vegan, or not to be vegan.

January 13, 2020

Watched a brilliant documentary on Netflix concerning diet and I was astounded at the results shared.


I have  a friend who has been vegetarian for 40 years - and although he does seem to get a lot of colds, he is as healthy as anything, despite what meat eaters will claim about vegeys.

A couple of years ago he went Vegan  for a year - and while he claimed it was very hard - hard to eat out - hard in a supermarket as almost everything is out of reach and forbidden and hard to snack on tasty morsels when watching telly etc.  BUT - he did say he had never felt more healthy, never had such energy,  such concentration and a general feeling of well being.  His poo was less and non smelly - his skin was clear and he noticed his body smells were less as toxins from milk and all dairy products cleansed from his body and he generally felt cleaner, in and out.

Dairy - milk, cheese and cream, is not good for you. Period.
What animal suckles from ts Mothers tit for the rest of its life. NONE.
What animal drinks milk - other than when weaning - and what animal needs the calcium, proteins and goodness of milk for healthy teeth and bones ?  - The answer is NONE AT ALL.

So when the Milk Marketing Board promote milk as healthy for you, it actually isn't. 
Full fat milk is just that - FULL FAT.

Cheeses are the same - full of animal fats.

I remember many clients when they undressed - stank of milk;-   this, - back of the nose - not B.O. - but - still made you back off a bit - and this is exactly why the Chinese - apparantly - dislike the smell of caucasions, as we drink too much milk and it comes out through our sweat glands and our pores and they can smell it - as they do not drink milk,  and it can be quite strong.

I have a small Vegan Breakfast section here at Hamilton Hall and in 6 months, not a single person has utilised it - and while we hear about radical vegans demanding foods be available, and while fast food outlets are falling over themeselves to be a part of this 'new trend' - or as some would call it - this ' new fad'  that everyone is talking about,  while from my experience,  I don't know a single person who is vegan.


Vegetarian - Absolutely - but vegan - no.


I absolutely agree that we eat too much meat.
Meat full of antibiotics and growth hormones.




Animals brought up in horrible conditions, crammed together, sharing diseases and living amongst rotting corpses ( as with chickens ) and with nowhere to exercise at all,  and what we put our animals through to get that steak on our plate, is horrifying.

If you just do not care - then you are part of the problem of uncaring humans fucking up the planet.
If you just blindly ignore or choose to throw abuse at those with different views, then again, you are part of the problem.

With the excessive farming of animals helping destroy the environment - our health and the health of the planet,  and where we have more cows alive this very moment in time than have ever lived throughout history, and where a planet with finite resorces ;-  it is unsustainable to use so much veg protein to make just one lb of meat protein. 

Meat consumption can be responsible for

Cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, infections, Alzheimer's, and diseases of the kidneys, heart, respiratory tract, and liver all linked to red meat consumption. ... Heme iron, a type of iron only present in animal meat, may contribute to the risk of dying from cancer or heart disease.

Red meat can contain high amounts of saturated fat, which is also  linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.


Red meats take 24 hours in the body to digest.
White meats take 36 hours.


I am not saying we should all turn vegan or even vegetarian, but it would suffice to say it would be good for our health to cut down, eat less meats and less dairy - and that includes eggs - and eat a more plant based diet.

When diagnosed with cancers, most are put straight on a plant based diet and taken completely off a meat and dairy diet.

For decades it wa firmly and vehemently told us that spinnach was the wonder veg - with tons more iron than any other veg and was good for you.  Popeye was used to help promote its health giving qualities.  Sadly, it seems the man who initially investigated and researched all veg and their iron and vitamin content, he put the decimal point in the wrong spot on the graph he was making and for decades the amount of iron in spinnach was massively incorrect - as it has no more than any other green veg like cabbage - and we were told these untruths for decades.


Slightly different - But here in the UK we had a TV Licensing Van with a round ariel on its roof that we were told monitored what channel you were watching, what room your TV was in and so forth, as a way of making you buy a TV License.

Except it was all bullshit.

The vans that drove around the country were real enough, but the twisted coat hanger through the roof and turned by a man inside the van, was precisely that, a twisted coat hanger and was absolute and completely fake.  It was done to scare people into getting a TV License or be found out and prosecuted,  when there was actually no way at all of detecting anything  from  a twisted coathanger through a vans roof., It was all a massive charage.


We don';t need milk to have srong teeth and bones.
We don't need meat to be healthy.

Besides all the chemicals and antibiotics found in meat - to the detriment of those who eat it - a day a week without meat is a damned good idea.
















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