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explanation of this site


This is not your every day web site.

This is not your typical hotel  site or anything else.

It indicates how different we are to many other venues

with no la la music:-  no bland and boring decor:- no bad taste boring hotel furnishings,  and no prison cell bedrooms that isolate and divide, but most of all, it indicates how you get personality, and you get encouraged to think and have original thoughts, to share with others and expand and grow your gray cells in order to be a bettr person.

This is a website for Hamilton Hall - and details all the rooms, prices and so forth.


It also details our Diary of Events and all the various workshops, seminars and fun events we facilitate here throughout the year, and each will have its own page and details.
It also details our X Rated Adult Themed events. 


This is also a News Magazine web site - or an Alternative Truth Centre, where you can see and read some items you probably have never seen before and from an assortment of issues,  it is hoped will open your mind to new and exciting truths otherwise hidden from us.


This is a web site for mind, body and soul.  It caters to the person on many levels and not just the materialistic,  but the spiritual, the sexual, the physical, the non physical esoteric and for the mind.  

If you find it all a bit too much,  then you are invited to read the bits that make sense and ignore the rest. Maybe one day you will be ready and willing to expand your mind further and then - we shall still be here for you.

If you spend hours going through the site finding an assortment of things that interest and excite, then welcome to the world of John  Bellamy, who wants to know it all, who wants to expand and be more than the sum of who he is, and who wants to help bring awareness of so much - to so many - and through this web site and the millions of page hits it gets each year,  and from the many e mails and phone calls we receive globally about its contents and what we have to share, it seems to be working.  

Hamilton Hall is so different. It is a wonderful collection of items, people, thruths, ideas, manifestations and realities all bound together within the framework of this Victorian house and like mixing different fruits in  a blender, a most wonderful and amazing result comes out the other end,  and I don't mean a Smoothy - but a coming together of people and truths that marry well together, get along, share a laugh and a tear,  share some anger and healing and along the way,  enlightenment dawns,  the mind and consciousness  expand and we find ourselves moving the curtains that hide the truth about reality and we see a clearer journey ahead.  

It can be The Matrix.  It can be Heaven.  It can be whatever you want it to be.


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