Hello John


I am IMMENSELY touched by your nice messages.

One day I sincerely hope to meet you as you come across a wonderful person with a lot of empathy and feelings about your fellow man.  Your partner is very lucky to have you.  Everything you write is exceptional, you have a great turn of phrase.

Your writings never fail to get to me, I read them all the way through.  The moving tribute to the recent visitor who passed on, and how he found so much happiness in later life visiting HH - maybe I might find that one day but no matter.   I was so pleased for him and moved by your words.

Even on Christmas Day - I was stopped in my tracks by your Christmas Message.

Martin -

Thank You for being You - and all the immense good you do.




Hi John

Its so great to see your regular messages, spreading positive energy, particularly fot those who are alone and feeling increasingly isolated. Fortunately I am neither, but i am sure it makes a huge difference for many, many gay men out there.

Please keep it up. Always raises a smile when I see you in my inbox 😁😁😁

Best wishes and be well always,




I’ve just sent you £50, it’s not a lot but even if it’s just a few bottles of wine for you and David, you’ll never know how much spending Christmas at HH meant to me, it truly saved my life as I’d spent the previous Christmas alone after a massive family fall out (still not a part of the family) but staying there I knew I was accepted just for being me. 

As for your 20th birthday, we all know 21st’s are better!

Take care . L.

John - just a brief note to let you know you are in our hearts and thoughts. You are doing the right thing. We all worldwide are going through this crazy pandemic and I know we will get through it and come back strong. I know I will be booking some time at Hamilton Hall when this whole mess is over and done with.


John from across the Pond. 

People are reacting in many different ways here. Some want to catch COVID-19 and get things dealt with and out of the way.  I'm going out and working in the front garden at least 6 metres away from the pavement and chat to people as they go by.  Everyone wants to talk. 

Must chat again soon. I want to know how you're getting on, that you're looking after yourself and surviving comfortably.

Lots of challenges ahead, but it all seems exciting and worth rising to the occasion and jumping over the hurdles as they come our way. We shall overcome.

More hugs. O.

Thanks John

I am virtually under a lock down too, in London 

Pray, situation will get back to some normalcy soon

Take care

My wishes to all


Bless you

Worrying times for all.  I closed my business yesterday and it shocks me of the general gun ho approach by many

Take care.  One day I will visit ! Simon

Stay safe John, be well be healthy. Its worse than we thought I think.

Much Love Hugs, Kisses

Steven Mike

I wish you and all you know well, healthy lives..

Sounds a sensible precaution John - you're not the only business 'moving' a celebration due to the virus, in sure.  We'll all be back as soon as it's safe for the residents.

Meantime, keep your chin up and stay calm....!

David, pontypridd

Hi John.  Locked in here but taking the next few weeks ti=o redecorate my flat. Needs doing, never had the time before but since my employer has laid us all off with no pay for 8 weeks ( BA ) I am not going to waste the time. Terry.

To John and everyone at HH.

Please look after yourselves and take care.  Hope to see you later on in the year. See you at the other side  All the best

David J

Hi John. Slowly going nuts already and only been a few days. Miss the bar and the gym but think it responsible not to put myself and others at risk.  Cabin fever has already set in.


Hi John

Good luck with everything and here's hoping the anniversary celebrations will be back on track soon! Best wishes. Scott

Its sad that you have had to close in such circumstances John,but its best for you,and your staff to be safe, and once it is all over,You will rise again.Stay safe John. Good luck  Bob xxxx

Hi John.  I have re discovered board games with my kids. It is all TV and mobile phones usually and I have limited the children to 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours after school, and then its family time. We are all basically stuck in doors ( kids do go to school still until the government closes them ) and we played Scrabble last night and Monopoly the night before and we all loved it.  Great to get back in touch with family life again.

I thought I was tougher than this, but I am really upset and crying all the time.  This virus scare has affected me deeply and I don't know what to do. My lover keeps telling me to ' get a fucking grip' and I know he is right,  but I am just so afraid.  I cannot find mysekf doing anything and he has done all the shopping and stockingup and even get all the hand gells and masks from his job at the hospital.  He is wonderful and cannot understand why I am falling apart.  I am a mess with this,  a complete mess.
David .

You are an amazing man John. Your kindness and thought for others seems never to end.  Keep well and while I am in isolationhere in Italy with everything shut down and the police on the streets, the Italian people seem hell bent on not letting this get them down, and we often hear singing and music coming from some where local and it does cheer to chat with neighbours - from a distance - and know we are all in this together. Lorenzo.

My neighbours moved next to us 5 years ago and we have had very little contact with them at all.  Thought they were a little stuck up. BUT how wrong I was. The wife came over last night and asked if there was any shopping or anything they could do to help, as we are both in our 70's and although fit,  their concern as genuine and heartfelt.   She explained how they are very private people and have a gay daughter who lives in Australia and a gay son who lives with his partner in north London and they / she turned out to be an absolute delight.  Through all of this, we have actually made some good friends.
Barry & Tim.


Dear John

Thank you for that cheery e.mail and


No way am I going to let these upstarts forget what my generation has done for them.

On a serious note I will be more than happy to seriously piss off the ones who maintain that they are ‘ keeping ‘ us oldies and whose sole aim is to divide society.

