Sunday December 21 , 2014



April 3rd - 6th 2015

Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal.  

Minimum 3 night stay over all Bank Holiday periods this spring.

Fun and games and hidden Easter Eggs for you to hunt 



* see below

If the weather is hot and sunny, why not enjoy the Naturist Beach at Studland,  or an afternoon walk with me and my dog somewhere beautiful or sit in the garden and take some rays.  If it is cold and wet,  stay in the warm and enjoy the company of others staying and watch a movie, play some games, read, catch up on who is on grinder,  share a laugh,  and above all else you will not be alone

Whatever;-  you will be with friends. 



3 nights with bed, breakfast and evening meal

free wine with dinner & ground coffee

We all sit around one large table together and laugh, share, chat,
( no food fights though ) and generally have a great time,  as meal times use to be
the time of day where family & friends 'got together' and shared conversation
so come and share with us here.


Yes our tariff has gone up on last year and is the first price rise in 3 years.  With ever soaring costs and increasing utility charges etc. our charges have to go up in order to stay open.  Remember, we also donate scores of FREE WEEK(ENDS) to worthy people who cannot afford a break.  What other hotel do you know that offers this to those in need and all for free and with absolutely no attitude ?

B&B charges can be found on the Tariff Page

3 night minimum on all Bank Holiday periods.










Whatever you wish to call Him - or Her - be it God, Alah, Eilohim or nothing at all,  I truly believe that many people take it all too seriously and take offense and get all angry when you ' take the piss'  out of religion and we all know how we have to be so careful around offending Muslims - as Alah does seem not to have  a very good sense on humour and demands to be worshipped all the time, and sorry to say it,  but if this was a boyfriend or partner, MY GOD they would be in need of some SERIOUS therapy for their ME ME ME attitude all the time.   I  TRULY BELIEVE, that God has the best sense of humour going and when we take the piss, make fun and tease,  S/He absolutely loves it.
If YOU take offense,  then maybe you need to get a life, to grow up, to be truthful and honest about your beliefs and not to believe anything and everything blindly, as blind faith serves no one, most of all, God.

That said - if you would like to discuss religion with me any time ( better still, after dinner when I can concentrate )  and the origins of the Biblical writings, the Talmud and Kabbalah etc.  it is a passion of mine - hence I own and run a retreat where spirituality is important - and I am always open to new views, new ideas, and different belief structures as without learning, how can I grow as a rounded human being - and I need input from all walks of life and all religions, ir none at all,  in order to understand where other cultures are coming from.