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  1. TATTOO current position





Chris will come and give you a tattoo here at Hamilton Hall during our



 and we are planning some special weekends in the future on the subject of tattoos





by special appointment


Chris is my neighbour here at Hamilton Hall
and can arrange to meet you either here or in his studio any day and any date to suit.


The cost of your tattoo will vary on time spent -  
and Chris will give you a rough guide on costs during your consultation with him.
All tattoos are to be paid for at the time.  


Discuss your design with Chris and see what he can suggest

Cover up old and ugly tattoos - with something more suitable


CHRIS - our tattoist,  is a local tattoo artist with his own tattoo studio in Southborne - just up the road from us here.  He is licenced by the Bournemouth Borough Council and complies with all the legal and health issues required by law.  

He will consult with you at length to ensure you are aware that a tattoo is for life - and offers advise and input concerning the consequence of having a tattoo.  He will not tattoo you if he feels you are having an emotional period in your life - if you are experiencing any kind of trauma or anything he considers may cloud your opinion and / or decision making process of having something as long lasting as a tattoo.  He is a responsible tattooist and would rather turn you away than give you something he feels you may later regret.  When considering a tattoo, you need to be 100% sure that this is right for you and not allow anyone - friend or even the tattoo artist him/her self - to ever talk you into having one.  

Your decision has to be made with a clear head.

Chris does not allow alcohol or drugs to be in your system at the time of having a tattoo.  If you have had a few drinks,  you will be turned away.  This is for several reasons.  

1)  To make sure you have a clear head in making the decision to have a tattoo and it is not fueled on by booze and adrenalin.
2)  The blood thins with alcohol and as getting a tattoo can cause some bleeding,  the blood loss can be greatly enhanced and can cause the ink to 'bleed' under the skin and your tattoo will not be as sharp and precise as you would expect.
3)  If high on drugs,  your decision process is blurred and this is unacceptable - period.

Chris is a responsible, intelligent and sensible man who will always consider your approach to why you want a tattoo first and foremost - your mental & emotional health - where you want a tatoo ( if on your face he may discuss with you AT LENGTH  the ramifications of facial tattoos )  and why ?

You may book in for this weekend,  but you may return home without a tattoo is Chris considers you unsuitable - at that time - to have one - and may offer you an appointment  in the future if and when you  have made some changes in your life journey.

This is for your own protection and his decision is final. 



Not too long ago, many people associated tattoos with sailors, bikers and heavy rock groups,  but tattoos have become more popular in recent years, and the people who get them are as diverse as the styles and designs they choose.  David Beckham and Robbie Williams - amongst many others in the public eye, have made tattoo's respectable within a community who would otherwise  not have had one,  and even my young neice has a tattoo.  

hin the gay culture,  tattoos are wide spread and quite common,  often seen as a masculine symbol and many have large tattoos from a tribal or pagan backgrounds.  The idea of lots of different pictures on different parts of the body is seen as old fashioned, prefering one design that may encompass a large part of the body over time,  but is ultimately one design and not a mish mash of smaller unrelated pictures.

Some people have a tattoo when they were teenagers and now regret it - as maybe it has an X lovers name in it.  A COVER UP is the easiest option,  with a more suitable and pleasing piece of art over the top.   This can be discussed with Chris.

Socially accepted,  body art is seen for what is is - body art - using your body as a canvas to display your personal style.

About 17% of tattooed Americans regret their tattoos,
frequently because they include a person's name.




Since tattoos involve needles and blood, they carry several risks. These include transmission of diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis and possibly HIV. When tattoo artists follow all the correct sterilization and sanitation procedures, risks for disease transmission are relatively low. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there has not been a documented case of HIV transmission from a tattoo. However, doctors warn that non-sterile tattooing practices can lead to the transmission of syphilis, hepatitis B and other infectious organisms.  ( Chris uses disposable needles so every person gets brand new sterile needles.  )




Taking care of a new tattoo can prevent health problems and protect the quality of the image. Most artists give clients a pamphlet that explains all the necessary procedures. Customers generally receive instructions to:

Remove the bandage one to two hours after completion.
Wash gently with cool or lukewarm water, using a mild antibacterial soap.
Pat dry. (Don't rub!)
Apply very thin coats of antibacterial ointment and work into the skin. Too much ointment can pull color out of the tattoo.
Avoid soaking the tattoo in water or letting the shower pound directly on it.
Avoid the sun, sea and swimming pool until healed.
Refrain from picking at scabs. They will fall off as the tattoo heals, usually in one to three weeks.
Use ice packs if swelling or redness occurs.
Call a doctor if you have even the slightest signs of infection.



A friend once asked me why I wear a cock ring, and I stated that anyone with a cock ring, or a tattoo or body piercing,  takes his body - and what he can do with it - seriously - and enjoys making the most out of it.  If that means using it as a canvas to display artwork that says something about him./ her as a person - a tattoo - then why not  ?    If body piercing is what 'floats your boat' - then why not ? Remember - If it is not your body wearing the art work or the body piercing;-   why do some people have such an attitude against it - as no one is insisting they have it.  'TO EACH HIS OWN'



Hamilton Hall. it';s owner and staff are not financially connected to Chris and/or any facilitator who offers a service at Hamilton Hall unless it is provided as an 'in house' event.  All monies paid to Chris for any tattoo provided, is his business and not connected to Hamilton Hall.

Whatever you choose to do in life - Whatever you choose to put in your mouth, , on your body,  in the bank,  in your shopping trolley,  in your mind and memory or even up your bum,  is totally up to you and NEVER - EVER - let another talk you into something you are not 100% happy with.  You have FREE WILL and while we live in a society bullied by bankers, politicians, corporate power, church doctrines, ignorance and fear,-  there is one simple word you can use - AND MEAN WITH STRENGTH - and the word is NO.

There is one expression that can also be used if you ever feel something is being done against your will - and that is - ' NOT IN MY NAME.'

Do not complain about anything in life if you had the opportunity to say something and chose to stay silent - or as I say - DUMB.
Do not complain about politics if you choose not to vote.
Do not complain about horse meat in cheap burgers if you buy them and don't care to check what it is you are putting in your gob.
Do not complain about anything you give power to by allowing it to continue.
Ask questions.
Demand answers.
Never stop seeking the truth.
Do not take bullshit and tackle people when you suspect they are feeding you a line of crap.
Always get a second and third opinion.
Trust your intuition.

Listen to the words of this youtube song and listen intensly - and if it resonates and brings a tear,  then welcome to my world.  Whereas if it sounds like a load of cobblers,  move on,  walk on by,  you are not ready for what truths I have to share.  Come back when you are curious, have some questions to ask and have an interest in finding out more. 








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