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naked in public

I was sent this video, which links to another as well, of this hot man walking through a city centre completely naked, no shoes or anything, and hardly a single person turns a hair. Click on the LINK HERE to watch and enjoy the balls on this man, figuratively speaking.

Your comments:

My brother friend cycled naked with my brother when they came back from studland. Police stopped my brothers friend for being naked. They initially tried to tell him being naked was unlawfull so he said its legal to be naked in the UK . So police found two females nearby . The police prosecution lawyer used the females to say they were SHOCKED - this was the critical word, they avoided prosecuting him on the groundsa of being naked, instead on shocking these women.

The judge gave the naked cyclist a fine of £ 1,000 plus put on the sex ofenders list of all things .

My brother was actually at the trial as a witness in his friends favor as my brother does the London Naked Cycle Ride where many thousands of cyclist go totally naked in London streets and Brighton . The police at the event inform pedestrians that it is totally legal to be naked in the UK. ]

And thus police support the mass rally .

As you can see its all about support in numbers. -----------------------------------

John. I lived in San Francisco back in the '80's and '90's and it was not illegal to walk through the city naked. Some people did turn and stare but most just looked once and then ignored. I only did it the once in a group of 4 of us out shopping. We all discussed it first and made sure NOTHING in our actions was obscene or crude so no one could complain and we had a great afternoon. We were left completely alone except a few old farts who kept wanting to touch us and we had to move away ( they were the ones causing the offense and not us ) and we actually complained to a policeman about how we were being disturbed by this one guy and the poilice actually backed us up and warned the guy he would be done for harrasment. His argument was that we were naked and until told by the cop that it was all quite legal, he was not having any of it. We stood our ground and ended our shiopping spree by having a drink in one opf the bars on Castro, and even there, the gay men awere astounded when we told them the law on the streets allowed nakedness. It seems even the locals didn't know. It was before mobile phones with cameras and I wish we had some evidence of our afternoon shopping naked in the centre of a major city. It was such a fantasy .

Robert T.



John, loved the newsletter and blogs, Especially the urban nudist clips. I walked the streets of Vera in Spain naked a couple of years ago, liked that but to do it in a major city is the stuff erotic dreams are made of 😜 I’d love to read stories of your special weekends, like the jerk off nights etc.

Keep the newsletters cuming please


John. Many years ago a young women looked through a very small hole in my 8 foot fence, and then

reported me for being naked in my otherwise private garden, and although she had no right to spy into my private garden, the police upheld her complaint and I was fined £150 for being naked in my own garden. Malcolm G.

John. At 3am in the morning, naked in my own home - some neighbours cut across my garden which was open plan and part of a large estate. They were taking a short cut through my garden on their way home after a night out and saw me naked inside, and called the cops.

I was doing nothing sexual, I was actually just getting ready for bed...

I was arrested - and was prosecuted and put in jail for 2 weeks and fined $2,000.

This was in Connecticut ( East coast of America ) many years ago and it hit the local news and papers and all sorts and I was actually seen as a bit of a celebrity.

It back fired on the women neighbours who complained, as I later took them onto Judge Judy and sued them for the $5000 max allowed on the programme for tresspass - they were on my property - on my private garden while cutting through to get home.

I won the case. The audiance in the studio applauded loudly.

They let themselves down by saying they thought the whole thing was a joke, a laugh, and when Judge Judy stated it was not a laugh for me - spending 2 weeks in jail - and she really barked at these women and soon wiped the smiles off their faces. They were not offended at all. They didn't seem to care less that I was naked - and when Judge Judy asked why they reported me to the police then, they had no answer at all.

BOY did she give it to them with both barrels.

Judge Judy awarded me the $5,000 max allowed in the programme and shamed these women - asking where they lived, where they worked and whether they were married etc. and really gave them a serious grilling. The local paper at the time had a field day with it as well and these women both moved from the area within a year as it back fired on them. I WAS INSIDE MY HOUSE AT 3am.... and if I cannot be naked and not spied upon at that time of night, then where can I feel safe. It was decades ago but your Blog brought it all back to me and the horrors of that night. Love your Blogs and web site John. Long may you continue. Darren G. ( Now in London ) ------------------------------------


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