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by John Bellamy

For those who think that John Bellamy is nuts, you may take this as proof, or you may take it as someone who just sees things a little differently to others.  More people believe in aliens life out in the universe - and how they have visited and continue to visit Earth,  than do not believe.


Ever since I was a child, I watched 'Doctor Who' and loved it, then along came  'Star Trek'  with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock and I was in another world, literally,  and loved it.  Then we had 'Lost In Space' and a ton of other sci fi TV programmes like 'Thunderbirds'  -  'The Land of the Giants' and many others,  but for me - Star Trek was the best.

Looking back now, I see how amateurish these programmes were compared to the multi million $ programmes we have today with amazing CGI effects that blow you away and I suppose back in the 60's we used our imaginations more.   Black and white TV - few channels and little choice,  I remember Saturday afternoons we had Doctor Who  and Sunday afternoon was not complete without Thunderbirds  ( followed by Songs of Praise which was always such a bore for us kids aftrer something so fun and exciting ) and I would imagine I was from another panet visiting Earth and that when I grew up, my mission would unfold and I would save the world in some way.

Now I am all grown up, I look around at so  many people on this planet who act and behave in such a weird and strange manner and I really do think that maybe, just maybe, I am from another planet, as I do not relate to these people and how they live their lives at all,  and I must be from some place else. 

I have always enjoyed sci fi and the plethora of movies, TV programmes and even radio shows and books prove that many more people thoroughly enjoy sci fi as well and it sometimes seems as if many have hidden massages of spirituality in their story lines, and this is wonderful.


For example. The TV Star Trek series ' VOYAGER ' was filled with spiritual messages as is 'Star Wars'  -  'The 5th Element' -  ' The Matrix'  and many more.  Some people understand  the message while many get lost in the battles and amazing special effects and when I speak of the hidden messages many are amazed at how they missed it, while some think I am nuts,  but good to say - most appreciate some insights into the hidden meanings of many of these films and get great pleasure from it.

I do have a deep seated belief that we humans were cloned by aliens - the Anunanaki from the planet Niburu - 


and I have dedicated many decades of study and research into many aspects of aliens in ancient times here on Earth and how so many of our Christian Old Testernmant came from older writings about this alien race and through mass editing and change of meaning, has been turned into  writings we know and follow through the Bible to this day, but that origiunally almost the entire Old Testernment was stolen materian about an alien race - the first civilization to rebuild after global catastrophies - and how they used cloning to give non thinking man - conscious thought - THE MISSING LINK - which has never been explained by scientists to this day;-   while ancient texts and scrolls describe in intricate detail how the cloning technique was facilitated tens of thousands of years ago. 

With so many billions of planets out there - and the billions that scientists say could support life,  our arrogance that we are alone in the universe is astounding.  

The Egyptians knew about alternative dimensions of reality - and this concept is beyond many 21st centure persons comprehension yet here we have a time in our ancient history when many alternative ways of thinking and seeing and viewing things was part of every day life for the Pharos and Priests who it is claimed walked and talked and lived amongst those they considered to be ' THE GODS' - or as some would call them - 'THE GODS FROM SPACE.. '

Back in the 1970's - Erich von Daniken wrote some amazingly open and honest books concerning Aliens visiting earth and while there will always be those who are quick to destroy and laugh at such radical writers as Deniken, MILLIONS world wide bought and read his books and value their input as an alternative narative about things that simply cannot be explained by modern science or man.  There are too many unexplained things on this planet that - quite simply - are beyond the reach of mankind without some kind of help from outside sources with some kind of advance technology. You can deny and argue all you like, but the fact remains there are structures that modern man still cannot explain let alone build,  and we are told that hunter gatherers moved vast stone obylisks hundreds of miles - when the truth is something else completely.

This Sci Fi weekend is a chance for us to get together and fantasise, share, talk, laugh, discuss, watch, listen and be aware of so much more - and I am dead excited and really looking forward to it.

I hope we shall see you here.

Live Long and Prosper

John Bellamy





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