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February 3, 2020

Are you alone and lonely.

Do you live locally to Hamilton Hall.

Are you over 55 and while maybe working, you are lonely for male company - and as the gay community changes and adapts to grindr and other web based pick up sites - and where bars and saunas are closing, and the concept of meeting people in a non sexual environment - and which may turn sexual but is not the overpowering aspect like grindr - then Hamilton Hall is here for you.


Many just need a friend - someone to talk with - someone to just be with - someone to be sympathetic and understanding of and someone to trust.  It doesn't have to be a life changing friendship or even last more than an evening,  as long term friends take time.  If you just want to escape your own 4 walls for a change and chill out - maybe naked - maybe dressed -  you are welcome.


We do not have a bar or a sauna.


What we do have is company.


Maybe just to sit and watch a movie, to chat, to share, just to be in a venue with other men ( gay/bi/trans/straight ) sit in the garden in the summer,  even maybe walk the dog with me in the afternoons,  YOU DO NOT NEED BE ALONE ALL THE TIME.

This applies to local people who go home at the end of the night and are not sleeping over here. 

This applies to those who want to share of themslves with other men. 


This is company - however innocent or X Rated - as weall want company sometimes and if at home and alone every night and wanting,  then pick up the phone and chat with John.  Pop in for the Wednesday morning coffee morning where we can meet and make friends and know who you are.



We will charge you a minimum towards the hot and cold refreshments freely available all the time, and towards the costs of the heating, wear and tear on our property  etc.  as nothing is free and we have to pay enormously to keep Hamilton Hall open, running, and maintained in such good order.


This is a genuine offer of friendship and support for the older local gay man. If at any time we feel you are taking the piss, believe me, you will be told.


Hamilton Hall is NOT  charity and owes you - or anyone else - nothing at all.  People work enormously hard for no wages to bring you this venue and we will not tollerate abuse. Period.


If you cannot accept this as a gesture from theheart,   then you are not of the right frame of mind and we do not expect wackos spoiling it for others and we do not expect problems when we have openly made this kind and thoughtful offer.


Believe me, we have been abused many many times by those who we would never - ever - have thought wothy of.  We - kinda - expect the younger generation to mess about, take the piss and try and get everything for free but we DO NOT expect it from the older generation but sadly,  we have had, and in abundance - which stiungs consoidering we are a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and simply trying to DO THE RIGHT THING.

Yet there are those who COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT AND JUST TAKE TAK TAKE  and this will not be tollerated.

If you are genuine,  you are very welcome - and friendships happen easily at hamilton Hall.


or e mail and chat with me beforehand on







John. I read your blog and it did enlighten me somehat. I live alone since my wife died 15 years ago. I retired 5 years ago and since then have been so lonely. I never realised how my life evolved so much around my job. Friends were all from work and when I retired, how quickly you are dropped is amazing.  Not a single phone call or a single visitor to my home even though when working, this was common.  I felt like I had died to them.  There must be more for older men - especially ones like myself who is somewhat naive to the way the gay world works.  Your web site - I have read fopr some years but never wrote before and maybe, with a glass or two inside me, I might come visit one evening as you suggest.
Thanks for thinking of us oldies.  It helps with my feeling not so alone.
Jonathan J. ( Bournemouth )


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