Two trans women beat the snot out of men harassing them in a restaurant

While the men attempt to defend themselves, they're no match for the two women



Click on the LINK BELOW to go to LGBTQNation and click on the video down the page to watch how 2 transexual women defended themselves against abuse. 
I am not one to advocate violence but there will always be those people whop only respond to violence and as much as you try and educate, be nice to, placade and be gentle with, they are assholes through and through and know no other thing but a smack.

What these dumb shits alsop clearly forgot, that while they were abusing a pair of trans ladies, these ladies were men once - and stronger than the average woman.


I cheered when I watched the video and although violent,  with a happy ending - it shows that trans people ARE NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH  and DAMNED GOOD LUCK TO THESE LADIES, THEY HAVE MY UTMOST RESPECT.









If these ladies had been in the UK I would have offered them a free holiday at Hamilton Hall out of respect and to honour how they fought back and refused to sit and just take it, like many.  When people say 'Turn the other cheek' - this is only okay IF the other person learns, but when it goes on and on and nothing is ever done to educate these ignorant turds, then sometimes this is the only way.

We have so much problems today because children are not punnished as they were in my day - and I am NOT talking about abusive punnishment but a slap on the butt.  Sometimes talking is not enough.



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