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we will check your temperatiure

Normal: 36.5 - 37.5 °C - ( 97.7 - 99.5°F )

Fever:    37.5 - 38.3 °C - ( 99.5 - 100.9 °F )


If you refuse -  NO ENTRY and your booking will be cancelled and no refund offered .
Your Room Key will be cleaned in front of you at Reception.

Hamilton Hall will inform all guests on entry / registration about our various -

Social Distancing Guidelines for within the house & garden.-

Cleaning rota - what we have in place,

Customer Responsibility - Helping to keep us all healthy

Masks, Gell, Gloves & Tissues / Wet Wipes- Location.


SEXUAL CONTACT - I have been asked what guidelines we have in place for sexual contact between guests and other than to say - THIS IS NOT MY BUSINESS - it is up to you how you move forward sexually after a protracted period in isolation for many.

You know the risks.
You know what is involved.

You know the law.

You are over 21.

I am not your Mother.
If in doubt, just ask and we can chat with you about safe sex and safe Covid 19 sex.


This is your holiday - and we want you to relax and enjoy. What you do in the privacy of your room is not my concern.  Keep any 'close encounter' in your room and not within the downstairs rooms please.
We went through a sexual pandemic in the 80's and 90's with HIV / AIDS where the world did nothing for years and thousands of young gay men died before anyone took any notice - and we all know why.

If on entry your temperature is too high,  you may be asked go relax in the garden or go for a walk and to 'come back later' - and see if your temperature has lowered.  You will not be allowed into the building as long as it stays high.   If this means cancelling your booking - at such short notice - no refund.

Apologies, but it is what it is. The 'NEW NORMAL.'

We all know the risks.

ABUSE: If at any time we feel you are abusing what we offer - taking the piss,  acting in an unreasonable manner - put others at  risk or simply will not respond if and when asked to change your ways - and you continue acting in deference to our request and to decent behaviour, you WILL be asked / instructed to leave and no refund offered.  We will be down on you - metaphorically speaking - like a ton on bricks.  Believe me , after what we have all just been through, any abuse - any bad attitude aimed at us - who are offering something of beauty,  we WILL respond and you WILL be told.

If this means contacting the police / local health authority - we will.

Apologies for this harsh manner, a very few 'entitled' people assume this does not apply to them  and we need guidelines in place .


Please, bring and present the best of yourself as we hope to offer in return. We all have bad / off days - understandale under the current circumstances - and I am sure much pain and hurt will accompany many after this strange lockdown period - and we are here to help relieve the tension and worry - but not at our expense.

We are all in this together.

We have all suffered in lockdown.

Business' are closing and many large corporate venues gone for good. If Hamilton Hall is to survive and continue, we rely on you for financial input as well as Health & Safety and where we expect you to use your COMMON SENSE in order to stay healthy.

If there is anything you feel we have missed  please let us know. Thank you.