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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About The Hotel

What makes Hamilton Hall so different. How can you still be a MEN ONLY VENUE ?



WARNING :  This hotel may contain nuts





Hamilton Hall is not corporate owned:-  does not subscribe to the kind of service offered in big multi nationals and offers a very different style of service than you will find anywhere else. If you want and expect Premier Inn or The Savoy - then please go to these venues and have a great time,  but if you want a very personalised service between us and you,  and you are open minded and willing to expand your expectations and desires towards a very different avenue - you will find it here.

Hamilton Hall is a retreat for mind, body and soul and offers a healing space full of positive energies that welcome and encompass as you enter.  

With delightful
BEDROOMS - decorated and furnished in a  contemporary style with traditional comforts -  and with a Lounge -  TV Room - Community Room - Dining Room - Conservatory and small private garden;-  there are many areas you can relax in during your stay and not feel 'in the way' - as you are very welcome to 'hang around' as much as you like and help yourself to free hot and cold refreshments 24/7 ( and we have a choice of around 35 different teas - numerous coffees and other hot beverages as well as free juices, bottled water and colas -  so you can help yourself to as much as you like - as often as you like - and all free.  

Breakfast is between 8am - 10am although the Continental Breakfast Counter, which has more on it for your choice and enjoyment than any other hotel you will find other than maybe a corporate giant catering to the masses - is available 24 hours a day - just help yourself to some cereal and fruit, yogurt and croissants in the middle of the night if you want

Offering Sexual, Self and Spiritual Development of mind, body and soul  - not just through our workshops and seminars, but just by being in the building you will find some inner peace, some inner healing and some inner reflection that will help you on your forward journey.  

Many consider Hamilton Hall to be a Healing Space and return often to recharge their batteries and to Chill Out - ready to face the world again after a few days of rest and relaxation. 

Hamilton Hall also offers a 

NOW - What other venue ofers you a 60 day money back guarantee ?


If you want home from home comforts,  with stylish contemporary bedrooms with traditional comforts galore,  you will find it here. 

If you want convers
ation to nourish the soul and thrill the mind,  you will find it here. 

If you want to make friends with others staying, chat with the friendly staff and even come with me in the afternoon and walk my dog and I can show you some of our beauty spots,    you will find it here.

We are also a dog friendly venue and have our own Weimerana bitch ( spayed ) and you can bring your dog with you. READ HERE

If you want a more intimate and friendly surroundings where people actually talk to you - and share a table together at breakfast and help ' bring you out of your shell'-   if you are a little shy,-  or share a conversation on something that matters rather than bland boring nothing talk,  then again,  you will find it here.

If you want to find the meaning to life,  answer some inner questions about ' why ' - or even just to  have a rest, then you will find it here.

If you want wondefull bedrooms that by comparison should be double the price than we charge, then you will find it here.

Dinner ? Around one large table. All home cooked and served in a friendly manner with laughter and conversation shared ?  You will find it here

If - however - all you want is la la music - bland boring people and no conversation after 'Good Morning' - with nothing to challenge and push you to think - anonymity  and where you feel invisible - and staff who  speak a foreign language  to your own - bedrooms that have little style and the kind of decor and fittings you will find in a million hotels all over the world - you know - BORING -  and if you want to be invisible and once shut away in your bedroom - could be a comfortable prison cell -  then we invite you to please go elsewhere. This is not the venue for you. 

At breakfast, around one big table;-  we talk, we share, we laugh, we discuss, we enter into conversations that will  delight, anger, make you laugh and open your mind - and make you think - and nothing is ever boring and bland at Hamilton Hall. 

We do work differently to other venues, but then, we are not a Premier Inn and we do the very best we can.  With just one paid member of housekeeping,  all the work is provided by volunteers and your host, John Bellamy,  does not get paid a wage. He does all that he does as he believes in what he provides here.  He has a passion for life and shares it with his guests with fun and laughter.

Hamilton Hall is a delightful 'home from home' hotel retreat with a few differences from anywhere you have stayed at before.   Hamilton Hall offers an aura of  Spiritual, Sexual and Personal Self development of mind, body and soul and the whole venue offers a wonderful healing and supportive atmosphere rarely found for MEN ONLY.

It is also the only venue of its kind in all of Europe and fully covered with Fire Certificates,  Health & Safety,  and all the legal aspects that take your safety into consideration.  It is not a house with a few spare bedrooms and not licensed as a business charging the same as a business yet pocketing the rest towards an expensive holiday somewhere.  Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE with one paid housekeelping staff member.

