240 months - 1,042 weeks - 7,300 days - 175,200 hours

a weekend of celebration
March 27th - 29th 2020



MARCH 30th 2000


John Bellamy signed the papers,   paid over hundreds of thousands,   got the keys and walked into Hamilton Hall as the new keeper,  the new caretaker , the new temporary owner - of Hamilton Hall.

This beautiful old house, built in 1889 -  had always been a Boarding House of some kind and for  the last 10 years  it had been a Care Home for the elderly.  John was to convert it back into a hotel, spend a fortune doing it up with new showers, plumbing, drainage, car park, all  new furnishings, carpets and everything from the ground up in order to open in July 2000 to the public, and it has been a long and hard journey onwards, but one where John would not change a thing.

One of the memorable highlights was our appearance on
Channel 4's programme
'3 IN A BED'

which not only was the most fun thing to do, but served us very well and showed millions of people - the venue - and mostly - how to put a bully in his place, and the public by the thousands, e mailed,  phoned and applauded - and we were humbled beyond belief.

The extra business the programme brought in (  First shown in April 2010 ) enabled the whole venue to be double glazed.


Andrew - Clair & Stuart - Me and Christian
Photographed  for publicity shots at the end of filming here at Hamilton Hall






MARCH 30th 2020

Weekend plans of celebration

March 27th - 29th 2020
Come and join us for a weekend of celebration and rememberance,  who we have met,  where we have been and where we hope to go in the next 20 years

( fingers crossed)

and we hope you will be with us.

2 nights with BB&EM - £150

and no - it aint free - we have only stayed open because John does not take a wage and has given of himself almost tirelessly and naturally without ever loosing his cool or raising his voice - ( er - what ??? )

ha ha