Friday September 04 , 2015


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A friend of mine came round recently with his wiofe - who I have known for several decades and while not as close as one would thing,- mostly because I am too busy to see them too often,  I was at their daughters wedding some years ago and one of their grandchildren is loosely named after me.

We got chatting over coffee and cake and I was quite stunned to find out that his wife didn't care a damn about anything - and I mean anything - about world affairs, the wars that are going on, Monsanto and how they are trying to take over the food chain,  how 911 was an 'inside job' - or even the Boston Bombing and how there is conjecture that this was also fake - about mind control of the masses, the crap in the food chain - or anything. NOTHING was of any interest to her as long as her husband kept bringing home the money so she could have an easy life and - basically - 'fuck'em '  was her attitude.

She believes that all people in prison should be shot - that all refugese should be put on a plane for 'home'  and that - basically - all that conerns so many people about global warming etc. for the future,  she doesn't give a damn about.

I was shocked and asked about the future of her grandchildren and all she could say was that it is for them to sort out when they grew up, even after I reminded her that they will be clearing up the shit that our generation has left them and what will they think of us then - and she simply didn't care.

I appreciate I am quite radical about a lot of things, very vocal and 'out there' and trying to change the world to be a better place and less corporate bullies.  I appreciate some people have little interest in world affairs and few show any feelings for their fellow humans they are never likely to meet,  but when it comes to not caring about the future of her own grandchildren and that she was definately NOT RESPONSIBLE -  I am open mouthed at how anyone, especially a mother and grandmother, could be so God damned ignorant.  How can anyone live so in a bubble of contempt for the world and all that is hosts and how can anyone assume to live in such blissful ignorance at the huge expense to others.

People tell me I am opionated and THANK GOD I AM.  I cannot - will not - ever ever ever ignore social injustice and one day, somewhere in the future, if 'they come for her'  - there will be no one left to fight in her camp as no one will care about her and her selfish manner.  One day when the world  is corporate power and brain dead people like her have handed it to them on a platter and then become their patsie against the rest of us,  she will blindly go on as ever and ignore the horrors that go on around her as she is blind, deaf and dumb to the realities of life and she is actually one of the most seriously dangerous people I have ever met.

Having an opinion that is wrong, but being willing to talk and share and read and learn and grow and evolve and find out and enquire and discuss and - so forth - at least means you have a mind that is questioning.  She has no such mind and it is just switched off to every concept and all she knows in Eastenders, Corrie and dinner on the table at a set time.

I despair. I truly despair.




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