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B&B Charges Made at the Time of Booking

We charge the full amount at the time the reservation is made as confirmation of your booking, If you are staying for more than 7 nights,  and the reservation if more than 3 months in advance, we will charge a 50% deposit with the remainder payable in cash on arrival. 

All the details of the reservation will be confirmed either by email or in writing.

Any remaining amount owed for your stay is to be paid on arrival in cash please - as we are trying to cut down on our ever increasing bank charges.

If upon arrival you wish to pay the remainder on your credit / debit card,  we will add 5% to the remainder owed.  Many venues charge for credit / debit card transactions ( my local garage adds 5% whenever I have the car serviced ) and we do not do this.  With the current credit crunch and banks acting badly  towards small business, we cannot afford to pay these high banking costs especially where - with your assistance - we ask for cash.


Booking Info by Email


Press RETURN when you reply to an e mail so we can scan what has been said before. 
We do not like searching through thousands of old e mails.  I DO NOT REMEMBER.


We must have all the details listed below for a confirmed reservation.  

This is for your protection and that of everyone else - please respect this.

The card holder must be the person making the reservation.


  1. Card number
  2. Cardholders name as it appears on the card
  3. Expiry date
  4. Security number on the reverse of the card
  5. Solo / Maestro/ Switch cards - The Issue Number
  6. Return billing address with your street number and postcode
  7. Home / Mobile phone number
  8. Details of your required reservation
  9. Your email address to send a confirmation email to



When providing your credit / debit  card details to pay for and confirm a reservation, you are entering into a legally binding contract  between yourself and Hamilton Hall and verifying that you have read and understand our
Terms and Conditions. 

If you are unable to offer correct credit / debit card  details and we have to phone / e mail you back to get the correct details, an administration charge will be added to the charge made to cover our extra workload.
Please be responsible and professional in all dealings with Hamilton Hall.


Arrival Times

B&B - Between 11am - 1pm - and then between 5 - 10pm ( later arrivals may incur a charge for staffing and if you turn up after midnight with no notification, we will charge you £50 PER HOPUR from 10pm to your actrual arrival time,  for your blatant stupidity, believe me, it can happen. So please, be thoughtful and think with your brain and not your dick and phone and keep us advised if you are goling to be late. )

Workshops - Between 4pm - 6.30pm

Please advise us in advance if you are going to arrive outside of these times and if convenient, we will be here with the kettle on..


If you arrive between 1pm - 5pm and you ring and ring the doorbell and wake me up from an afternoon nap,  you will be charged £25.  I get very little time off and - especially as we make it plainly clear - even on the front door - if you ignore and disrespect our arrival time, you will be charged accordingly

Check Out is usually by 11am  -  and we can store your bags and look after them if you want to go to the beach or hang around until your train time.



Holiday Insurance

We always suggest HOLIDAY INSURANCE in case of cancellation etc.

Please see our Cancellation Policy below.


Less Than 7 Days Notice of Cancellation


Bed and Breakfast -

Less than 7 days notice of cancellation. 

Please telephone Hamilton Hall on 01202-399227 and advise us, in person, of any cancellation or late arrival and please follow that up in writing, either through email or letter and leae include all relevant information:- Date of booking: Name booking is in: e mail address etc.


Nothing is returned and the full amount is charged so we are fully paid.

If we can re sell your place then £30  is charged and the remainder returned.

We are a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and cannot have empty beds not paid for

No monies are to be carried over for another future date.  If numerous e mails and/or phone calls are offered adding confusion - an Administration Charge will be added and this may vary betyween £5 and £50.


Workshops & Special Events - Please click HERE FOR CANCELLATION POLICY

Please telephone Hamilton Hall on 01202-399227 and advise us, in person, of any cancellation or late arrival and please follow that up in writing, either through email or letter.  Nothing is returned and the full amount is charged so we are fully paid.

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR :  The full amount is charged.   If we can re sell your space then we retain £100 towards our admin and credit card charges and refund the difference.  If you provide someone else to fill your place, then any monies paid will remain intact and you sort the finances out with your friend.


WORKSHOP PERIODS: We may also charge a further £100 FACILITATORS FEE as we work hard at keeping the numbers even and if you cancel and make the numbers incorrect to work in pairs, then your facilitator has to also join in the workshop as well as facilitating, and you contribute £100 towards his extra workload.
If we can re sell your space and the numbers are once again even, then this will not be charged or will be refunded.

