The untold gay stories of Auschwitz

February 4, 2020

80 per cent of homosexuals sent to the notorious Nazi concentration camp died there - some finding love among the horror or saving the lives of others first. That’s worth remembering this Holocaust Memorial Day.















John Bellamy Comments:

Let us not forget that around 80 years ago, so just 15 years before I was born, gay men were being horrendously butchered by the Nazzi regime along with the Jews, Disabled, Gypsies etc. and it was NOT all about the Jews.  Sure, many millions of Jews were horribly murdered - and this act has never been allowed - and nor should it -  to be forgotten. The horrors of war need to be told to future generations in the vague ( is naive ) hope that it will stop all future wars but from experience since World war 2 - is that mankind is forever in turmoil over something .  Gay men and many opthers were also slaughtered - and yet there is very little remem,berance for what they went throug, or the gypsies, or the mentally disturbed or elderly - as other minority groups were also slaughtered and little is said to commemorate this.



Gay men need to take this on board and cry for the loss, the horrors ur gay / bi brothers and sisters went through just for being gay.  Lest we forget - at the rate Trump is reversing LGBTQ rights in the USA and taking many steps backwards to ban, make illegal, take away rights and jobs etc.  NEVER TAKE WHAT WE HAVE IN THE UK FOR GRABTED, and anything and everything can be taken away just as quickly if not MUCH quicker than it toook us to get equality and marriage rights.


Young gay men need to see and hear and witness and understand the fight we older men went through and a generation before us who were gassed to death by the Nazzis just for being gay.

If that has not brought a tear to your eye, then you need a wake up call, a reality check, that this could have been you.


Just writing and editing this and finding pictures to add to it, brought me into a very heavy mood. My whole self felt heavy and my eyes started to water as the emotions of this sank in and hit home. the tragedy. The waste. The horrors. The absolute horrors that we can never - ever - imagine beyond our wildest dreams - of what so many went through and regardless of whether you were a jew, a Homosexual, a Gypsie or anything,  you all deserve our prayers, our admiration and our love for what you went through and those who survived, those who lived with the horrors - the nightmares, the memories of those days for the rest of their lives, the survivors,  I do question where you go from there - how do you live a normal life after witnessing such horrors.  Who can you trust. How can you ever trust again.


I knew a gay man decades ago - long dead - who lived through one of the concentration camps in WW2 and lived in Manchester with his Mother back in the 70's ( he was elderly and she was ancient ) and he kept every single possible shelf, drawer, wardrobe, attic space and under the bed, stocked with tins of food, packets of dried foods,  you name it, he stored it... and this all came about because of being starved half to death all those years ago,  and he was always looking over his shoulder even after all those years.  It never left him. 


Don't be complacent guys.  The way Trump is going ???

John Bellamy

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