Anyway John, wishing you and your team good health and keep safe.

I’m trying to do my bit by staying in, washing my hands and taking every measure possible to protect our NHS.

Fingers crossed for us all and I’m looking forward to meeting at Hamilton Hall once again.

Best Wishes



So sorry to hear that you’re having to close butt I’m sure like the ‘Phoenix’ you will rise beautifully from these awful times...

Take care & God bless...J.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy.  We will get through this.

Floyd .  Texas, USA 

Dear John

have been on your mailing list for years but have not, yet, had the opportunity to visit you, though I have been intrigued and excited by many of your initiatives.

I just wanted to express my sadness that you have had to close your doors, albeit temporarily, and to hope you stay safe and well and are able to open in the near future.  In such a grim world as this one can be, we need people like you and places like Hamilton Hall.  With move love  Richard x

Good time for a holiday John except we going to be locked down imminently I think?   Lovely walks on the beach. Picnics. Get garden all super for May. I can see you sitting in the hot tub in isolation lol. 

Seriously I guess it’s the best option for now and boy do you deserve a rest. xxxx

Hi John

Hope all this passes soon enough that we can get back to some normality. I am enforced working from home whereas my partner Pete works in care for blind veterans and has no choice but to go in even though they have put in extra measure and staff reductions and also banned non staff from entering. 

We really enjoyed the 10 days we spent there last August and hope to come again for a week this August, but clearly waiting to see how things progress with this virus everywhere.

Take Care




Hi John


Its so great to see your regular messages, spreading positive energy, particularly fot those who are alone and feeling increasingly isolated. Fortunately I am neither, but i am sure it makes a huge difference for many, many gay men out there.

Please keep it up. Always raises a smile when I see you in my inbox 😁😁😁

Best wishes and be well always,



Dear John

You are truly an extraordinary human being. I cannot say how much I admire you for doing your best to help people who could be lonely and in distress.

Good luck.  Peter

Thanks for all invitations  Situation is hysteric  also here in sweden. 

Didnt had  any time to visit u so far  Am a chaser of old men. Love older men fr60 and up   Happy that there is a place  to meet them and so sorry u Have to close  Hopefully u can open soon again. 

Then try my best to visit   And be naked w mature me.   Best of the best.    Mik. 

Thank you John . 

You also keep yourself and yours safe during this trying time. Hopefully see you when I arrive on the 6th September!  David H

So sorry John  But stay safe and healthy. Look forward to reading your email and blogs etc.   Keith

Sad news, but totally understandable. Stay safe everyone @ Hamilton Hall, from me and everyone at the Pride Priders xx


Dear John:
Sorry to hear you are closing for the time being. Good idea and I think you are very wise. Life will change because of this and nothing will ever be quite the same again.  I am in lock down here in Benidorm where I have lived for 3 years and there are police on the streets and fines for going out for anything other than basic shopping.  It's like a war zone - a complete shut down, and it is frightening times.
I love the TV and spend a lot of time binge watching various series I have not had time for before. Money is running out and with no income, worry is centre stage in my consciousness.  What do we do if this goes on for months and months ?  Suppose I had better look for a local Soup Kitchen before long.
Daniel S.

That is sad news, but you are doing the right thing. Everywhere around us is closing during this pandemic. The funeral of a friend next week has been cancelled, only the nearest next of kin and the funeral staff are allowed into the hall for a minimal service.

Best wishes!

Sorry to hear your news John.

It's the best thing to do.  Hope to visit later in the year. Take care and stay safe  Best wishes .Dave


John. Thank goodness I met someone special at Hamilton Hall. He is strong and willful and able. I am weak and tearful all the time with the fear that this virus has instilled and he is so suportive and understanding. Thank goodness I have him.  I am 83 and he is 63 so we are both at risk, but he is more pragmatic and wise with hand gells etc.and went shopping so we are both now in 'lock down' and not going anywhere.  He is wonderful and thank goodness for his company at this time.

Love your web sit and hope you open again soon.
Victor M.


Sorry to hear you are cosing even if just for a short time. Look forward dearly to when this is all over - chilling in your delightful garden and sharing a laugh about this - one day.


Hybernating for a few weeks John, so shall not be seeing you for a while. I see today you have closed for a few weeks,  and I agree this is a wise decision.  David ( Hants )

Trump is an asshole and we are watching international news on the internet to get a correct and more current diagniosis as to what is happening with the Corona Virus.   No one can trust the word of Trump -  'The bestest and most cleverest scientist in the whole wide world...' 

( oh please ... ) Our President will be the cause of this becoming a pandemic in the USA with his stupidity and arrogance.  Wish I was somewhere else but here as Connecticut is in denial and fear both at the same time and confusion rains down upon us from the White House, many simply are ignoringth e whole thing.


John: MY homophobic Father shouted at me years ago that I was the curse of the Devil.
Recently I heard he was claiming that this virus was God's curse against the LGBT community - which I did think was odd considering this is not Aids and is  caught by anyone and everyone, and when I later heard how my Father may have been exposed after a holiday to Spain,  it did - if cruelly - make me smile.  Here we have a rabidly homophobic man claiming this virus is God's curse against gay people and my straight bigoted dad may have caught it.  He has my sympathy - but that's about it. I wonder if he gets the irony of his words.

Nigel .