Any DATE CHANGE of an already booked and planned event by the customer will be counted as a new booking.  Cutting a planned period short - the entire period is to be paid for.


If you have booked a SPECIAL OFFER offering a SPECIAL  REDUCED PRICE ie:  3 nights for the price of 2 - and you cancel giving less that 7 days notice,  we may charge you the full amount. Nothing is returned. 

I appreciate if you are taken ill - this may seem unfair - but we have a venue to run,  and either an event  booked and others expecting you to attend and make the numbers correct, or the simple fact that we have done the work and prepared for your visit.   Short notice cancellation dissappoints many and while it may not be your fault, you must take responsibility and pay the consequences. 

We always suggest HOLIDAY INSURANCE as we do not expect to be left out of pocket.

Hamilton Hall is  not for profit venue.

You would  be gob smacked at the rudeness, the arrogance and the condescending manner of some people who just mess us around, tell lies in order to get a refund and treat us like blithering fools,  and this kind of behaviour and disrespect is not appreciated. 



More Than 7 Days Notice of Cancellation


Bed and Breakfast:

More than 7 days notice of cancellation:

£30 per person is kept by Hamilton Hall to cover our staff, admin. and exorbitant banking charges and the remainder is returned

If you have a group booking then the amount retained against our costs will vary as to the size of your reservation and the amount so far charged against your credit / debit card

Please ask for details.



Workshop & Special Event Cancellations:

More than 7 days notice of cancellation


We charge 50% of the full amount paid / owed for the Special Event  plus a percentage to cover our credit card and banking charges.   The remainder is returned to your credit /debit card.

If you do not have credit /  debit card and rely on cheques, we charge an extra £20.  Our banking system is paperless and working with cheques adds to our workload.

Any abusive e mail or phone call will not be tollerated.

e mails sent to us after 5pm on any date - is to be counted as arriving the next working date - as we do not work in the office 24 / 7 and need you to appreciate this.  Giving 7 days notice where you have e mailed at 11.30pm and expect us to be aware of this in time is bad business.  All e m ails are considered during working hours.

If we do answer your e mail later in the evening - be thankful.  This is NOT how most buisiness works and often you will wait 2 or 3 days for a response from most business'  and your appreciation of our time and working hours are to be considered and valued.



Christmas and New Year Cancellations:   Less than 28 days notice of cancellation - we charge the full amount . This is a very busy and very important time for us and a huge amount of work and preperation goes into this period and regardless of when you cancel, if you have paid and reserved a room,  we shall retain all monies paid and charge the full price,  as we cannot have empty spaces at a busy time and suggest you take out Holiday Insurance to cover all possibilities.



Cancellation & Late Arrival

Please telephone Hamilton Hall on 01202-399227 and advise us, in person, of any cancellation or late arrival and please follow that up in writing, either through email or letter.

When you write or email us,  please state your full name, ( the name the booking is held in )  reservation date and all relevant information and use the same e mail address as used to e mail us throughout the reservation, as this helps and stops any confusion:-  Check within 5 days that your mail / email has been received if you have not heard from us in return.  If you do not and we have not received your email,  which can happen, we may charge you for your entire stay.

LATE ARRIVALS FOR A WORKSHOP WEEKEND:-   If you are late arriving because you did not plan time off work and you arrive after dinner ( after 8pm )  a staff member has to stay on duty to welcome you as your host will have already started the workshop and cannot be disturned. We may charge an extra £15 per hour you are late after 8pm to cover the extra staffing costs.  When you make a booking for a workshop, please respect that this relies on the group dynamic and we expect you to respect this is NOT  a holiday chill out weekend but a structured workshp with set times and an organised plan for the whole weekend.  A late arrival can cause extra work for our unpaid facilitator and we ask that you make a special effort to be here on time.  If advised when the booking is taken of a late arrival,  this is not a propblem, but when you have booked a month ahead of time and then announce at the last minute that you cannot get free from work when you have had a month to plan your trip,  then a charge will be made. 

