Piers Morgan lays into PETA after spokesperson claims the word "pet" is derogatory to animals.

February 7, 2020



When any organisation tells you such things as - You cannot use the word PET to describe your cat or dog as it is a sign of ownership and cats and dogs are individial creatures and no ones property so therefore should be called -  get this 'COMPANION' -  then the organisation in question deserves all the ridicule and slagging off we care to throw at it.


This is the most - THE MOST silly - silly - silly thing they could ever say or do and while my dog hasn't the faintest clue that she is my pet  - for as far as she is concerned, I am her keeper - I shall repeat that - my dog thinks I AM HER KEEPER - as in my whole existance is to walk, feed and look after her, then who is house trained here to open doors, feed on time and look after and who is the pet.




I have heard some dumb things in my time, but this has got to be one of the silliest waste of time and money and clearly is attention seeking clap trap.  With so much going on in the world, this really is just childish silliness.

Do watch this video clip below and as much as I cannot stand Piers Morgan, I do back him in this and although he may go a little overboard, someone needs to to wake these annoying  morons up who come up with this tripe and expect us all to follow suit without speaking of our discontent at their absurd ideas.


Treating us like sheep ( and I am sure that will be dissallowed as well ) and expecting us all to follow along because they say something they feel is profound and in need, when in fact it is just a load of bollocks,  leaves me wondering if these people do and say these things just to get attention.

No one could be that moronic.

No organisation can possibly be that stupid.

Clearly, as this shows, they can and they are.

Well done PETA - you just lost 100% of the respect I may have had for your oprganisation and I shall never - ever - look at and respect you or the work you do - ever again.


You have completely LOST THE  PLOT.







John: Just wtached your PETA  video with Piers, and I agree , I cannot stand the man either but did support him with this silliness about calling a pet a companion.  Truly silly.


My dog may be a companion to me but she is definately my pet. I pet her.  Period. What is this organisation on, what drugs, what stupid drug cos it seems to be working. James

I have heard it all now. Had to e mail and agree with you about PETA.  How petty. How small. How trivial in a world going mad.  Blinkered. Some people are so blinkerd.
William J.



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