American Christians are nuts

There is so much in the news these days coming out of the USA concerning politicians who are Christians and using their belief structure to veto laws or to enforce laws that contradict their religious belief - ie: the LGBTQ community seems to be ( no it doesn't seem to be at all - IT IS ) under attack from many corners and laws are being changed TO TAKE AWAY LGBT RIGHTS FOUGHT FOR FOR DECADES and won under different previous governments. I have to say - these ' so called christians' - ( small c on purpose as there is NOTHING to respect about the people who use religion to harm others ) are hypocrits. Evil - immoral, malicious and plainly wicked in the manner they use their belief system aga

naked in public

I was sent this video, which links to another as well, of this hot man walking through a city centre completely naked, no shoes or anything, and hardly a single person turns a hair. Click on the LINK HERE to watch and enjoy the balls on this man, figuratively speaking. Your comments: My brother friend cycled naked with my brother when they came back from studland. Police stopped my brothers friend for being naked. They initially tried to tell him being naked was unlawfull so he said its legal to be naked in the UK . So police found two females nearby . The police prosecution lawyer used the females to say they were SHOCKED - this was the critical word, th

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