A fully interactive, experiential weekend workshop concentrating on the life changing qualities of InterConnected Breathing
March 20th - 22nd
September 25th - 27th 2020
£350 fully inclusive


Stressed Out ?

Burt Out ?

Cannot see the wood for the trees ?
Can't see the way forward ?

Bereavement or loss of any kind ?
Panic attacks - Not sleeping ?

Want to get a handle on things ?
Want to move forward and get out of the rut you find yourself in ?

Don't know who to ask for answers - who to trust - who is worthy ?

Try your own self inner guides - who will share with you LOUD AND CLEAR when you learn some easy techniques to help you connect and listen.

It is not all about me, or them, or anyone else.
It is all from within your own Inner Being that the true answers, the best guide and the best input comes.
Do not trust those who claim otherwise.
You are the only true healer of your own soul journey - no one else.

If you are too damned lazy to walk that journey - then stay stuck.

But:- If you are man enough to look for answers and try anything new - and to grow throug the experience - then you are on course for a happy and balanced future.

And its all in the beathing.

Simple really - when you know how.


Some things in life are just bullshit.
Some things in life are just designed to make money - garner control and power - Some things - some workshops - some trainings - are just that - money spinning bullshit

Facilitators get well known and respected while bullshitting all the way to the bank.

Not genuine.

No real passion.

Just a money spinner.

Come and learn in a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE where your facilitator DOES NOT GET PAID TO FACILITATE - Where it is not all about making money to buy that fast car or 3 month holiday in Ozzy - It is about putting some soul back into a community sorely lacking in - just that - SOUL.

This multi faceted weekend will incprorate
InterConnected Breathing
Shamanic Healing Circles
Personal Revelation Times
Inner Listening

and so much more to help, to guide, to show how easy it can be.

If you only put your heart and soul into it.

There is no other weekend like this - anywhere.