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American Christians are nuts

There is so much in the news these days coming out of the USA concerning politicians who are Christians and using their belief structure to veto laws or to enforce laws that contradict their religious belief - ie: the LGBTQ community seems to be ( no it doesn't seem to be at all - IT IS ) under attack from many corners and laws are being changed TO TAKE AWAY LGBT RIGHTS FOUGHT FOR FOR DECADES and won under different previous governments.

I have to say - these ' so called christians' - ( small c on purpose as there is NOTHING to respect about the people who use religion to harm others ) are hypocrits. Evil - immoral, malicious and plainly wicked in the manner they use their belief system against anything they do not like and then claim it says so in the Bibe.

Which is selective reasoning.

Funny that, as I always thought US Senators put their hand on the Constitution and swore to uphold its truths - they do not put their hand on a Bible and state they will uphold those truths.

They are not running a church or a temple, - they are not running a Sunday School - they are running a government - a country - made up of many different cultures and many different religions and belief structures and THAT WAS WHAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS WANTED - a land free of religious persecution, yet here we are and the US government under Trump is damning others according to the writings from a massively edited book - that they simply and ignorantly refuse to beliefe is edited or in any way NOT the EXACT and PRECISE word of God.

The Bible has been massively edited.- PERIOD.

The Bible is NOT the word of God - it was written decades and sometimes centuries AFTER the fact.

The Bibke DOES NOT condem LGBT at all and anyone who says it does, needs to read it in its original form and NOT the edited - plasphemous way, sexually frustrated monks throughout history have poked and fiddled with the writings to say and mean what these fucked up men wanted it to say - and all out of jealousy, anger and spite and not from love at all.

Jesus said ' Love thy neighbours as thyself.'


Anyone using the Bible as a hate book ;- Anyone using scriptures and misquoting them for their own end, and anyone stating others are evil because this book says so, are misguided and ignorant to the truth, or more probably, don't actually care about the truth, they just manipulate and re arrange truths to suit their own cause.

America is the LAND OF THE FREE as laid down in the constitution yet Trump walks all over the Constitution and changes laws to damn and destroy anyone and everyone he does not like - meanwhile screwing the country out of billions spoent in his own resorts.

Under Trump and the bigoted rascist government the USA harbours under currently is bad bad bad for America and nbad bad bad for the world. What role model do they represent.

Bigotry - Fear - Hate - Bullying and Agressiveness towards those they fear.

I fear fokr the USA as I fear for humankind if more men like Trump get hold of the reins and backtrack destroying all good done.

America is suppose to be the land free of religious persecution, yet here it is, damanding Christian Values ONLY within the USA and damning and destroying anyone or anything that corrupts their manifesto with anything called TRUTH. I feel for the people of the USA as your county slowly ( well, not so slowly ) gets flushed down the toilet pan by a minority of bigots, racists, and fear based men afraid of the LGBTQ community, abortion and anything that gives women rights - and so much more it saddens deeply.

John Bellamy

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