We are open all year for B&B with delightful and spacious  bedrooms and the wonderful atmosphere can be felt as soon as you enter. Dinner is available from our evening menu and where everyone eats around one large table, together. Guests are welcome to chill-out, relax and enjoy our lovely surroundings and not feel 'in the way'.

With wonderful mood lighting, warm rich colour schemes and a bright and contemporary feel with traditional comforts, Hamilton Hall is loved by almost everyone who has ever visited. All the media who have ever filmed here, from CNN / Sk
y/Fox / BBC / ITV / and numerous newspapers etc. over the years,  the journalists, camera men - sound guys and everyone - have all said how lovely the place is and they often say they wish they could bring their wives or husbands here if only we were open to everyone, as they had never found anywhere with such warmth, charm and atmosphere.

With our wonderful Lounge, TV / Reading Room, Conservatory, Dining Room and Community Room there is plenty of space to relax, chill out and enjoy yourself without - like in most venues,  having to 'go to your room.'

Hamilton Hall is a spiritual urban oasis, supporting, metaphysical, spiritual, alternative, holistic, new age and complimentary lifestyle through sexual, self and spiritual development of mind bod
TV room downstairs and a large array of hot and cold drinks and refreshments in the dining room for you to help yourself from 24/7 - and who knows, if you come down in your jim-jams or the noddie in the middle of the night, you may meet another guest and have a chatter and connect as friends. It only takes a simple hello.

 Many people hide behind their computer screens and do not talk to others about what really matters in their life - they remain  anonymous and protected and offer life - smallness.  They want to remain small, and that is not what we offer here. We offer BIG.

We are not a Christian retreat and do follow  any dogmatic rhetoric that has caused so much damnation, hatred, wars and death of the human soul.  We welcome people of all faiths here and invite interesting and deep discussion on the Bible, Koran, Talmud, life death and the universe,  and be prepared for those who know their stuff and may offer a different view point - as only through open and honest - non agressive dialogue,  can we learn and grow and encompass all the beauties that make up this glorious family of mankind. 


We believe that everyone is valid – every belief structure is sound and every concept to be true but ONLY if it comes from love and does not damn and destroy another in any way.

We do not have tea and coffee making facilities or televisions in the rooms as we believe that this isolates people from each other in their own little prison, however comfortable. We have a small and very comfortable
not meet or communicate face to face and we encourage a 'coming together' in friendship.

After the TV programme went out ( 3 IN A BED )  - in April 2010 - we had thousands of e mails and phone calls  - largely from the straight community congratulating us on how we run Hamilton Hall and how we stood up to homophobia - bullying and bigotry.  

Interesting though, every time the show is broadcast - and to date it has been shown 6 times in the UK and numerous times abroad,   the only abusive  e mails - and I mean REALLY VILE VENIMOUS E MAILS - have come from gay men... only a handful - so a very small proportion,  but the resentment, jealousy and envy screaming from the words given,  absolutly send shock waves to all those I show them to.  Not one single nasty comment from a straight person - and this is out of around 9,000 e mails and hundreds of phone calls referring to the programme.  It just proves that a great deal of homophobia and abuse thrown at gay people, is from gay people. 

So I hope this goes a little way to let you know how different we are to other venues and how we offer personality, style and friendship.






Having stayed at many hotels and B&B's, and some of these were gay establishments,  I have found that all too often you get very little input and conversation from the staff and/or owners except banal small talk which ultimately is boring and meaningless.  If all you want is your anonymity and a faceless establishment filled will la la music and faceless staff who hardly speak English, then go somewhere else, as there are plenty of Travel Lodges, Best Westerns and Holiday Inns around. 

However, if you want to enjoy some in depth conversations,  enjoy sharing in a passionate debate on life, death and the universe,  getting your gray cells working and your passions and belief
s shared with others, through an educated approach and not through ignorance,  and if you enjoy sharing and hearing opinions on matters that concern us all  and you may be searching for more depth, more educated inputs and more meaning to life,  -   then Hamilton Hall will excite you, thrill you, scare the pants off you at times - in a nice fun way - and tempt you down a path of inner thought and outer growth in a world where questioning anything,   is in itself questioned, and where we are force fed manipualtive media controlled mistruths and are expected to  blindly believe without question,  then welcome to the world of John Bellamy and Hamilton Hall - a HOTEL WITH A SOUL - a hotel to chill out in and find and share some truths and some answers. 

