Friday March 06 , 2015

naked summer






When you book your holiday period for 2015 as detailed above, 
why not pay for an evening 2 course dinner at the same time and save 1/3rd on the cost of dinner.

Normal Dinner Cost - £15 per person

Must be booked and paid at the time the reservation is made. Full advance payment required. 
Dinner reservations made at any other time are charged at the full price.

as detailed a
ove a

♦   7 DAYS ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED to get the Special Offer.

Please mention this SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER in your INITIAL e mail or phone call to us
or the full price may be charged. 

♦  Special Offers cannot be added to bookings after they have been made if you have not
asked / requested / mentioned the Special Offer at first contact with us.

♦ Debit / Credit Card payment - IN FULL - at the time of booking.

♦  No Cheques or Cash On Arrival.

♦  Normal Terms & Conditions Apply. 

♦   If you have pre booked dinner and paid in advance with the reduced charge and you cancel the reservation giving the relevant notice in our Terms & Conditions, we will refund the food costs paid. 

♦  For longer time periods for this Special Offer - Please ask for a price and discount. 

♦  An Admin Fee of £25 is charged if you change the date later on and if we have the accommodation available.

♦  Not available for Special Event / Bank Holiday / Workshop Trainings etc.

♦  The Discounted prices are for B&B.  Dinner is available - payable in cash on the evening.



Some of the summer events you can save 50% on your B&B charges
if you book and fully pay before March 30th 2015

<   BOURNEMOUTH BOURNE PRIDE- July 10th - 12th   >

<   THE NAKED SUMMER MONTH  - July 17th - August 14th   >

<   UK's BIGGEST FREE AIR SHOW - August 20th - 23rd   >

<   STEAM FAIR- September 2nd - 6th   >

<   SINGLES WEEK @ Hamilton Hall - September 11th - 18th   > 


If in doubt - Just Ask.


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You get exactly the same as if the full price had been

charged and we do not skimp or tweek our service downward

because you are paying less.  

Otherwise it would not be a Special Offer


don't forget to bring your sun creams and aftersun lotions



Throughout this site you will notice how I share with you some of the inside aspects of running a retreat hotel and some of the joys and some of the pain-in-the-asses we have to put up with on occasions and I get so much input from people who have no idea what is involved and how much work it takes and who thoroughly enjoy reading all about it.

If you watch 'The Hotel Inspector' or the continuing series of ' 4 In A Bed' - you will see how many dippy, totally moronic hotel owners there are out there who really should not be running a hotel / guest house and who simply do not have the faintest clue.    However:- I have been  repeatedly asked if we would be in 'The Hotel Inspector' and after 3 years and 3 times of asking me to do it, I agreed and the Producer attended with a camera man to film us to see if we are what they want for the programme and while I kept telling them we are far too good, and where we did enjoy such a laugh that day - I knew we would not be accepted for the programme as I do have a clue;-  I am bright and articulate and imaginative and when you check out the Diary of Events Page you will see just a few of the ideas I am constantly coming up with in order to attract business and keep people interested and I cannot see Alex Polizzi  adding to that in any way.  ( I would love to meet and share a giggle with her as I think she is fab... crappy wardrobe - but a fab person..)

So as I now say -



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