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1st. I am insulted. 2nd. I remember exactly why I am here.

1st ) .

When I send out a SPECIAL OFFER for the May Bank Holiday at just £120 with B&B I expect you to appreciate this is per person and not for a group of anything other than one person , so not for a couple, a family of 5 or a group of a dozen and all for just £120. It is PER PERSON. You know that's what is meant. Everyone knows that is what is meant. But - apparently this was not clear to one man.

So after being asked by someone - aged in his mid 50's - who has never made a booking here but messed me around countless times before - for a room for the Bank Holiday, I was pleased for the booking, even at ' cost price' as the special offer was at our bare minimum needed to just about cover our costs. Business is dead and we have offered all sorts of discounts and this was one of these - 3 nights at £120 instead of £175. So when this guy made the complete booking and gave all his details and the booking was made, he then phoned back to argue I had overcharged as he - and this is where it becomes fantasy time - assumed the £120 was for a couple and he wanted a Double Room at just £20 per night per person and argued with me that that was what my Special Offer states when it simply doesn't.

He has also the ability to check the web site and see what it says and even check our usual prices and if anyone, anywhere, assumes I would even waste my time offering rooms at £20 a night, you are delusional. I would close down first and sell up and live a fantastic lifestyle without the stress and aggravation from people like this. I am a considerably wealthy man but ALL my finances are tied up in Hamilton Hall and we offer what we do as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and I will be damned if I will allow anyone to fuck me over like this and I will be damned if I will stand there and allow it.

I sit here with the heating off and I am freezing cold and where my ankles are going numb and my nose has a drip on it AS I CANNOT AFFORD TO HEAT THE HOUSE WHEN THERE ARE NO GUESTS IN - and I do this so I can continue to afford to bring you Hamilton Hall and all that it entails - ie: heated for a start. I GO WITHOUT - but I will be damned if I will go without and THEN BE ASKED FOR EVEN MORE from those who absolutely should know better - are unknown to me - and who are TOTALLY taking the piss.

It insults.

2nd )

Half an hour later I receive this phone call from a really lovely married man, scared to death of phoning as he has seen our details and wanted to know more but was shit scared at making ' First Contact' and nervous as hell of speaking words aloud that he thinks he may be gay and in need of somewhere unthreatening, safe and gentle for his first experience and where he can talk to someone about what is going on in his world.

When I was involved in the sex industry - I often got married men, really nervous and scared, and I would always figure them out and ask if this was their first time, and would always tell them how pleased I was that for their first time ever, they had chosen to come and see me... as I would take them through a little of a lot of different things, many of which no wife ever does - and if anything ever got too much we could stop and either simply change course or stop and chat with a cuppa and a piece of cake. No hassles.

We chatted for about half an hour while I took the time to ease his troubled mind and reassure him that Hamilton Hall is indeed perfect for him and not to go to some sex crazed tacky gay hotel that will absolutely frighten him away - as he needs taking gently in hand and led through some conversations, some introductions and something friendly and thoughtful of HIS NEEDS AND DESIRES and not mine - OR ANYONE ELSES - but HIS needs - emotionally, physically and spiritually - as someone stumbling into a community that is all new to him and where the fright of wife, kids and friends finding out would ruin him and where I and all at Hamilton Hall completely get that, respect that, value that, and offer what we can in personal assistance and time for someone, we actually do not even know, but who needs our guidance and we offer this freely and with no hidden agenda but to help.

That's why the guy who abuses and expects it for £20 a night is such annoying little prick. So many only see their own journey and expect everything at knock down prices and if the venue closes - then tough shit, they don't care, but with the gay community closing down around us and where the LGBT scene shrinks onto the internet and cyber space, there are many who need the likes of Hamilton Hall and we are here for them. If however you want to insult and expect all sorts of things unavailable and yet you demand, you will find life will eventually smack you in the chops and you will loose out on so much of life with your expectations and snowflake entitled attitude.

An hour later, the nervous straight man made a booking and is coming in June and he was delighted to have found Hamilton Hall and told me how he had read the web site and spent hours doing so, page after page, and never thought there was anywhere like this available. He was delighted and so was I, to be able to offer help and guidance, to be able to offer a really nice venue and some place people like him can find a new beginning in comfort and ease and all in a non threatening environment.

The £20 a night guy got his booking cancelled and a £50 retainer kept to cover our time and effort and the remainder returned as a gesture of good will and his e mail deleted from my data base as customers like that, I do not need - and neither do you. I will bend over backwards for people but I do not expect to have to part my cheeks so you can dry hump me while I do so.


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