Many accuse me,  John Bellamy,  of being opionated - and if having opinions on things that affect us all and not being afraid to speak up and share my opinion and listen and value those of others and in so doing, grow to be a better, more rounded human being, then I am guilty, and I love sharing this journey called life with my guests and listening to what they have to give in return.  Some fear this. Some find fault with others who have more enquiring minds.  Some run from personal growth and some even attack those who simply wish to become a better person,  and this says more about the people doing the attacking.

We talk over breakfast and dinners.  Everyone is invited to share,  or not, as nothing is pressured and your space is always valued.   It's up to you to find a level that helps you live your life - remembering - you are not an island and we all depend on each other, in many ways, throughout our lives, and befriending, talking, sharing and growing together, sharing on all levels,  is what makes the human ( gay ) soul - so powerful.

Wouldn't life be bloody boring if all you ever got was ' Hi Guys - Have  a nice day.'

For health and safety reasons, as a venue with naked men, we cater to the individual and we must always be conscious and aware of the group setting, and to this aim, if we refuse your reservation, please try and be understanding and respectful as no offense is meant.



Find me a hotel that is in a central location to a major town in the UK,  is relatively priced to us,  is a legal hotel with all the correct and up to date Fire / Health and Safety facilities in place,  is registered 5 - TOP MARKS for food hygiene - and offers a wonderful friendly and peaceful atmosphere,  large bedrooms,  space to move around without having to 'go to your room' and not be some cold and cheerless venue like a Holiday Inn.    A hotel that offers really good home cooked food at HUGELY reduced prices and with scores of  FREE HOT AND COLD REFRESHMENTS available 24/7 - and not just the standard 2 coffee - 2 tea and one hot chocolate plus 2 biscuits usually found in hotel rooms - and free fruit juice, biscuits and cakes - fruit and crackers - available 24/7  where you are welocme to just help yourself. 

A venue that offers a free PICK UP AND DROP OFF to the local bus and train station -  Drop off & Collection for the local Naturist Beach and where time is spent with the customer in conversation - and not just the usual ' Have a nice day.' 

A venue where you can sit in the garden all day and enjoy the company and laughterof others.   Take a country walk with the owner and his dog or even be invited to watch a movie in my private accommodation - as you wish to smoke and cannot in the hotel, and don't want to chill it in the garden but can openly smoke in the private and warm residence of where I live. 

Send me a link to their web site and after investigation, if I agree the venue is delightful and warrants being considered top marks, then we will offer you a FREE WEEKEND FOR 2 PERSONS,  and we wish you all the very best of luck. 

Funny thing is though, we have never been sent details of any venue even vaguely like ours. We have never found another men only venue that comes close,  not even vaguely.  You see, Hamilton Hall really is one of a kind. 






Hamilton Hall means no offense if we refuse your reservation.  We trust our intuition and inner gut feeling and have never been let down when we follow our inner guidance.  We cater primarily towards the male market and women are allowed to attend some of our events and some are reserved solely for women - please click above and have  a nice long read as - this is an emotive subject now the law has been changed to what we - the gay community - have been fighting for for decades - EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW .

There are those, however, who are destined to remain in ignorance and still offer abusive and homophobic bigotry to gay people and we have already had one women report us to the Human Rights / Equality Commission for being a MEN ONLY venue, and while she was not likely to want to actually make a reservation to stay here,  people like her will use the new laws against us as they cannot bare to think that we may be discriminating against them, while they have discriminated against us for centuries. 
Hamilton Hall won its case and can remain - legally - a men only venue,  so big fat raspbery to the women who complained,

Then there are the really fucked up gay men who offer homophobia towards others of the LGBT community and this disgraceful and pathetic emotional state of mind needs some serious attention. 

We were ( July 2014 ) threatened here with prosecution under the Discrimination Act by an out gay man - after he made and paid for a booking -  then announced he snored -  and yet wanted to stay in the Dorm Room where others would have been distrubed;-   and as he was not willing to upgrade to another room,   he cancelled and complained because our Cancellation Policy meant we kept just £30 to cover banking and admin charges and he thought he should get all his money back - and this disgraceful display of  attitude absolutely disgusted me.
He was claiming we were discriminating against him on grounds that his health problems made him snore, and my answer is that he should not have chosen the cheapest option of accommodation at Hamilton Hall -
KNOWING HE SNORED -   and should have upgraded to a private room where no one would be disturbed - and he went bollistic at this.  If ever there was a time when I wanted to throttle the living day lights out of someone, it was this man.  After decades of joining others on marches - holding banners, making leaflets and spreading the word  in order for the LGBT community to gain anti discrimination legislation, to have this asshole throw the Discrimination Act at me,  I considered absolutely disgraceful.  Some of the younger LGBT's on the scene have absolutely no idea what we older LGBT went through so that they could enjoy freedom as LGBT in a world where we were illegal and prosecuted for an assortment of things that are very different today, and when this man threw this at me, I could have willingly slapped him hard and told him to ' grow the fuck up.'

