Saturday May 23 , 2015





December 21st 2014

7pm - 10pm


Many Light Workers had been working towards - planning for - building all their hopes and desires up for the 21st December 2012 - the End of the Mayan Calender  and the beginning of what was seen as 'The New Age'  or ' The Age of Aquarius'.

After that date many felt a bit flat - dissapointed - empty - not sure what it was they were expecting to happen - if anything - and they felt their lives lacked new meaning - new spiritual guidance and an aim for the future.   Many had lost ambition for their jobs and even relationships and their life energies were lacking.  They had built themselves up so much for this period,  they had not thought about ' after.'

Did something happen and we missed the boat ?

Was it all for nothing ?

Did we have the wrong date ?

Have I / we done something wrong ?

Did it happen and we didn't notice ?

Or is it a continuing story of which the 21st December 2012

was just the beginning ?

If so, our work is not yet done.

This evening is an open discussion where we shall be sharing our thoughts and readings on this period nin our spoiritual journey with one another and see where we go from here.

Refreshments will be provided and we ask a door fee of just £5 each
to help pay towards the heating.

Please book your place in advance so we know you are interested in attending.