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January 28, 2020

Dominic Frisby's Brexit Song with a new verse for 2020










All profits if you download / buy this track and get it to Number One before January 31st will go to charity.  It will also have to be played on the BBC - which would be hillarious.



Personally I do not care how you voted.

Those who voted to STAY  and are now dissapointed need to get over it and stop the bitching, the rudeness, the patronising and condescending attitude towards those who voted LEAVE.


If you don't like it and still demand a new vote, then you are un democratic and need to set up your own Dictatorship somewhere else.  You may be right, but the vast amount of people disagreed with you. 


The world is on a political mess, not just over Brexit for the UK, but the USA has Trump and - need I say more ?


I just think this song is great fun and so many names to remember.

Time for a laugh folks.







Your comments e mailed in

John. Watched the youtube link for Dominic Frisby and had to laugh.  I originally voted Remain but after the mess of the last 3 years and all the lies told on both parties, I shall be glad one way or the other for something porsitive to now occur.  This song did make me laugh.

Jeremy M.


Open mouthed. That's how I watched the link to the song about Brexit by Dominic Frisby. 
Brilliant stuff. Dave N.


OMG John. That link to Dominic Frisby's song on Brexit. Clever stuff.   Daniel ( Paris )

Clever song. Well put together. Bit cruel towards some but then, maybe they deserve it. Brexit was never meant to last this long or self destruct political parties or create such divisions within the UK population. At least this song made me laugh.  Chris F.



John. When people become public figures in politics, and when said people are meant to represent the people who voted for them, and when said people go against the vast majority of their voters and vote according to their own best interests or those of a company / business they are involved in , and when said people lie and manipulate - on both sides, to confuse the public and sway them one way or the other and not through honest input, and when after 3 years we, the people, are now more confused than ever as to WTF is going on,  then it is definately time for some humour, something to make us ALL laugh and regardless of for or against, we are doing this and there will be a price to pay for all the lies, the back stabbing, the bullshit and the patronising attitude offered to educated people who simply voted a different way. 
I thought this song summed it up nicely.  Thanks for shatring John and thanks to Dominic Frisby. Brilliant stuff.
Michael H. ( London )


John. I voted Remain. The song by Dominic Frisby was clearly biased.  Why was it even on your Blog. Harold G.

( JB Responds: 


Why not Harold. Why should I play safe and gentle. Why can't I share all sorts of things that may entice a feeling, an emotion,  as at least it gets you motivated to e mail.  When was the last time you felt compelled to do anything serious like this ?  Most are more concerned with EastEnders or Corrie and actually, more know the plot line of these soaps better than they understand what is going on with Brexit. Sad - but true.  If you don't like it Harold, then don't watch it, pure and simple. )


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