Some of the worst people to do business with - are a few from the LGBT community who seem to think a gay venue owes them something, or that they can get away with bad attitude / behaviour and that we will just accept and ignore - when there are those of us who will not stand for it and are not afreaid to speak up.







Do you offer evening meals for your B&B guests?

Yes we do .  We serve dinners at around 7.00pm so that everyone can dine together at one large table which makes for conversation and friendship.
We offer a Special of the Day - a 2 course dinner @ £15 per head and we cook fresh for the evening and dine together, as stated.    

Many say that it is more like having dinner with friends than in a hotel.

Workshops and Special Events are catered differently  with BB&EM or even full board. 


As a bisexual man, nervous as hell and newly 'coming out' either 'from' or 'from within' a 'straight' relationship - is this a good place for me to feel free and accepted ?

YES. We have heard your story a thousand times and have complete understanding and appreciation of what it is like - the worries, the apprehension, the uncertainty etc. and you REALLY do not need to concern yourself, as we completely 'get the point.'

PLEASE BE AWARE:  At least 50% of all the gay men i have met throughout my life - in fact - maybe even a lot more -  have been - or still are - married.  many have children.  many got married as it was the thing to do ( society - church and family pressures )  and many because they did not have any gay feelings towards another man until later in life - for various reasons,  and in any gay situation - MANY will have a wife and kids at home.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You won't be alone and you won't be the first. At many of our  workshops, sometimes  between 25% - 50% of those attending are often married and trying something new for the first time.

If you are attending just as a B&B guest - then we get many married / bisexual men staying and you would be amazed how many gay men are married and have families.  If you want to talk and share - if you want some help in understanding your sexuality - or you simply wish to be around other likeminded guys and make some new friends, then this is exactly the right place for you.

No pressure. No harassment. Non judgmental.  Just acceptance and understanding.

We are an 'Attitude Free Zone' where we offer a more supportive, friendly and nurturing atmosphere in which to allow your inner self to 'just be.' We specialise in providing a space where you can relax and find some inner answers as well as chat and share with others.


What time can I check in ?


If you are going to arrive out side of these times, please advise us in advance
and if convenient, we shall be here with the kettle on. If you have not advised,
regardless of times listed above, we may be out walking the dog or taking
a much needed afternoon nap and may awaken Grumpy
( and Sleepy and Bashful to say nothing of the other 4...)



After 10pm will incur a charge of £5 per person
After 11pm - £30 per hour ( or part of ) to cover our staffing costs incurred


We work 7 days a week and between 15 - 18 hours a day
and enjoy what little time off we have and ask you to please be respectful of this.



Do you have a single room or do I have to share ?

If you especially require a single room, please phone and check that one is available.

Otherwise you will be offered shared accommodation either in a twin or in our mini dorm room for 4.

We have 6 rooms:

  • 1 single

  • 2 double

  • 2 twin /  adapted to a Super King Size

  • 1 room for 4.

Please check out on this web site. All beds are separate and all rooms have showers etc.

All accommodation is very comfortable and personal.


Being on my own - how do you do the 'room sharing' bit ?

If we offer you shared accommodation, we put you in a twin or dorm room in separate beds ( singles )

First to make a reservation for the single room, gets it, otherwise you will be offered shared accommodation, retreat style.


If you know you snore ,  DO LET US KNOW and we shall do what we can to sort this out. 

If after making a booking you then decide to tell us and we cannot move you to another room,  or you do not want to pay the difference for an upgrade and choose to cancel, please be aware of our Terms and Conditions and charges involved with cancelling.   If you snore - and you know you snore - and you choose the cheapest option - that being a shared room,  then you take it upon yourself to be responsible and thoughtful towards others,   and if you do not, and we are forced to upgrade someone else out of the shared room - or upgrade and move you to another room,  a charge will  be made against your credit / charge card for the difference in price.  If you choose to cancel once you have made the booking,  a refund will be ofered minus our charges detailed on our CANCELLATION POLICY page.  CANCELLATION POLICY

We cannot guarantee Brad Pitt will be your room mate and it could well be his brother - Cess.



