Mother Teresa’s former spiritual advisor accused of raping boy “more than 1000 times”

January 5, 2020

The former spiritual advisor to Mother Teresa has been accused of raping one boy “more than 1000 times all over the world” in a new lawsuit filed against the Catholic Church.



The Reverend Donald McGuire ( below ) molested Bobby Goldberg from age 11 the court documents say, adding that he had the boy travel the world with him as his “protege.” Goldberg is now 61.


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Goldberg is suing the church, saying the former priest “indoctrinated” him and manipulated him into performing “sexual touching, oral copulation, and anal penetration.”


McGuire was “treated” at a residential center in 1994 and criminally convicted of sexually abusing young boys in 2003. He died behind bars in 2016.




Mother Teresa wrote a character reference for McGuire when he was in treatment, saying, “I have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry resume as soon as possible.” Her nuns swarmed the courtroom during McGuire’s trial wearing badges that said “I support Father McGuire.”


Goldberg says that McGuire gave his single mother a job and would use that as leverage to keep him compliant with his sexual demands. He said the priest would lock him in a room for hours if he refused to “perform a menu of sexual favors” on him.


During McGuire’s trial, Goldberg was a character witness for the pedophile priest, but he says listening to the stories from victims helped him realize that he too had been manipulated and groomed.


Mother Teresa was a celebrity and kept company with other celebrities. Her meteoric rise landed her in the foyers of mansions and at the dinner tables of world leaders. She was able to parlay her reputation for piety and good works into a lucrative fundraising scheme. She raised millions of dollars, ostensibly to fund her charitable organizations.


Faulty bookkeeping, secrecy, and incompetence prevent accurate accounting of these considerable financial resources. Following her death, some accounts were discovered in traditional tax havens, all brimming with cash, their origins and purpose unknown.


While it’s impossible to ascertain the motives behind these financial discrepancies, while some of those in her care suffered and eventually perished from curable diseases in her houses for the dying, no expenses were spared when it came to Mother Teresa’s own health; even the smallest medical complaint led to immediate hospitalization at a top-notch hospital in the United States.


Not only were her celebrity acquaintances great funders, but some served her political goals to improve Catholic standing as well. She famously applauded Baby Doc Duvalier, a totalitarian dictator in Haiti, for his compassion.

Mother Teresa never condemned McGuire for molesting numerous young boys in his care. She was made a saint by the Catholic Church in 2016 – the year that McGuire died in prison.







John Bellamy Comments:

When all we seem to read these days is how many Catholic Priests have molested and raped young boys - and when we read how many women are abaondoned - pregnant - by Priests - and when we  hear how many Nuns have beaten and murdered young girls through the Magdelene Sisters - I do wonder how anyone can - in all honesty, can possible claim to be Catholic - claim to follow this corrupt church and these corrupt ' so called do gooders,'


This church is not about God. This church is big business covering its illegal tracks. PERIOD.





Thank you for the article on the pedo priest and Mother Terisa.

I was groomed by our local priest at home in Belfast and my Ma always said he was a good and decent man sent by God and yet he was sexually , emotionally and physically abusing me and other boys and we never said a word.
When your Ma says he is a man of God,  who were we to argue.
A 10 year old boy from a council estate in Belfast ?
It went on for just over 4 years until the family moved away from the area and I later heard the Priest had died, and it was only then I realised I felt free - and have lived in the shaddow of that man and his actions for decades .  Eventually I was able, in my 40's, to talk about it and seek some therapy and it really helped.
Neil M.

John:  I have agay brother that even as a child was clearly gay.,

I am not.

Yet the local priest made a bee line for me and not my brother - and molested me for over a year until I hit back one day and it stopped.  I gave him a black eye and threatened to expose him and it did stop. The church soon moved him on some place else and I - at 15 - was just glad to see the back of him.

When I later talked about this to my gay brother, he said he hadn't a clue what was going on, not the faintest clue, and said he was really sad to hear this.  WE have become closer since thoserevealing days and he has  awonderful lover and me a wife and 2 girls, and I watch them and guide them and wo behold any Priest who comes close.
David L. ( Suffolk )


John: I do find it astounding the church has gone so out of its way to cover up these Priests who molest, rather than ' outing them' and doing the decent thing.
It clearly tells me the church is more concerned with protecting itself rather than helping the people it is suppose to help.  I hear the last Pope who resigned did so because of huge pressure because the police were getting closer to arresting a reigning Pope for hiding thousands of pedo priests,  and aiding and abetting is also illegal.
So much for God's workers. So much for 'Men of God.'


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