Brahma Kumaris / Global Retreat Centre - Important Request


27th February  2020   

John Bellamy

Dear John,




Urgent Action Required - Mining Impact to Global Retreat Centre, Oxford




Hello Dear Friends,

We are seeking your help in preventing the destruction of the landscape adjacent to the Global Retreat Centre.

The new owners of Nuneham Park are proceeding with a proposal to effectively rip up the landscape 400m from the edge of GRC grounds, for open cast gravel extraction. 



We have a week - till 16.00 GMT on the 4th of March - to raise as many objections as possible to stop this from happening. It is likely to have a huge effect on Retreat Centre guests: - the silence will go, wildlife will flee, the beautiful landscape will be ruined. Nuneham, a place where poets found inspiration, philosophers pondered the meaning of life and now, anyone who needs it, can find solace.  I feel the world would want us to protect this priceless treasure.

Here are instructions for contacting the local government office to make a compelling case for halting these plans. I hope you can help and encourage as many people as you can to do the same.

We have made a simple form which automatically sends an email to the local government department.
Please click on this link

Alternatively you could send an e-mail directly to


-        In your e-mail it would be helpful to:

o   state that you oppose the proposals for site SG42, at Nuneham Courtenay.


o   include your reasons why you oppose this site.


o   include a personal statement as to the benefit that GRC has brought to you and how these gravel extraction proposals might compromise that experience for others.


Reasons to oppose this are likely to be one or more of the following:


  • The contribution of the peace and tranquillity of the grounds at the GRC, towards a personal sense of well-being, would be greatly compromised.

  • GRC gives the opportunity to escape noisy urban environments to pursue peaceful leisure activities. This would be adversely affected.

  • Dust pollution (in particular silica dust) would be carried into the surrounding area. There is compelling evidence that this seriously compromise ones health.

  • Nuneham village, park and gardens are a Conservation area.

  • Nuneham Park and Garden is Grade 1 registered due to its national historical importance. The view from Nuneham towards Oxford is part of its uniqueness.

  • The increased volume of traffic on the A4074.

  • Adverse effects on the biodiversity of the area. Several bat species, otters, grass snakes, great crested newts and many other species, all populate the locality.

If you have any urgent questions or suggestions, please contact Doug on

Please heed this call to action and save this peaceful place for everyone who needs it in the years to come. We have a priceless asset in our house, park, garden, village and landscape and we have to do the maximum possible to ensure that we preserve it.

Thank you all.
In the remembrance of the Supreme


Sister Jayanti

European Director, Brahma Kumaris






John Bellamy Comments:

The Brahma Kumaris is one of the worlds largest spiritual organisations and well worth finding out more about. I enjoyed a very good weekend with them some years ago and everything is free - you donate, and if this goes ahead above it will ruin the tranquil aspect of this wonderous retreat just outside of Oxford.



We have made a simple form which automatically sends an email to the local government department.
Please click on this link

Alternatively you could send an e-mail directly to:





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