LATE ARRIVALS FOR B&B - is absolutely no problem as long as we have been advised.  After 10pm may incur an extra staff charge.
We get very little free time and after dinner, like to relax with our guests or even just watching telly and not worry that there is someone over due or maybe lost.  As long as we have been kept in the loop - and offered respect - absolutely no problem. 

If you do not turn up on the day of arrival,  and we do not hear from you by phone or email on that day, we will telephone or e mail  to see if you are okay and to set a new arrival time and will charge an extra £25 for our time.    If we get your answer phone, we will  leave a discreet  message.  If we still do not  hear back from you within 24 hours - we will cancell the reservation and a full charge is made.

If you cancel a reservation with us because you have not planned your time off work correctly, or given enough notice at work,:- you cannot get a flight / train / coach as you didn't book it in time -  then the full amount is payable.  We ask that you are responsible with planning your vacation times as - would British Airways accept that you forgot to ask for time off work,  or that your work schedule has been changed and you cannot do anything about it ?  I  think not. 

We appreciate accidents and circumstances change  and we have been bullshitted too many times by people who assume I was born yesterday.  

Please be responsible and professional.


Changed Dates

If you change the date of an event you are booked in for, less than 14 days prior to the event itself, this will be seen as a cancellation and the charges detailed above will apply.

If you allow more than 14 days notice, then a Date Change Fee is charged at £25 per person. If you change the dates a second time, we charge a further £50 per person. A third alteration will mean we keep all moneys paid and cancel the reservation.
This also applies if you change room types - ie:  You have booked for a Twin Shared Room and you change to a private room or the dorm room.

All funds owed for a Date Change Fee are to be paid at the time the date is changed and not paid on arrival for the event.




For health and safety reasons, as a venue with naked men, we cater to the individual and we must always be conscious and aware of the group setting, and to this aim, if we refuse your reservation, please try and be understanding and respectful as no offense is meant.






Forget to Turn Up - Turn up very late

If after you have make a reservation you forget to turn up, we bill you for the full cost of the boked period. 

If you have booked a workshop period we then charge the remainder due plus  the Facilitator Fee of £50 ( Fifty UK Pounds.)

If we have arranged an arrival time and you are hours late because you chose the beach first and didn't bother to notify us and we have stayed in waiting for your arrival,  then we may charge a 'Time Wasters Fee' of £25 per hour.  We have arrival times advertised and will willingly wait in if you wish for a different arrival time and we will be here with the kettle on.  Just keep us informed.

One year I wasted a whole day - with a friend whom I was going out for a picnic with after the customer arrived at the arranged time of 11am.  He didn't show - his mobile was switched off and he never turned up and our whole day was wasted.   It was the last day of my friends holiday and this tosser  had completely ruined it for us both. 


Bad Weather Condition

If cancellation is because of adverse weather conditions - making the journey impossible or dangerous, please understand that Hamilton Hall's ongoing costs and outgoings do not stop because the weather restricts how our guests get here, or not.

If you have booked for a period at Hamilton Hall and the weather / trains / motorways - in some manner - restricts your travel plans, our cancellation policy above still stands firm and charges will be levied.

We completely appreciate how this may seem unfair under certain conditions and understand how frustrating this may be and as we still have to heat and maintain Hamilton Hall, especially during adverse weather conditions,  and when we have  prepared the venue.  Your appreciation of our position is welcome.

We may offer you an alternative date - as a gesture of good  will - for free, but will charge for the period where you could not get here because of adverse weather.   This - kinda - depends on how you treat us.


Utility Charges

As reported in the media, the price of our gas and electricity has sky rocketed.    In 2009 our gas supplier increased its charges by 48% - and our electricity by 38% - garbage collection by 33% and water / sewage by 24%.     Our utilities are then taxed with Climate Levy Tax which then has VAT charged against the tax. 

Although we keep Hamilton Hall toasty warm with our central heating,  and we have recently invested heavily in having the whole building double glazed - some of the bedrooms may appear cooler or some people may feel the cold easier than others and we now offer extra electric radiators for the rooms at £10 per night.

It is our intention to keep the ambient temperature  warm and comfortable, BUT: where weather conditions are severe and the threat of power cuts, fuel shortages etc. hit us all, we will do what we can to keep the venue warm and the rest is up to you.