Bringing someone back to the hotel

QUESTION: If I go to a bar and bring someone home to the hotel for some fun - what are your guidelines on this concerning charges etc.

ANSWERS: If you have booked a double room for single occupancy and paid the double room rate, then you can invite who you like back.

If you have paid for single occupancy then we ask for a 50% donation towards the cocts ( shower - breakfast etc. )

and if you are in a single room and have someone stay over night then we ask for the same - 50% of the usual room rate on top.


If the same guest stays a second night then this is considered double occupancy and we will charge the full rate for the whole period.

It may not seem it to you,  but there are costs incurred with a guest in the house and we give very good value for money as it is, please be honest with us and pay what is owed. Do not spoil it for others and as we all know - there is always one who pushes their luck and spoils it for everyone else.  Please do not act in a manner that makes you look small.


If you invite someone back to the hotel for a night of wild nookie and you leave a mess on the sheets you will be billed £25 for extra cleaning.  If in doubt, ASK FOR A BED COVER and we can supply a cover for the bed so our sheets and quilts do not end up ruined with oil and grease stains from your horse play.  If an item is ruined, you will be billed for a new one.    The Bed Cover s charged at £5 to cover extra cleaning etc.
Oil and grease do not wash our of our bedding unless we use a boil hot wash - which we do not usually use, and takes just over 3 hours in the washing machine, and this is to be paid for by the customer.






Can I relax there all day?

Yes. You are welcome to enjoy the garden and the whole of Hamilton Hall - all day - and not feel ' in our way ' - and there are numerous 'chill-out-rooms' to enjoy, so whether you want to read - catch up on your laptop with our free wifi - watch a movie or do nothing but sleep and rest,  that's fine with us.  We may offer a cuppa occasionally and check you are fine,  and if you want company there is often someone arund,-  or if you want just to be left alone, that's also up to you.

You are very welcome to bring your worry beads, herbal remedies, knitting, or even your teddy bear, if it helps you to relax and chill out.

We do not legislate against anything unless it causes harm to the group.  In accordance with the law, we are a Non Smoking Venue throughout and have an area in the garden where you can enjoy sucking on the occasional fag...  ha ha


What sort of food do you offer for breakfast?

We have a well stocked Continental Breakfast available between:

8am - 10am Monday to Saturday

9am - 11am on Sundays

We also offer a full cooked breakfast menu with very reasonable charges which you can order each morning.



And what about dinners?

We share dinner all together at 7pm in the summer months and 6pm in the winter.  We offer a 2 course Evening Meal with a glass of wine and ground coffee for £15 per person - all around one large dining table together as friends and family.

You are asked to order your meal a little earlier in the day and pay after the meal.  If attending a special event weekend – then breakfast, lunch and dinner are inclusive and the menu is not available.



What time can I phone to make an enquiry ?

Between 10am - 8pm.

Please respect this.  Email can be 24/7 and we usually answer within 24 hours. (Telephone 01202-399227)


Do you have a car park ?

Yes - and parking on the street right outside the venue is easy and free.

This often comes as a surprise to many who visit London, Brighton or even venues in central Bournemouth.
I stayed at a couple of places in Brighton a few years ago and had a dreadful time having to pop out every few hours and topping up the meter - and we spent a lot in those meters...
We live in a quiet surburbal area where parking is easy and safe and our car poark is right in the front... Couldn't be easier.


Do I get my own front door key ?

Yes and you can come and go as you please.


Do you have WI-FI throughout?

Yes we do and unlike some venues, we do not charge for this service.


I have a house trained dog, can I bring it along ?

Yes you can, but please let us know in advance and be aware that we have our own - very friendly - Weimerana bitch ( neutered ) who is very friendly.  Guide dogs for the blind are free.  Other dogs are £5 per day - bring your own food.

Any damage is to be paid for.  There are local parks just a 4 minute walk away and many wonderful long and very beautiful walks a 10 minute drive away. We have doggie bags if you forget your own.


What sort of special events do you provide ?



How far are you from London ?

About 105 miles or between 1½ - 2 hours by train / coach or car.

Train from Waterloo - usually 3 trains an hour.

Coach from Victoria / Hammersmith or Heathrow.

Car - M3 / M27 / A338 - dual carriageway / motorway ALL THE WAY from Hammersmith in West London to within a mile of Hamilton Hall.  It is really easy to find us when you get to Bournemouth, just follow the instructions on this web site and we are a 4 minute drive from the dual carriageway.

