Friday December 19 , 2014




January 31st - February 2nd  2014



Enjoy a few days rest and relaxation -

come and join us any time and mention the film night

and we will see what is available




Bored with winter weekends ?

Cold out and not much fun in the flat / house alone ?

Want a nice warm friendly few days watching some good movies

eating some good food - laughing and sharing with others ?

It can be such fun sharing a comedy,  or hiding behind the couch together

when the frightening bit scares the crap out of you,  

or we can all sing along to the musical numbers or even talk about

how young they looked and how sad that they are dead and gone now...  

Naturally, if Hugh Jackman is in the movie,

I shall be drooling close to the screen.




Bring your DVD's or choose one of ours, and we have tons to choose from - 

and let's share some of our favourite movies together.



With the heating turned up nice and warm, we shall serve pop corn and

wine gums and even orange squash ( kiora style )

or maybe a glass or two of wine 

and all to help build that  
cinema experience - except no queues, 

no roudy kids kicking the back of your chair

and where you can smoke if you wish

and  where we can stop the film if you need a loo break



John:  Your Movie Nights, what a fab idea. I love the cinema - or as my Gran called it - The Picture House - but with it being non smoking these days I am crawling up the wall after 20 minutes.  To be with you at HH spending an evening with a good movies and pop corn and my fags is like a dream come true... Maybe that means I am a sad person but that is quite ok by  Come the winter, I shall be down.  Malcolm M.