After we have spent the spring of 2020 in quarantine / lockdown and possibly the summer of 2020 as well,  many will be needing to escape to a safe environment for some healing.

A safe space

A men only space

Where we can cry and complain - in a safe space

We can allow our emotions out and not hide and through group strength and acceptance, learn to appreciate what we have been through

and accept our part in the drama.

OCTOBER 2nd - 4th 2020

£150 with All Meals / Refreshments 24/7
Delightful overnight accommodation

This weekend we will look at our individual life journey through this quarantine / lockdown period and compare notes, share stories - and through tears and laughter,  games and soul searching, we will find a better way forward and where we can use these experiences to make us stronger and not to weaken us.







and more, we will come together as a community within Hamilton Hall and combined,  will try between us all to find the strength to make sense

of it all and to be strong for the future.

We all went through it and are still going through it

Maybe for years to come we will feel the ramifications of this

Thousands of business closed

Thousands of jobs lost

Savings wiped out

Emotionally drained

No idea about the future

A sense of loss.

We are not here to play THE BLAME GAME
as we all know the truth about who did and

who did not and this weekend is about

positive thinking

Come and share with like minded men in a

fully supportive environment

for a weekend of healing

Terms & Conditions are different to our 'Pre Corona' T&C. 

Better and easier for you to cancel at short notice with less penalties.

Date change by you or us - is free

Cancellation - 7 days min. notice of cancellation and 50% is retained if you cancel. Less than 7 days - no refund.

If we cancel - a future date will be offered and / or  a full refund will be offered. This is an X Rated weekend - Adults Only.

Please be responsible and mature in all dealings with Hamilton Hall.

No childish adolescent behaviour please.











or a weekend for

us older farts


September 25th - 27th 2020

£125 inclusive BB&EM


A weekend for retired men over a certain age to come and relax with other ' old farts' and share a relaxed ' no pressure' weekend with no attitude, no 'put downs' by young 'up themselves' cuties and where we can all just relax and enjoy a clothing optional weekend together and share a laugh.

This has been a lonely year for many. Lockdown alone - Few visitors - Even people in the street avoid eye contact or talking.  Hidden behind a mask.  Unknown to any of us. This has all been new. Watching the news in trepidation. Listening to Boris waffle and confuse.  Fear seemed to rule the day.  Time for a weekend of laughter and togetherness in a safe and healthy manner and where social distancing and treble cleaning is constantly in place.

Come and relax and shed your inhibitions and let yourself go...

Us older men are survivors. We have  survived HIV - We will survive Covid 19 and we shall survive long enough to show and tell generations to come what we lived through. Gay men throughout history were  the shamen - the healer - the story tellers - and we shall continue to share our wisdoms for generations to come.