Vacuous people on facebook

October 8, 2019

 On a Facebook site named  GAY MEN THRIVING  - someone left a post stating :-



'im in a really bad place mentally/emotionally so if ya love me, tell me'


and I responded with the message :-




'Being  told by complete strangers how much they love you is shallow and false. If you get some therapy that is the way forward and NOT from complete strangers on facebook. I do not love you as I do not know you and claiming otherwise just adds to the modern day belief that numbers of 'friends' on facebook etc. means you are loved WHEN YOU ARE NOT, it is fake, it is empty and it is bull shit


Get off the internet - get off facebook - switch your computer / phone OFF and GET A REAL LIFE with REAL PEOPLE - FACE TO FACE and NOT through dumb dumb dumb social media, IT IS NOT REAL.


Then and only then can your self worth feel genuine and not false. Only then can you meet real people with real views and not phony social media BS that most spouse on here.

We are all fucked up and lonely, we all want more and social media IS NOT THE PLACE TO GET HELP WITH THIS...


I own and run a COMMUNITY BASED HOTEL FOR MEN at where real people meet and real people share and no TV's in the rooms, no drinks in the rooms, you come downstairs and join in - with a TV Room - a HUGE drinks area where everything is FREE and most of all - ONE TABLE FOR ALL MEALS where we all share breakfast and dinner TOGETHER IN REAL TIME and THAT is the way forward out of loneliness and helps build a strong mental frameword to live within and NOT throuhgh Social Media.


Come for a free stay if you are in the UK.




Naturally for facebook, some responded with answering my comment with :-

'I don’t find the logic in your argument that the love from a stranger in person is more real than the love of a stranger over the internet. I have certainly seen some hateful things on social media and the hate is real. As real as the love that I’m seeing from this great group of guys. '


What ???

 Someone else responded :-


'This is exactly what' wrong with gay men today. They think they can get gratification from strangers. Turn to your friends and family, seek them out dude....stop looking for it online like this'.


I agree wholeheartedly -


While someone else  stated :-


'I don't really know you but I love you and I would miss you if you were gone greatly and God loves you.'

I say -  Oh vomit.  This kind of vacuous shallow crap is precisely that. If strangers you are never likely to meet say such stuff, then it is precisely that, - crap.    He will not miss him, he will get on with his own life and completely forget all about this person - so cut the crap and get a fucking life.


I am astounded how many people spouce utter garbage through social media, hidden behind their computers and try and be all clever and knowledgable while coming out with utter bullshit and assuming others to feel  the genuiness behind the words, which clearly is as sated - BS.   It does not help. It is empty of genuine emotion and care. It is meaningless.

On the LGBT cruise I went on last year,  a group of young guys ( 20's ) in the elevator one day were talking about how many friends they had on facebook and when one said he had 3,000, another COMPLETELY cut him dead with a cutting remark like ' Oh please, I have 20,000 - ' and then turned his back on him and ignored him as unworthy for ONLY having 3,000. 

Me - being me - instantly said

 'And how many of those 20,000 have to actually met ? How many really know you ?  How shallow a queen are you. If you could just hear yourself - clearly you have no idea what a true friend is. Appalling, absolutely appalling attitude.'


He never said a word in return and the elevator opened and we all got out and went our seperate ways, and it brought home to me how many younger p[eople haven't a clue about true communication, true friendship and the true meaning of care for someone else other than through text or email or social media.


How many dump their boyfreiend through text. 

To cowardly to do it face to face.


True friends are hard to find and if you have 2 or 3 true friends ,  then you are very lucky.







Check out this COMMUNITY LIVING SPACE for gay men as well...


Your comments - as always, are invited.



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