Saturday April 19 , 2014






a one day workshop

10am - around 5pm


Saturday March 15th 2014


£75 with all refreshments, lunch and the full days workshop

overnight accommodation available at £60 with dinner, bed and breakfast

advance reservation with credit / debit card and full payment essential

more to come soon

This one day event is open to everyone,

men and women,

black and white,

gay and straight
EVERYONE is welcome over the age of 21



Come and share the history of sex and spirituality mixed up with tons of stuff to amuse,

shock, tittilate and enlighten.

Who was Adam's first wife is Eve was his second ?

Why do religious institutions so fear sexualty ?

Why have women been considered inferio to men,
by men, throughout eternity ?

Why has the church so feared women ?

Was Mary Magdelena a whore ? 

Why are gay men called Faggots and why does the church so fear them ?

What is this enigmatic thing called ' TANTRIC SEXUALITY' ?

What is the difference between men and women - sexually

Body Energies - Chakras - Sexual Chakras

Ecstatic Awareness - as practiced by Jesus

What the Bible REALLY says about sex

Sex and Spirit - is this a 'No No' as we are told ?

What have the Crusades and Sex got in common ?

What sex is God - 
and so much more.


Why are men inferior to women ?

and most imnpoirtantly of all 



Bring your questions and expect some hard hitting and sometimes X Rated answers.  This workshop deals with sex and your host - JOHN BELLAMY - owner and facilitator of Hamilton Hall - will speak openly and honestly - largely through experience and largely through channelled information he has been receiving since the age of 8 on numerous subjects as well as sexuality.  

Few people have as much wisdoms on sexuality and spirituality and this day will certainly be an eye opener for many.  You will hear things no one else speaks about.  he will delve into realms of being that few have experienced and share freely with you all that is available, and all with great humour and laughter as he always makes light - this subject that for some reason,  some find the need to make ' heavy' - whereas John shares in a very lighthearted manner and shares the laughter.  No embarrasment - no being shy - no need to ' sit at the back' - just bring your open mind and your questiuons and all will be revealed.

John worked in the sex industry as a leading light, an innovator,  for almost 20 years and the stopries and knowledge garnered through this period will shock and amuse,  and guaranteed to elnighten. 



John also has  a background in psychology / bereavement and relationship therapy,  your facilitator draws from an assortment of places to inform, educate and instruct on the most basic and easiest method to commune with the Divine Within.  Damned by the church and other institutions with vested interests surrounding control of the human soul,  the lid will be blown off the 'assumed truth' - to be replaced with some alternative truths which will enable a more enlightened journey forward.

hold onto your birtches - this will definately be a bumpy ride for those clinging onto previously held beliefs surrounding the church and sexuality.  Your limits of understanding will be stretched as you are invited to see things from a completely different angle to the ones shared for 2 millennium.