art that you will be delighted with and will be showing off for decades to come.  

Chris is licensed by the local Bournemouth Borough Council and adheres to strict Health & Safety guidelines and uses new needles with every person, so no dangers of anything.  He also tattoos himself - and if you are visiting and he is here, do ask him to show you some of his body art...

This other guys head tattoo is amazing, ( No it's not Kevin )  It was done for a friend of Chris's who says it was not as painful as he thought it was going to be, and the artwork is amazing.  

While not something many of us would envision having,  this picture demonstrates the fine work Chris does and the intricate designs and how involved and time consuming they can be, and this is why there is no set price for any tattoo,  as it does depend on intricate design and time spent.  

Whether it be a swallow on your arm,  a full body suit or a bowling ball,  Chris can design something - or use your own drawing - to create a piece of art that will delight and be a talking point for years to come.

( Do you think he had a headache after this was all through... oooo )  

Naturally, when sticking a needle in and out of your skin there is going to be pain and sometimes some blood,  and this is to be expected.  Depending on the size of your tattoo,  some people get them done in stages : ie: out-line done at one time and the filling in another time, to save to much pain all at one time.  Naturally, we gay men being such butch and macho creatures - we do not find this a problem and 'take it like a man.' ( ha ha )  

It takes a little while to heal and within a week or two,  will be enjoying a thing of beauty forever more. 





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