This comes about because some people have badly abused our kind offer and good will with supplying extra heaters and have left them on full,  all day, even when not in the hotel let alone not in their room and the room has been like a sauna,  and this is thoughtless.  Our prices are extremely good value and taking advantage in this manner spoils it for others, so we have introduced this charge and taken the extra heaters out until requested and paid for.

If costs keep spiralling beyond the rate of inflation and beyond our control, we shall add a surcharge to the winter weekend workshops to help offset these outrageous  price hikes and if you want to complain then do so to the government who caused these middle east wars and so causing chaos in the utility markets - or maybe it's because the utility companies enjoy making billions in profits...  British Airways sometimes adds a fuel surcharge and no-one says a word and if we have to do the same,  your appreciation and payment towards this, is appreciated.


Hot Weather

We maintain our prices and offer special deals for bed and breakfast and our charges are extremely low for what you get in return.

If the weather is adversely hot and you require a fan in your room, we charge £5 a day .


Discounts & Free Holidays

All discounts are discretionary and if you give us a hard time, then the discount will be stopped and the price will revert to the full price and no discount will be offered.

(As experienced with a guest who was attending the Conservative Party Conference - October 2004 )

As a busy venue throughout the year, we offer discounts in order that everyone can enjoy our facilities regardless of financial ability.

We also offer FREE  BREAKS  to guys with HIV who are unable to afford a break / or to OAP's we feel are worthy of a few days away as our guests. Not everyone has enough money but benefits from a few days by the sea and we offer this from the heart.  Unfortunately - some people have taken advantage of this and abused our generosity and I will ask for evidence of benefits etc. to protect myself from those who will spoil it for others.

Because we have been stung  a few times and had several Free Vacationers NOT SHOW UP - and then give us attitude when we refuse to offer another free date,  we now ask for a £50 deposit payable on credit / debit card for any free period spent here and this is FULLY REFUNDED at the end of your stay.  If for some reason you do not turn up or bother to cancel, then we retain this money towards the cost of your first night.

If a single person has a twin room and uses both beds, then we charge for the second bed as if two people were using the room.. This will automatically be charged against your credit card and an explanation will be posted with the credit card receipt. All staff members within Hamilton Hall at the time will be asked to witness the fact that more that one bed has been used.



  • People who are blind or partially sighted - or who are deaf or hard of hearing

  • People who have heart conditions - and those with Epilepsy

  • People who have problems with continence - and people who have insulin dependent diabetes

  • People with Downs Syndrome - Dyslexia - and those who have Arthritis

  • People who are wheelchair users

  • People who have experienced mental health problems and those who have learning disabilities.

Hamilton Hall does not have a Hearing Loop. We also do not have disabled toilet facilities or a ground floor bedroom.

According to the law, introduced on 1st October 2004, we are suppose to ask and evaluate every single customer if they have special needs / a disability and to be honest, I find this law, as usual, to be an ass.    EVERYBODY - according to this law, is disabled, as EVERYONE has had a mental disability at some time or another (depressed, mood swings, bereavement, broken heart - are all mental health issues...) so what is the point in this neurotic law ? ( do you get the joke there...???  )

All it does is cost businesses like mine more money and makes for more jobs for civil servants and gives us all something else to worry about and another silly little label to wear and pin on ourselves and for what... Nothing. They claim it's because of discrimination,- well how about the man whose business has to close because he hasn't got wheelchair access and the building is an historic one and cannot be altered and he is now forced to close because one of the 640,000 people in wheelchairs in the UK wants to buy a 80p ice cream and cannot gain access.

I am often asked by short elderly ladies in Tesco's to reach for something on a high shelf - which I do with pleasure and a laugh - and are we now to make legislation lowering the height of shelves and then have people complaining that Top Shelf Magazines are now too low and children will get hold of them and because everything is lower, the shop is twice the size and prices will reflect this ???

You can't win.    As usual, what probably started as a good idea has grown into an unworkable situation for councils and officials to monitor and where hundreds of thousands of business properties will not / cannot adapt their properties for various logistical as well as financial reasons and they will either be forced to close or the authorities will evaluate each venue on its own merit and act accordingly. In that case hundreds of thousands of venues will simply not bother and this makes an ass out of the law

If you have a disability that you feel may cause you some concern during your stay at Hamilton Hall, please tell us when you make the reservation.