From Cornwall etc. it is not so easy and directions can be found on the LINK below.





How far are you from Bournemouth town centre and the gay area ?

About 5 minutes in a car or a 15 - 20 minute walk.


Is Hamilton Hall legal for fire precautions, business insurance etc?

Hamilton Hall is completely up to date with all its Insurance - Fire - & Health & Safety.  It costs a fortune to be a legal business, with insurance etc. these days.  Not all venues can afford the expense and so do not bother - putting you at risk and many smaller venues are not licensed with the council and so do not need fire precautions etc.

Hamilton Hall has all its fire equipment checked annually and is constantly upgrading the venue.  Our maintenance programme is on-going and always has been.

We have a smoking area in the garden.


Is Hamilton Hall just an excuse for an orgy?

No it is not.

You know the joke.  'God gave man a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to run one at a time.'

Our workshops, which may be teaching sexuality and sensuous touch,  have guidelines in place which  no-one has ever abused.   These workshops are professionally facilitated and we have many years experience.  If someone cannot respect others attending and the work being taught, and they make a nuisance of themselves sexually,  or in any way come to that,  they will discretely be asked to curb their inappropriate behaviour and if this is not forthcoming,  they will not be welcome and may be asked to leave - although this has never happened.  

Irresponsible and childish sexual behaviour usually belongs to teenagers and not sexually mature adults.

A workshop is a training.

A hard on is just a hard on, what you chose to do with it separates the sexually mature from the adolescent.  Please be a responsible adult.

All of our theme weekends are aimed at adults and have a serious adult content and we do not curtail our language and we give it to you straight, honest and bluntly... we find no use dressing things up to look pretty when the simple truths - plainly given,  is so much more refreshing these days, considering how much spin is placed on the truth by the government.

We occasionally facilitate weekends which are more obviously sexual, and even these weekends have guidelines which need to be respected.  If you want a tacky sex den then there are many other venues  to choose from and Hamilton Hall is not for you.

Naturally, we are also not fools here and we respect and appreciate that for many,  being naked and in a venue full of other gay/bi men, the temptation and  thrill is too much and - naturally - we hear bedroom doors opening and closing in the night and some bed hopping and our guests enjoying the company of each other - and bloody good luck to them. As long as it is in the privacy of your bedroom,  good on yu....  It is not my concern.

Hamilton Hall is a self - spiritual and sexual development retreat for mind, body and soul and offers a mixture of events and - remember guys - naked does not mean sexual, at least, not to a sexually mature adult it doesn't.  It just means you are naked.   As an hotel, we do not police what our guests do in the privacy of their rooms with other guests and it is not our concern.

Good luck to you...

Obviously - during  a workshop,  while we openly encourage practice, we mean this also to be within your own room and not during the workshop itself or in our public rooms.  Only through practice can you ever facilitate a change for yourself sexually, and only through practice with others who  understand where you are at -  can you learn.  You  may wish to visit other guests in their rooms, and this is not our concern.

You are welcome to enjoy your 'free time' any way you wish,  with our blessing,  naked or not.  People are all different and if you wish to be just 'one of the crowd' then that is your choice,  but if - like me - you would rather be an individual,  a 'one of' and stand up for yourself and be counted,  then welcome to my world.  - John Bellamy


FAQs About The Workshops

There are other groups advertising Tantric Sex Workshops and Sensuous Touch Massage Weekends for gay men, what makes yours so special compared to the others ?

I have never attended these other groups so I cannot comment on what they have to offer. Mind you, many of them have attended our weekends here and have learned a lot of what they know, from us,  so why not learn from the Master...?


Hamilton Hall is the only venue, owned and operated by a gay man and his staff in Europe,  specialising in events of this kind for  men,  straight, gay and bisexual - in a beautiful and private residential setting.   Privately owned and operated with no funding from anyone. There are few within our community as dedicated and committed to bettering the human soul of men, as Hamilton Hall and its owner / Director - John Bellamy.

No other organisation or group has been brave enough to invest their own money in a project such as this.   No other organisation or group offers such a varied, full time and varied programme of events as Hamilton Hall and no one is as dedicated and passionate about what is on offer – or runs their organisation or group as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE.

Charities have funding – Businesses have paid facilitators – Hamilton Hall has one paid staff house keeper / cleaner,    otherwise it is through the dedication and long hard work of John bellamy, who has invested all his life’s savings as well as blood sweat and tears – and who DOES NOT GET PAID A WAGE. 

