Monday December 22 , 2014

summer 2013

Summer at Hamilton Hall

Summer at Hamilton Hall

Enjoy miles of golden sandy beaches

and even Studland Naturist Beach

Superb restaurants and shops


Numerous gay bars, night clubs, saunas and thriving gay scene

Vast countryside and the New Forest

The Jurassic Coast - small villages with thatched cottages,

quaint county pubs for lunch and the ever stunning


If the weather is not do good, stay in the hotel and relax,

chill out, share a laugh and some fun with  others staying.

Make friends and join the 'in house family' for dinner.

You do not need to feel 'in the way' if you want to stay

n the garden and get sun - read, paint or catch up

on your lap top ( free wifi ) and all the the comfort

of your own home from home men only hotel.

Be naked or clothed at the hotel, your choice.

Some people feel the need to do something on holiday or else they get bored. Fine if you are into sailing or something else you can plan, but if the weather is not too good - and this is England - some get all depressed and irritated at Mother Nature and moan.  

Then there are those who are quite capable of going out and doing things and having fun and if the weather is bad and they are forced to stay indoors, they enjoy curling up with a good movie or book and just chilling out.  There is also just as much beauty in the countryside in the rain as there is in the sunshine, it just depends how you choose to view it.  Even my dog Missy, while she does not like the rain at all,  when forced to, will go 'walkies' and loves the towel down at the end to get her dry.  

If the weather is bad we will plan something,   and you are welcome to join in - or not,  and the level of contentment and happiness you enjoy is completely up to you.  If you wish to feel depressed about the weather - you can.  If you wish to enjoy yourself despite the weather, you can also do that as well.  

Visit ancient sites,  small villages and thousand year old priories.

Feed the ponies in the New Forest

Studland Naturist Beach is one of the most beautiful in the UK