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a workshop & practice weekend

Spiritual Sexuality like you have never known before
Meditation / Integtrated Breath Work
Learn to be even better at Red Play

and share your pumping techniques

and show it all off for its size.

 Learn from the UK's most experienced X Sex Worker / Workshop Facilitator

















September 17th - 19th 2021


Full workshop on RED PLAY with plenty of practice

Vacuum Pumping

Beginners and Experienced all welcome

2 nights delightful accommodation

some room sharing may be offered

All food, wine and refreshments 24/7
Warm and toasty throughout the venue

No Pressure - No hassles

Just a relaxed weekend for Red Play



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Your Host and Facilitator:








Having been a sex worker with his own dungeon play room FULL of the most amazing items you sexually dream about, JB learned a great deal about the ins and ouits of sex that seem to miss many.  Having been on the fisting scene in London for over a decade, from experience, many long time fisters haven't a clue.  Not a fucking clue what they are doing while arrogantly assuming they are the best when the tuth is often something else... like Trump thinking he is King of the World.
Here is a workshoip to learn some techniques - learn about the body and how the ass works - Learn Integrated Breathing that is better than drugs and natural

( and free ) and learn how to expreience


and all from your Prostate. 

You will get tons of tuition and practice during this weekend so bring your douche as a clean ass is imperative. Accidents happen, it is the Hirshey Highway after all, but we do expect you to offer a clean ass and respect towards others in your hygiene.

Credit Card bookings in advance only. This is for your own protection and privacy.

We DO NOT sell or share your e mail / card / phone details with anyone... ever. 

This weekend is very much an ADULT X RATED WEEKEND and we ask that you know what you are paying for and attending before you arrive. No refunds if you are / were confused and cancel at the last minute. PERIOD.  If you cannot be grown up and mature concerning and surrounding this weekend - then stay at home. 

We WILL NOT enter into dialogue through e mail or phone as to what this weekend is about. If you do not know, then it is not for you - PERIOD and besides,

you can always Google it.


No bullshit. No attitude.