Now - what other organisation can say that ?

No-one else offers as much as HAMILTON HALL.

At an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE – our residential workshops/ seminars etc. offer a full package where you need pay for only your travel plans.  Many groups expect you to pay a similar price to ours while expecting you to pay  extra for accommodation – often in a local non gay hotel / guesthouse – and to ‘bring your own food to eat.’  This is unacceptable to us and adds extra costs and stress on you and we do not work in this manner.

Hamilton Hall is - quite simply - the best.


Can I attend a workshop on my own and will I be the odd one out ?

Most people attend alone so there is no need to worry about that.  We all sit and eat at one large table, with John - your host -  encouraging conversation and friendships to blossom.

It's all VERY informal and relaxed and you need have no worries about being the odd one out.

When a workshop relies on us working in pairs, this is done by random choice, so no one is left out.    I remember what it was like at school when they were picking members for the football team and I was always the last one to be picked as I was useless at sport and this ' groan' would go up by the team that was eventually forced to have me on their side, and that was an awful feeling - and I do not allow that to happen here and do not appreciate body fascism.  Randon choice is done in a clever manner so no one is made to feel unwanted or unappreciated. 


Do I need to book a workshop in advance ?

Yes you do.

Your best bet is to phone 01202-399227  or e mail gaymen@hamiltonhall.info  and ask if there are vacancies and room type requested,  and have your debit / credit card handy to make the booking.

If you change the reservation at any time - ie:  you want a different room type or another workshop date - we charge £25 for the changes.

Please see our Cancellation Policy below concerning charges made.


Do you take B&B guests when there is a workshop in progress?

If the workshop fills, then the venue will be reserved only for those attending the workshop.

However - Hamilton Hall is also a very popular and busy venue for B&B guests and there may be times when during a workshop we will also have B&B guests staying.  These guests are asked to respect and value the space reserved for the workshop and will keep out of the way when we have meals etc.  Sometimes having a different and fun energy from those not attending a workshop can keep the energies from getting too heavy.


What time do I arrive for a workshop weekend ?


After 4pm and before 6.30pm.  Other times are available as long as you have notified us in advance, then we can be here with the kettle on - otherwise you may arrive and find us out walking the dog.


If I attend one of the events that is facilitated 'naturally naked' and as I do not have a beautiful body - does that matter ?

Not at all

EVERYONE has issues around their bodies -  EVERYONE. Underneath the clothes we are all the same  and who cares what someone else may think if I am not as big,  or as slim, or as muscular... that's THEIR conception of what is acceptable - and we most certainly do not see it that way at all.



I am not use to being naked, especially in a room full of other gay men, and during the Massage and Man-2-Man workshops we will be touching each other intimately during the training. It's only natural that someone might get an erection. Is this okay ?

What you chose to do with an erection is what is either appropriate or inappropriate.

An erection is a very natural thing and we ask all those attending to be respectful towards others attending and to the work being undertaken.  What you care to do in the privacy of your room, is your business.

These workshops are facilitated with a great deal of humour and laughter  and when someone gets a hard-on, it's no big deal as it happens often.  There's no need to be embarrassed or worried, we are all men together and we all have a willy, and as we all know, willies have a habit of going up and down all on their own,  and sometimes not as intended. We all appreciate and understand this.

We do ask you to behave yourself during the workshop and keep any innapropriate behaviour to yourself, or you may be asked to leave if someone complains.  You are an adult - not a child - and we expect you to keep it decent and private and not annoy others.  we all have a willy and there is nothing special about yours that we will all want to look at - unless it's a foot long - so please, be respectful, be grown up and keep it to your room please and not in the lounge etc.

Remember, I was a sex worker for 2 decades and there is nothing I have not seen or done - so you will not embarrass me, you will more than likely embarrass yourself if you have to be asked to 'take it to your room.'


I am really nervous about when we take our clothes off. How is this done ?

After dinner on the first evening, we open with a  Shamanic Circle of introduction, and this includes a meditation.

With just candle light, gentle music, a meditative state of mind  and a gentle atmosphere, we invite everyone to slowly disrobe together, and we then continue the meditation.  It is facilitated with great style and caring, for most people are a bit worried and apprehensive about this part of the weekend,  and we are very aware of this. Doing it this gentle way,  has proven to be easy, relaxing and 'no big deal'.

