Sunday December 21 , 2014




we can have these in your room for when you arrive

Please order these in advance giving as much notice as possible ( 48 hours min )
and we will add this to your room bill.


Vase of flowers
a nice large bouquet of flowers beautifully arranged in a vase for your enjoyment during your stay and we will wrap them for you when you leave
£20 - £100 - you decide how much you wish to spend

Basket of Fresh Fruits
A delightful seasonal aray of fruits
£15 - £25

Box of Chocolates
( Plain or Milk )
£10 - £20

Luxury German Sweet Biscuits

*  Luxury Toiletries


Quality Mineral Water
Sparkling - £3
Still £3

*  Spoil Yourselves Package 1
Chocolates / Flowers / Mineral Water / Assortement of Fresh Fruit


*  Spoil Yourselves Luxury Package 2
  Luxury Chocolates / *Red Roses / Mineral Water / Fresh Fruits

Including a Full Body Massage
For one - £120 - For two - £170

* or a suitable alternative if roses are unavailable.


spoil yourself

Upon arrival,  our 'in house'  masseur - at a convenient time arranged between you, will  set his table up in your room and with loads of soft towels and warm oils,  he will give you ( and / or your partner ) a full body massage to releive those stiff and aching muscles from your journey.  You can lay back and relax, let your mind wonder, and enjoy the sensuous touch of an experienced masseur, as he caresses and massages you to inner peace and tranquility.

Full Body Massage - for one person  £50
  - Per couple £90



Candle light. Soft music. A 2 hour full body massage in your room,

£120 pp

To visit a masseur in London is around £100 - £150 PER HOUR and you will not get a very good massage. 

Our 2 hour service is real luxury - unhurried - friendly and intimate - shower & refreshments,  and a really good chill-out and recharging of the batteries.



Someone to meet you at the local station / airport and escort you to Hamilton Hall,  help you get settled in and then spend some quality time being shown around the town, the scene, the beaches and even day trips to local places of interest like Stone Henge,  Salisbury, Bath, Glastonbury etc.  Why dine out alone when you can have an interesting conversation and good company with a man who is here to make life easy for you.

£200 per day plus all expences
( 10am - 10pm )
Advance Credit Card booking essential.

Longer period - overnight etc - charges available upon request

If you wished for someone for an afternoon or just an evening,  this is also available with price on application

New Boyfriend

Fed up with the old one ?

Want to trade him in for  a newer model ?

We can recycle the clapped out,  bad tempered,  fed up and boring old one for you and supply a brand new, top of the range, high tech, with all mod cons and all parts in fully working order.  Stunningly handsome, with an amazing sense of humour and a HUGE ... personality... to fulfill your wildest dreams. ha ha

Price on application




Anything you can think of that you would like us to get for you, prior to your arrival,  please let us know and we shall endeavour to see what we can do to assist.  Getting Brad Pitt to lay naked in your bed when you arrive - might be a bit costly - and George Clooney - well what can I say - every time I have had him here he has pestered me for my body hour after hour and it gets a bit tiresome, so I have refused to take his calls and longer...
I can always say - 'Sorry - no can do.' so just ask
and remember,  we offer a very relaxed and open minded approach to life, love and the universe and nothing shocks me. ( But please keep it legal - oh and I am only joking about George Clooney - There's always one moron who assumes it is for real... )

There will be a chartge for this service.

Flowers:  Ordered from a local florist, we endeavour to supply you with the best seasonal flowers available at the time, and this may vary according to season. If you require a dozen long stem roses,  then this may be a little more costly.
We shall endeavour to offer you the best that we can find.

Fruits:  Our local supplier always keeps a superb aray of fresh fruits and we hand pick the best of the seasonal fruits for your personal enjoyment.

Chocolates:  We usually offer a superb range of German or Swiss Chocolates according to what our supplier has in stock at any time of the year, which can vary.  If you have any preference of more known 'English' chocolates like Milk Tray / Cadbury's Roses / Black Magic etc.  please let us know and we will do our best to grant your wishes.

Toiletries:  Shower Body Scrub : Shampoo and Conditioner : Soaps : Toothpaste :  and whatever we can find that looks nice, is nice, and we think you may like it as well.

Massage:  Our 'in house masseur' lives locally and his charges - we feel - are very reasonable ( I think too reasonable, but that's up to him )  and he is available at mixed times and does need booking in advance.

Please phone 44-0-1202-399227  or e mail

 *  Some items listed above may be changed at short notice - depending on availability from our supplier.  We will always endeavour to supply 'like for like' of a similar quality and price.    For orders over £100 we require an e mail as a confirmation on the order - sent from the same e mail as the card holder used to make the reservation.