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  3. CANCELLATION POLICY current position






Nothing is returned and the full amount is charged so we are fully paid.

If we can re sell your place then £30  is charged and the remainder returned.

We are a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and cannot have empty beds not paid for.




The full mount is charged.  No refund is offered.  No monies are to be retained or transfered to another date.  If we can re sell your place at the workshop, then we shall retain £100 to cover our costs and the remainder will be returned to your credit / charge card. *  A Facilitators Fee  - see below - may also be charged. 

E MAIL TIMING:  e mails received after 5pm are classified as being received the next working day as we do not sit at this computer taking e mails 24/7.    If we respond in the evening shortly after this time, then this is fortunate as we do not expect to offer office work late into the evening. 



Please telephone Hamilton Hall on 01202-399227 and advise us, in person,
of any cancellation or late arrival and please follow that up in writing, either through email or letter. 






Bed & Breakfast

£30 per person is kept by Hamilton Hall to cover our staff, admin. and exorbitant banking charges and the remainder is returned.

If you have a group booking then the amount retained against our costs will vary as to the size of your reservation and the amount so far charged against your credit / debit card.

Please ask for details.


Workshops & Special Events

We will return 50% of your workshop cost.






In all instances where a SPECIAL OFFER has been offered / requested and the booking made - the date reserved can be changed with a minimum of 7 days written e mail notice and a £20 admin. charge made against the same credit / debit card used to make the booking and a different date chosen.    

Cancellation under these circumstances - we retain £30 per person and repay the remainder.


A new date may be chosen and a £40 admin. charge made against the credit / debit card used to make the transaction

Cancellation under these circumstances - Nothing is returned.






If you choose to leave a workshop ie: The Massage Workshop ( but any event where we rely on those attending to work in pairs )  and your facilitator has to 'fill in' for you and complete the session you were to be giving, then his workload is hugely increased and we charge a minimum of £100 for his time.  When you committ to a group setting and decide to pull out,  this leaves us with an odd number and as we work in pairs,  we need to ensure everyone receives the correct input from the workshop,  and by leaving early this means you pay for your replacements time.

As stated,  by attending a workshop training you commit to the group as a whole.  You are part of the group setting. If for any reason you pull out part way through the workshop / seminar, you are letting everyone else down.  If for an emergency, this is understandable, but if because you just do not wish to touch or be close to people within the group, then you will be billed the full amount of £100. This kind of behaviour is not to be tollerated and is seen as rude towards the others attending If you  look like Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman,  it could be understandable, but chances are, you do not and you are no different to anyone else attending, and conceited arrogance is not tollerated.  This has only ever been charged a couple of times in 14 years and hundreds of workshops,  and it encourages you to complete what you signed up for. 



CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR :  The full amount is charged.   If we can re sell your space then we retain £100 towards our admin and credit card charges and refund the difference.  If you provide someone else to fill your place, then any monies paid will remain intact and you sort the finances out with your friend. 


If you book at a reduced price for a Workshop or Special Event weekend and cancell giving less than 72 hours notice, we may charge you the remainder of the price to bring it up to the corect full price .  ie:  a £300 workshop that is offered at £150 - booked and paid in advance as advertised ;  or you receive a £25 discount for advance reservation;  and is then cancelled allowing us less than 72 hours notice, you may be charged a further £150 / £25 so you have paid the full amount.

These special weekends take a lot of planning, advertising and arranging and when you let us down, regardless of reasons,  it lets everyone down.   We work hard in bringing these events to you and we must keep the numbers attending or else everyone is let down. 
If you think this is harsh, then when you book,  take out Holiday Insurance to save this happening.

Some people offer us an amateurish attitude - and seem to assume it is all a joke.  they ignore all the hard work and financial worries involved in planning any event and if this is how you treat us, then financial penalties will be charged.   Please guys, think with your head and not your cock.

September 2013:  A guest booked a 2 night weekend with B&B - paying just £85 and got a 3rd night free - and after booking asked if this included the Massage Workshop.  I asked if he thought the £85 would cover it all and he said yes - and I was absolutely gob smacked.  To assume he would get 3 nights WITH FULL BOARD CATERING - ALL MEALS - AND the full Massage Workshop for just £85 - including a free night.  The workshop is priced at between £400 - £450 per person with advance reservations saving 50% - which brings it down to £200 - £225 for 2 nights - and to assume he would get it all for just £85 was so Homer Simpson it beggars belief.  How cheap do some people assume it to be ?  How they expect us to survive on silly money like that is simply beyond me.  I laughed when he asked this but was really stuck for words - and I appreciate he was very apologetic when I explained, but I did feel undervalued that he would even ask if I and my venue was that cheap. 

You would be amazed how some people offer us abuse and try and take advantage.  It never fails to amaze me how some people assume they can get away with it when no other hotel or corporate power would even enter into discussion.  If you offer me abuse - and if you try and tell me how to run my business, and if you cancel, then there are charges to be applied - period.  Please do not treat me as a fool.

Any DATE CHANGE of an already booked and planned event by the customer will be counted as a new booking.  Cutting a planned period short - the entire period is to be paid for.



Workshop & Special Event Cancellations: More than 7 days notice.

We charge 50% of the full amount paid / owed for the Special Event. .  The remainder is returned to your credit /debit card.
If you do not have credit /  debit card and rely on cheques, we charge an extra £10.  Our banking system is paperless and working with cheques adds to our workload.



Christmas and New Year Cancellations:   Less than 28 days notice of cancellation - we charge the full amount . This is a very busy and very important time for us and a huge amount of work and preperation goes into this period and regardless of when you cancel, if you have paid and reserved a room,  we shall retain all monies paid and charge the full price,  as we cannot have empty spaces at a busy time and suggest you take out Holiday Insurance to cover all possibilities. 

We do not take bookings without either debit / credit card 
and if paying by cheque, you run the risk of losing the booking if someone
books using a credit / charge card while your cheque is in the post.  

Sadly in business,  we only accept the reservation with payment

'There are a lot of tossers out there.'





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