I know MANY people who - if asked - would tell me where to shove it and to mind my own business. The government is fast becoming a NANNY STATE if it expects mature and educated adults to NEED to be asked such a thing and this is indicating that if people have a disability, they are incapable of telling me for themselves without me having to ask, or that I need to know they are diabetic, have arthritis or can't read.

We do not discriminate against disabilities or judge you according to your disability as we see you as a human being and not a disability and it does help us if we at least know in advance, if - and only if - you think it may cause you concern during your visit. Otherwise I believe that if you are dyslexic - or if you have arthritis etc. this is your own and very personal concern and not for every Tom, Dick and Harry to keep pestering you with asking about it all the time, especially as there is bugger all I can do for you if you are....

If you have a problem with wetting the bed, then obviously, we can take precautions and need to be informed in advance, as any damage is to be paid for. However, most of the other disabilities listed;- there is very little we can do to assist - so what's the point in telling us ???

We cannot be held responsible if you have not informed us of a health problem or disability in advance and it then becomes a problem for you.

PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN WELL BEING. I know it's not fashionable to take personal responsibility but at Hamilton Hall, that's exactly how we work. If you are not responsible for your own actions, then  who is...???  Certainly not me.

With your help, we can all have a wonderful time, disabled or not.

As usual, the law is an ass.


Lost keys


In 2009 we had a whole new security locking system installed and it cost a HUGE amount of money. It means you only need one key for the front door and the same key for your room,  but your key will not open the other bedrooms, just yours.  

If you loose your hotel key  or take it home with you after your stay,  we make a charge of £25 to cover the expense of having a replacement key cut and the staff time running around sorting this out. If we are busy and have other guests coming in and now find ourselves short of keys,  it causes problems and we have to sort it out right away. If you then return the key with 7 days,  we will refund £10 to your credit / charge card.

 Please be responsible for your keys or this charge will be made.

If you should  find the key when you get home, just pop it in a jiffy envelope and post it back - and we will make the refund detailed above.  Please state who it is that is sending the key back to us and do not just put in an empty envelope.


Special Diets & GM Foods

If you are a vegetarian,  please inform us at the time you make the reservation or at least 4 days  in advance of your stay , as we can offer  alternatives.

Our Breakfast and Dinner Menu has several vegetarian alternatives.

If you require Gluten Free or Vagan meals,  then these are not normally available and we will  charge an extra £25 per day  - if attending an event where meals are included -  towards the huge expense and time in purchasing expensive products and cooking a separate meal.  This is time consuming and as a venue with limited staffing levels and where all the catering is done 'in house' -by me - there simply is little time.
We also require a minimum of 4 days notice so we can shop accordingly and if for a Christmas / New Year period, please inform us when making the reservation as 4 days is not enough notice at this extra busy time of the year.

If you surprise us at the last minute by stating you need a special diet, then the food supplied will not be the best we could have offered and if you do not make advance arrangements you might not be offered anything other than the standard food available.

We do not shop once a weekend Workshop  /  Special Event  has commenced.

I was on a strict diet myself some years ago, for health reasons, and it was bloody hard.  I would get fed up ( pun pun )  when meeting friends out as there was very little I could eat and shopping in Tesco was a nightmare, it took me AGES checking all the ingredience and putting 90% of the stuff back on the shelves because it had stuff that was banned from my diet.  It lasted a long 6 months and eventually I returned to my normal diet, which I am still careful with ( I don't like too many chemicals and crap in my food )  and I have full sympathies for those on special diets,  but not for those who just do it for attention or because it is a fad.

It appears the government expects us to know exactly what is in the food stuff we purchase and use even though it is recognized that many GM products are not clearly marked on the label and things like Soya from the USA is hidden in with non GM Soya - so who would know.

I am supposed to mark all foods that have GM products in them, yet the government itself needs to tighten up on food labeling in order for the general public to know how to find these products, what the label says clearly and in English instead of all in coded wording and E numbers etc. and then and ONLY then, we the ignorant masses ( most of us are not scientists ) will know what we are looking at when we pick these products up in the supermarket.

 So please... be responsible for yourself and where we can, we do not buy GM foods but as we are no more aware of what is in some food products that anyone else, if you have concerns about this, please either ask and where we can - we will figure it out together, or eat somewhere else.

