Friday September 04 , 2015

Spiritual Retreat for Men - WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT ?

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'What's it all about ?'





It is about accepting ourselves just the way we are and appreciating that God,
or whoever and whatever you may call it,- loves us just the way we are,
and that we don't have to believe a single word of the Bible, Koran,
Talmud or anything in order to feel accepted and loved.

We just need to believe in ourselves
as part of a universal family

gay or straight
black or white
woman or man
sexual or celibate

It is about sharing some alternative truths to the ones we have been told
for a millennium are the only truth, while we as gay people
know much of this to be intrinsically in error.

It is not about pushing religion or promoting celibacy.
It's not about being judgmental or promoting therapy.
It's not about forcing attitudes on people or about damning others for being different.
It's about acceptance.

It's about accepting our sexual and emotional differences
as being part of who we are, and finding peace with that.

Its about love
for yourself
our family
our friends
our world
our God of choice
and hardest of all
love for those who would deny us

It's about being part of a society that often damns and lives in fear,
and one that many of us feel abandoned by,- accepted by,-
loved and/or hated by,- while society itself is just as fearful and just as scared,
just as passionate and just as wonderful, - and just as wrong - or right.

It's about opening our eyes to the wonders around us on a daily,
moment to moment basis, and being thankful we are alive.

It's about sharing things that work for us and help us in our daily lives.

It's about you.
It's about me.

It's about everyone, regardless.

With Love

John Bellamy

©  Hamilton Hall Premotions 2000






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