January 20, 2020

Welcome to a new decade ! 


Wherever you are this March 30th 2020,  we want you to feel the warmth of our gratitude and our affection as we celebrate being here -at Hamilton Hall since March 30th 2000.

From all of us at Hamilton Hall -  to all  of you  around the world -  thank you for your support over the last 20 years.


Thank you for making Hamilton Hall and  our Internet Blog a part of your life.


Thank you for the many workshops you have visited;-  

The Massage and Tantric Sex Workshops that once were the corner stone of Hamilton Hall;- For the Chill Out's;-  The Festive Seasons and the Bank Holidays;-   The Sci Fi;- The Musical and the Eurovision;- The Meditative and the Healing:- The Naked and the not naked;-  The sexual and the non sexual:-  The spiritual and the self development and the growth we have all shared together, through and because of - each other.


Thank you to those who I consider ' family ' - those regulars who come year in and year out, some many times a year and some - maybe - once each summer.  Faces we recognice. Voices that 'ring a bell on the phone' and those who will always stay in our heart. 
Some are still with us, while others have ' moved on' and we shall always carry them in our heart.


Thanks goes to the many staff members we have shared time with over the years,  some for a couple of months and others for some years - and while many are just a blurr to me now,  and while some were dreadful and others brilliant - each had a different part of the story to add and each shared a part of themselves with me;-  with you;-  with Hamilton Hall and with the energies at play here.




Thanks also goes to those few we have banned over the years, for whatever bad attitude or behaviour offered;-   As through you we have learned so much about  human nature and how  some people grow and evolve so differently to ourselves,  and how lucky we are - quite simply - not to be them.


Whether you donated because you value the way Hamilton Hall is the only venue of its kind - as well as being exclusively men only  -  or simply because you love to learn and grow as a human soul with and through a workshop,  a training,  a chill out or simply a few days B&B  away from home -  I hope you know how much it is all appreciated and loved - and that none of this would have been possible without the support of people like you.

I also pat myself on the back and thank the Universe for keeping me healthy week in and month out, ready and able to host 52 weekends and 365 days a year with no time off for ill health or a holiday.  The passion and the desire to share this spiritual journey with others was my motivation onwards and at all times, and as hard as it was - and there were times I really thought hard about quitting, selling up and living a really rich lifestyle without all the work, but I always knew exactly what my journey was to be - and as much as I dreamed of other realities for myself,  I know deep within my heart and soul,  I am exactly where I am suppose to be - and doing exactly what I am meant to do.


Thank you also goes to the Universe that has watched over and guided.  Although my background was in hotels and hospitality,  it had been many years and opening Hamilton Hall was a huge risk and a mountain of worry and hard work.  I have made many mistakes and learned a great deal and I am very thankful for every moment.


Had I known at the beginning the journey I / we were to take - what was to be involved - would I have continued  ?   Would I have gone forward or would I have stayed where I was and played it 'safe' in the highly successful business I had -  and not taken such a HUGE CHANCE at - maybe -  screwing it all up. 

The answer is YES - I would have done the same thing, risky and frightening as it was at the beginning and facilitated alone as well.  No lover to bounce ideas with. No partner for 'Dutch Courage' when I was feeling nervous and scared.  

Yes I would do it all again and yes, there are things with hindsight I would change, but then, we can all look back and with hindsight make changes, and all we can do is accept what we have done and grow through the experiences.  It is what it is.

When I get told by customers - ' Don't you ever close John. Do you realise what a little bit of Paradise you have created within an otherwise hard and uncaring world.'


And I stay. I work long hours. I get little private time and certainly, rarely a holiday period for myself, as I am there for those who seek, those who want and those who rely on;- and I am thankful to have always been aware, however distant, what my journey was to be - what it was for and whom I was here for.   And I love it and look forward to - maybe - another 20 years ahead as after all, that would only make me 85 so still a young man ( OMG... )

But first, here is to the year ahead - as that's the important one at the moment - the one right in front of us all - 2020 and our celebratory weekend planned to celebrate.
Maybe you would like to join us.



With love as always


John Bellamy






Dear Hamilton Hall.  Loved your piece about being at HH for 20 years. I was one of your first guests in 2001 and was visiting from Australia, and glad to see you still helping the gay community with a little love and care. Let's face it John, we all know it needs it.

Paul M. ( Sydney )


Tons of love from South Africa. It's been 4 years since I visited last and have been 3 times now. Best place in th UK.  Sincerely wish you all the very best for the next 2 decades.  I shall plan a visit for 2021 and see you then.
Peter ( Cape Town )


When I first attended anything gay, was at Hamiltoin Hall and was after my wife died and I suppose I 'came out.'  I was 83.  I visited a couple of times and actually met someone local to myself at HH and we kept it going after - and have been close dear ( sexual ) friends ever since.  So not bad for an old codger. Coming out so late in life and you made it so much easier as I was so nervous and you were brilliant John, absolutely award winning time.
Malcolm ( Glasgow )


First saw your venue on BBC America when you hosted a workshop that hit the global news network. I was impressed so came and visited. That was well over a decade ago and I still remember you and HH fondly.  I look, but cannot find, anywhere quite like it and travel a lot in business. America has nothing to compare.  I would like to come and live there as one of your Community Guests, but with my parents still alove and close by,  I need to be here for them. One day perhaps.  Congrats and hugs to you John.
Simon S. ( New York )


Congratulations to you John.  All those years ago when you detailed what you wanted to do - and I never thought you would achieve it, but within a few years there you were - open and accepting guests, and now it is 20 years later. Gosh. Time flies and you are still in business. You are still changing lives & still there for others and still giving of your heart and soul.  I am sure you are painfully aware - there is little appreciation from many within the gay community as it's so far up its own ass it wouldn't recognise a good thing if it bit them on both cheeks.
Well done John.
Simon ( Remember me, from Florida, lived in your house in Hammersmith all those years ago... )


Well done Buddy. Proud of you and what you have achieved.  Travis ( London )


After I came out of prison and was banned from so many venues, you were the only one who listened to my story, did not judge me, and offered me accommodation and assistance when I needed it most.  Having spent 4 years in an American Penitentiary - I was crushed. Even though innocent and found innocent, that 4 years destroyed me. No one would speak to me. No one on the scene trusted me. I was so isolated back in the UK and alone.  My UK family turned their backs as well,   even though I was innocent.  The only person who opened his home and opened his heart for me, was you John, and only because of you was I able to get it together and eventually move on with my life. It is still ongoing and although more than a decade ago,  and although I just left and never said anything at the time, you cannot imagine how much you did for me, on so many levels.
Congratulations for getting to 20 years.  There must be hndreds who, like me, hold you in very high esteem John, and will always have much affection for you.
Nigel ( Florida  & Portsmouth )


Followed you since 3 IN A BED - Been a couple of times but do not expect you to remember me.  Always amazed how you keep going and how your ability to mix with so many different ( annoying ) people in your home doesn't drive you nuts. .  Not sure I could cope with that. Well done John. 
Barry F. ( Blackpool )


My husband and I met at Hamilton Hall.  Two strangers who had attended a Chill Out weekend who just hit it off and we were married a year later.  We will always have ' Hamilton hall' and thank you for that Jhn.  We will always remember you.

Mark & Tommy ( Bristol )







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