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Spiritual Retreat for Men

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Why a men only space for spiritual, sexual and
self development of    mind body and soul ?


Why a men only spiritual retreat style hotel ?




I believe, with a passion, in the gay soul.
In the ability gay men have of
carrying the Divine, the masculine and the feminine, and the truth,
within their mind, body and soul, and especially now -
at this turning point for the human collective (un)consciousness
as we enter a new beginning, a new age, - the Aquarian Age.
I believe men carry a very different energy and spiritual tool to that of women
and this has been destructively used for centuries, and now is the time for the softer side of the masculine,
through gay men, to be used and shared.

I believe that we have been feared throughout the centuries by the church
for our abilities and not our sexuality;-   and that the Biblical writings have been
abused and mistranslated and misquoted
in order to strengthem the power the church, in its mighty quest for
control of the human soul and the masses.

Gay men and women were often the Healers, the Prophets, the Holy Person
that the people turned to in time of need,   and the church damned and destroyed this relationship
with generations of spin on the truth and 'did a number' -
editing the truth and limiting knowledge in order to promote
their own controlling view point.

Gay men were bound together and
put on the bonfires to destroy the gay gene and to rid the church
of those with an alternative - older truth, and anything that is bound -
is called a faggot.

I believe that much great and powerful work is undertaken by all religious
institutions and many great and wonderful people have - and continue -
to do amazing things through these various institutions on behalf of humanity,
but I also believe that much evil sadly goes hand in hand with this.

When you look at how gay men have been
treated throughout history by the church, to say nothing of the mass muder
undertaken at the hands of the clergy of anyone with a different view point
- even if they personally never got blood on their hands -
it is not hard to see how we, as gay men, have needed to create
our own community and offer support
mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Hence Hamilton Hall as a spiritual retreat style hotel exclusively for men.

Here we can share of the knowldge, offer support and understanding and stand
firm in this ever changing environment of perpetual damnation from the pulpits -
constant fear mongering about Muslims and their faith, the contemptious attitude
of governments towards their fellow man ( usually to grab their oil ) and the continual
abuses of the human psyche by institutions supposedly set up to offer the very help
and guidance that we now seek refuge from, as it has been more about damnation
and fear based destruction than it has about sharing God's love for all.

Here we welcome you as fellow travellers. For we are all on a journey -
gay or straight, woman or man, black or white, old or young,
sexual or celibate, believer or non believer,
and we are all a part of this universal family trying to make head or tail
out of life, trying to offer the best we can in order to figure out what it is all about -
and trying - as we go through life, to be good and decent people, to be happy,
to accept and offer love, and to live our moments with a smile on our faces
and to do no harm.

There are many fine hotels around the country and all now claim to be 'gay friendly'
simply because it is the law,  but there is still a need for a sanctuary, a peaceful and
safe haven for those who perfer the company of men and where they can relax with their gay / bisexuality
without having to make excuses, explain or hide their true selves from others.
For here, everyone is accepted and you can feel free to be as naked as nature intended and
to enjoy your mind, body and soul with other like minded men.

Everything is at your own pace and abilities. For we may talk and share and laugh -
and you may think ' ???? - What planet is he from - ????' - but we just wish
to open some doorways offering different view points,  to encourage you to find your own voice
and the rest is up to you.  We are here to support and guide,
and if not, then that is fine, you have your own journey and we wish you well.

Always with love

John Bellamy

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