36 again ? No thanks.

January 12, 2020

My Mother use to say she would like to have stayed aged 36 as it was the best age to be,  and now I am older, I somewhat agree.

I think every generation says to the younger generation -


' Oh I wouldn't want to be your age again' -


for as the world turns and as society moves on, it is easy to feel ' left behind' - whether it is because of technology - lifestyle or even the fact that when I was a kid we had 2 - yes just 2 TV channels and worst of all... WE HAD TO GET UP TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL - as it could not be done remotely.



And did I mention,  TV was only in black and white ?

We had no central heating in any home as a child and there would be frost on the INSIDE of the windows in the morning.

The hot water was put on once a week for family bath night.

We boiled a kettle during the week for a wash.


Me above - around the age of  36.


In the evening around the parafin heater in the lounge - smelling the house with fumes - we snuggled to keep warm while the rest of the house was freezing.

We did eventually get some electric blankets which took FOREVER - and I mean hours and hours just to get luke warm.

Being a twin, my brother and I would share a bed in the winter and snuggle together to keep warm.
My Father worked in show business and most evenings would not arrive home after a show, until around midnight, and I would get into my Mothers bed  and warm her side up for her - and then when he got in late, my Father would carry me back to my own bed.


No one had a washing machine and everything would either be done by hand with a wringer - or at a local laundarette, which my mother always thought was common.  Father eventually bought  - at great expense - the first 'Rolls' washing machine that vibrated around the kitchen when on spin, would leak all over the floor and would be quite an afternoons work just keeping an eye on the thing.  Mother was thrilled.  We kids were thrilled, as watching this thing dance around the kitchen floor was worthy of a hoot of laughter as Mother tried holding it down to stop it chasing the cats.

The gas fridge - now - is a collectors item.  Back then, was small with an ice tray always totally bunged up with ice.  But we did have a fridge whereas many just had a cool larder.


Life is definately much easier these days as people work hard to buy labour saving devices ( makes little sense )  and we all have a car, central heating, and all the luxuries we expect whereas 50 years ago  these  luxury items we only dreamed about.


 Programmes like ' Tomorrows World' gave us a glimpse of what the future would look like and it all seemed so wonderful with robots doing everything so we could enjoy our leisure time - which never happened - and the one thing the programme never imagined, was the internet.

Netflix - Amazon - e bay - paypall - e mail - facebook - skype - social media and even my own web sites  have revolutionised how we watch telly, how we shop, where we shop, how we comminicate - how we date - and so much more.

Many Years ago I knew a familky who emigrated to Australia.  It took 6 weeks on a ship to get there.

6 weeks to get a letter home.

6 weeks for a letter in answer.

A few years ago a friend was at Uluru, or Ayers Rock  near Alice Springs in Australia, and thanks to the wonders of mobile phones and skype, I was able to watch the sun go down over Ayres Rock from my home in London, LIVE while my friend gave a running commentary from the other side of the world and all live and all free.  He was there visiting and we shared a moment that would never have been possible just a few years beforehand, and who could ever have imagined such a thing ?

Things are better in many ways but we also have global terrorism and  many of  the people we were told to respect as a child have all betrayed that trust and the mass of people simply - do not respect anymore - Priests - Bankers - Police - Lawyers - Estate Agents - The Council - Members of Parliament - Corporate Power - The Government - Utility Companies - as it seems everyone these days  is out to screw everyone else - whereas in the 50's and 60's , there seemed a more 'together' feeling - that we had all ' come through together' and stood united. 


There was The Missile Crisis - Aiden - Suez - so it was not without its wars and problems and it seems the world has always had its ups and downs  ever since various countries that wanted to plunder and rape the world and become ' an empire' - and those who see fit to try and dominate, like the USA - do so and make a mess of it.


Times have changed and we have changed with it,   to some degree, although I have only just got my first mobile phone and have not yet set it up afer 2 months... and am quite happy in my own little world - a mix between the 60's and the present day. 

So 36 does indeed sound wonderful - but I am actually quite happy right where I am . Thanks.








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