Some other groups partner you off with others who then undress you, and then you them, and this makes you a passive partner at being stripped naked - you are not taking responsibility for your nakedness.

We ask that you strip yourself at the same time as everyone else, and this means you are actively involved at revealing yourself - that you are active in the strip and so taking responsibility for your own nakedness.

There is a whole different mind-set in the way we do it compared to others - where you are ACTIVE and not PASSIVE - where YOU CHOOSE instead ofg someone else choocing for you.  THE POWER REMAINS WITH YOU - YOU HAVE NOT SURRENDERED IT TO SOEMONE ELSE.


What is the average age of those attending ?

Anywhere between 24 and 84.


Can I stay on after the weekend workshop?

Yes you can.

We charge from £35per person, per night depending on what room you are in.


If I attend a workshop with a friend or lover, can I concentrate working on him ?

No you cannot, unless it is a specific weekend for lovers to work together.

We ensure that everyone gets to work on each other so that different techniques, styles and body types can be understood and appreciated.  We have special ways of pairing people up so that no-one is made to feel left out. Regardless of age, body type or anything, everyone is welcome.

We do ask lovers attending our Man-2-Man and Massage weekends to ensure that this is okay with them as a couple, before attending the event. If you have issues at watching your lover giving a 'hands on' massage to someone else, we do not need to be a part of a lovers tiff.   Please sort this before attending.


What about boundaries of respectability ?

Boundaries and limitations are always to be respected.  Some of our workshop trainings are 'hands on' weekends,  and if you have issues around nakedness or being touched then these weekends are not for you.

On the Sensuous Massage Weekends - we also expect everyone attending to offer, in return, the massage they have received while working with their partner. We do not permit one sided massage where people just take without returning.

( If you chicken out after receiving a massage, and your partner is left 'high and dry' - your facilitator is then forced to take your place and give your partner the massage that you are suppose to, or if we feel you are not giving a massage in return, that is in any way similar, as thorough, and as meaningful as you have received - and that your heart is not in it,- then you will be charged £75 extra for his services.)


I am vegetarian, do you cater for me?

Yes we offer vegetarian meals if you tell us beforehand.

However:  vegan and gluten free meals we charge an extra £25 per day  extra as this is costly and time consuming. You need to inform us at the time of reservation if you require a special meal.  Once the weekend starts, we cannot go shopping or cater individually if we have not been notified in advance.


What are the times for the various weekends, arrival and departure etc?

Workshop arrival times - Between 4pm - 6.30pm and we serve dinner at 7pm.
If you are arriving late - please keep us informed by phone.  Late dinner cannot be offered if you arrive after 7.30pm.  We have a ton of work to do.




Workshops & Special Events


All cheque transactions are charged an extra £20 as we do not work with cheques as our banking system is automated and paperless,  and cheques make extra work for us.



I attended a workshop once and it was troubled by a few who spoiled it for the rest of us. Is this common?

Absolutely not.  In 10 years ( 2010 ) and hundreds of workshops and thousands of visitors, we have had - maybe 6 guys who brought their shit with them and threw it into the group and I'm glad to say, on each occasion, the other guys just ignored them.

We also have strict guidelines in place to deal with the odd badly behaved person and - believe me - I am not afraid to speak up and try and get them to see the error of their behaviour and if a change is not forthcoming,  then I am not afraid to ask ( tell ) them to leave.

Glad to say,  it has never happened.


Do all your workshops have a spiritual / self development feel to them ?

Yes. But not religious.


What happens if I really have made a mistake and during the weekend I realize I do not want to take part in the workshop I have booked and paid for ?

We can only ask that you PLEASE READ ALL THE MATERIAL RELEVANT TO YOUR WORKSHOP / TRAINING PERIOD - CLEARLY, as any mistake made in your interpretation of our written word is your responsibility and is not the responsibility of Hamilton Hall

If in doubt, ask when you make the booking.

If for any reason you decide the workshop you are attending is not what you thought, we ask that you either join in the workshop - as we have planned and as we facilitate it, and we welcome you accordingly, or you have the choice to leave. We cater to those who wish to be a part of what we are offering. We appreciate that some parts of a workshop may be too much for some people and with advance notice, they can sit one section out, but only one section. If more than one section is missed, we may ask you to leave the workshop and you are welcome to remain, peacefully, within Hamilton Hall until the end of the weekend.

You cannot pick and choose what parts of the workshop you wish or wish not, to partake in. These weekend workshops are well planned and facilitated and rely strongly on the group dynamic throughout the entire weekend.