It's just another excuse by the government to 'pass the buck' down the line to the 'little man' at the end of the chain rather than taking responsibility for it themselves, at the top,- the government who makes this silly legislation that no-one in the street can possibly follow.

 Don't get me going about the crap in our food and the reasons for Mad Cow Disease...


Damage, Loss, Theft & Left-Behind Items

Any damage or accident where our property is damagd -   is to be paid for by the person responsible or whoever has paid for their visit.

If you wet or soil the bed, be prepared to pay for a new mattress and bedding. If you spill your coffee all over the carpet, or have to much to drink and 'throw up' on the carpet,  then a cleaning machine and labor will be charged. We expect you to respect our facilities as if they were your own.  Prices charged will depend on the level of damage and items needing repair or even replacement and you will be notified by e mail as soon as we find the damage and realize the extent of work involved to 'make good.' 

If we have to take a bedroom out of service for a period while cleaning is in progress, youy may be charged for the days / nights the room is out of service.

If you are taken ill and cause damage,  and we are not told of this and you check out hoping we will not notice,  believe me - we will - so please be honest enough to just let us know, as illness can affect any of us and we have full sympathise if this is the case.  If however your illness is drink / drugs related - then we have little sympathy.

We respect that accidents happen and make allowances for this,   but where stupidity or thoughtless behavior has meant that Hamilton Hall's property is damaged, we will make a charge for repair / cleaning, replacement etc.

Someone balanced a glass of red wine on the arm of the pale beige couch and forgot it was there and got up to go to the loo and it went all over the couch.  It cost just over £50 to dry clean and a further £15 in staff time getting the cover off and taking it down to the cleaners - and he was billed.  His entire weekend cost for B&B at that time was £60 and I am not in business to loose money.  We are a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and as much as I hated having to charge him,  I was not about to foot the bill for his brain dead actions. 

Sadly we have had those who have abused and stolen from us here at Hamilton Hall and we have to have this in place to protect ourselves.

If after you have checked out from Hamilton Hall we discover items missing from your room, we charge 'new for old' plus a 25% surcharge, against your credit card for a replacement item. We will send you the credit card receipt and inform you of why we have done this. You are welcome to enter into dialogue concerning the missing items but if items are missing, the charge will stand.

Our rooms have that very special 'home from home' feel and have many of the finishing touches not usually found and we ask that this is respected.

All rooms are inspected before and after a customer arrives and leaves and anything missing is noted.

When I first mooted around to my friends that I was going to open a gay mens retreat,  one friend said that gay men were the worst at expecting everything for nothing, they took advantage, they abused facilities and acted often like kids and that after 10 years running his own gay B&B he was sick of it. 

I can honestly say that he was right - on occasions we have been abused - badly - by some who have taken advantage, been obnoxious and rude, sent hate mail, and generally been a pain in the ass ( but not in a pleasant way ) and even left badly soiled bedding that had to be thrown away... but it has been rare - very rare - for we get a wonderful load of men staying here who appreciate, value and respect us and Hamilton Hall and after 10 years here myself ( We opened March 2000 )  I still love it and love those who visit and REALLY have a laugh and a good time with everyone.  Every summer we get one - one asshole, and I see this as his need for friends - or therapy - or maybe he needs to get a life of his own and he is envious and jealous of others and I feel for them,  but will not alow bad and rude attitude to spoil it for others staying.

There is a sign as you enter Hamilton Hall that was shown on the world news in 2009 which says - BE NICE - OR LEAVE, and I am glad to say that 99.9% of people are nice.

 If you leave items here when you leave, please e mail or phone and we will keep it for you for 6 weeks. If you send a pre paid envelope, we can get it in the post.





Smoking / Non-Smoking

If you smoke in the bedrooms we will bill you for the cleaning involved as the smell of smoke can linger and as non smoking rooms, please do not assume we cannot tell as soon as we walk in the room.

If we have to wash curtains, bedding, cushion covers and wash down windows to rid the room of the smell of smoke, then we will bill you a minimum of £50 for the cost as all rooms are NON SMOKING AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

We had a very pleasant smoking area inside Hamilton Hall whichbwas the mosty sociable part of the venue,  but sadly is now illegal. We now have a SMOKING GARDEN and you are welcome to smoke whatever you like and we do not judge you accordingly.