Church of England says that married gay couples should be abstinent

January 30, 2020

“Sexual relationships outside heterosexual marriage are regarded as falling short of God’s purposes for human beings.”


The Church of England reaffirmed its anti-gay stance in new guidelines that say that only straight, married couples should be having sex.



Bishops issued new pastoral guidance for the Church of England, which is part of the Anglican Communion, which includes the Episcopal Church in the U.S.

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“For Christians, marriage – that is, the lifelong union between a man and a woman, contracted with the making of vows – remains the proper context for sexual activity,” the guidance says.


“Sexual relationships outside heterosexual marriage are regarded as falling short of God’s purposes for human beings.”


The Church of England does not recognize same-sex marriages, and the pastoral statement is a response to civil partnerships becoming available to opposite-sex couples in parts of the U.K.


In 2004, civil partnerships were created for same-sex couples, giving them some of the rights of civil marriage without the word “marriage.” Since they were created, the U.K. has legalized marriage equality and the Supreme Court ruled that civil partnerships needed to be made available to opposite-sex couples.


In December, England and Wales started giving civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples. Earlier this month, Northern Ireland started as well. Scotland is considering similar legislation.


The Church of England wants to be clear that civil partnerships do not count as marriage when it comes to having sex.


A civil partnership “is not predicated on the intention to engage in a sexual relationship,” the pastoral statement says. As evidence, it says that a civil partnership cannot be annulled if it is not consummated or ended because of infidelity (the U.K. does not have no-fault divorce).


“Because of the ambiguity about the place of sexual activity within [gay and straight civil partnerships], and the church’s teaching that marriage between a man and a woman is the proper context for sexual intercourse, we do not believe that it is possible for the church unconditionally to accept civil partnerships as unequivocally reflecting the teaching of the church,” the guidance says.

LGBTQ issues have been divisive for the Anglican Communion.


The American Episcopal Church consecrated Bishop Gene Robinson, who is gay, in 2003, causing several churches to defect. The American Episcopal Church also allows bishops to bless same-sex unions. Other Anglican churches, like the Church of Ireland, provide pensions for clergy in same-sex marriages.


But other Anglican churches, like many in Africa, oppose LGBTQ members of the clergy and same-sex unions. The churches in the U.S. that defected from the Episcopal Church joined the Anglican Church in North America, which is in full communion with the Church of Nigeria.


Churches that oppose LGBTQ equality make up a significant part of the Anglican Communion, but young people in more LGBTQ-friendly countries could be turned off by the Church of England’s anti-LGBTQ stance.


“The C of E is unable to get over its fixation on homosexuality, which is driving the the national church into a position more like a fundamentalist sect and does not speak to the vast majority of younger people today,” Linda Woodhead, a professor of politics, religion, and philosophy at Lancaster University, told the Guardian.










Gay men line up to say they’ve slept with priests as bishops say only straights can have sex







John Bellamy comments:

Here we go again. The church in its rabid fear of anything LGBTQ - ( amongst other things actually ) is frothing at the mouth here once again because of the topic that goes on and on and on throughout the centuries concernign religion and the gay lifestyle.


Love the person - Hate the sin -  is what is often used and my answer to that - BOG OFF - as if I care what you think of me , my sex life or anything else.

The Church DOES NOT speak for God.


The Church DOES NOT have a monopoly on what is right or wrong.


The Church is hardly one to find fault in others when tens of thousands of children are sexually molested by vicars, priests, nuns, monks, bishops and all sorts of supposedly ' Holy People' who are suppose to be sharing the  ' Word of God ' with the people while butt fucking the choir boys.


I ABSOLUTELY do not understand why anyone - AND I MEAN ANYONE - listens to these perverts, these sick twisted people, these 'so called'  men of the cloth and these two faced hypocrits.
How they have the nerve to stand there and look down on the LGBTQ commuity when their very church - as with ALL churches, are full of homosexuals who see fit to damn and destroy childrens lives and do nothing but protect themselves and their church against prosecution, when these are the perverts who should be locked up.

Their fanatical obsession with cock, cum and bum holes of men says a great deal in the long run,  as their fear goes back centries and has not changed with the times even though we all now know exactly how the Bible was edited and is NOT THE WORD OF GOD AT ALL.



As intelligent people, how can they possibly stand there and believe such clap trap - and then expect others to listen and to adhere to out dated rhetoric that is not the word of God at all and I truly believe that God created LGBTQ EXACTLY as planned and it is the fear based men within the church who are so afraid and use Biblical quotes massively out of context to back up their ideology of hate.


If this is religion, then I truly want no part of it and any priest or monk or reverand who tries to tell me otherwise will be given a short sharp shock in reality.  How they use God as a tool to foster their own bigotry - and how they use mistranslated ancient documents to cast aspersions about another when - who the hell do they think they are ?


What right do they think they have.


Who the hell gave them permission to talk down to me, to say I am wrong and must be celibate when they are - as stated -  butt fucking the choir boys.


Get your mind out of the gutter.

Get your mind out of my bedroom.

Get your mind out of my sex life which is between me and my God and not you - you sick and twisted narrow minded hypocrits. 
Your acts are evil. You claim to be of God and then damn and try and destroy others.

Your attitude and behaviour is unspiritual and grossly unenlightened and God is ashamed - absolutely ashamed, how you have abused and destroyed the truth and the true love of God in exchange for you and your groww institrution getting away with mass murder, genocide and the absolute attempt to destroy the souls of those you fear.


You fucking hypocrits.


John Bellamy



Your comments are invited.




Gay men line up to say they’ve slept with priests as bishops say only straights can have sex









Homosexuality and the Anglican Communion



Church of England will condone gay couples for first time - as long as they

were man and wife when they took vows



John: Loved your comments about the priests etc. ' butt fucking the choir boys'.  That did take me back and it did make me laugh. I was fucked by the choir master at a cathedral where I sang for 6 years in the choir and while it was not distressing for me as I always knew I was gay, right from childhood, there were others in the choir who would cry themselves to sleep everty night after a ' orivate singing lesson' late into the evening. We all knew what was going on but the fear of God was put into us ( as well as the bastards dick )  and it was 25 years later he was sent to prison. He was an old man by then and pity was the only reaction I had. When a man in his 70's goes to prison for sex with children, I do sincerenly pity him.  Robert D.


I hear your anger John. The church and the butt fucking priests with the choir boys. Happened to me and my younger brother who I tried to protect from it all by taking his place and he knew nothing about the abuse.  When I reported it all later on, he thought I ws making it all up and this made it all so much harder.  While protecting him, he loved the priest and saw me as the wrong doer as he couldn't believe what I was saying and it caused a big problem between us. That priest was eventually send to prison  after more than 15 previous choir boys came forward and my brother started to believe.
I appreciate yoiur anger. Mark.




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