it breaks my heart

March 18, 2020

Hamilton Hall is closing for a month starting today Wednesday 18th March 2020 - due to this pandemic. 

It is the responsible thing to do.

It is the responsible thing for us all to do.


This is our 20th year at Hamilton Hall and we had a big celebration booked for the end of the month - now on hold.

We had the new hot tub - tons of maintenance work done and we're really looking forward to a great summer ahead.


Now we are fearful we may not survive as a buisiness.


With limited savings, there is only so long we can remain empty and closed with no advance bookings coming in - no income at all - and like most people and like most small business, we rely on that constant flow of income to remain solvent and afloat. Take that away and savings can only last so long - and then we are fucked.


Savings that were going to be used on new beds and bedding - repairs to the roof and guttering - a new lit up sign out the front -  building a new  veg garden at the back of Hamilton Hall and savings to help us through slow periods - but when the summer season looks as if it is not going to happen, then we have nothing in the bank to help us through the winter months, and without that, we are screwed.


This will spell the death knell to tens of thousands of small business who rely on regular business and income to stay afloat.  This does not just adhere to small business like Hamilton Hall but many larger ones like British Airways - already stating this could destroy them - laying off staff for 2 months with no wages - and everyone looses.  There are no winners here.


So do keep in touch with people through e mail, skype and your mobiles.  Be sensible. take care, Be safe.


We will re open as soon as it is thought to be safe and hope we shall be able to remain here for another 20 years.

This BLOG PAGE will continue - so keep reading and stay in touch.

Thanks to all those who have sent their best wishes and for all the custom over the last 20 years.


John Bellamy




John: I am going into self isolation for a couple of weeks to ride out some of this panic., Shall not be seeing you at the coffee mornings for a while.  Keep well .David


Hi John. Was not sure if you were open or not but thought I'd write to say I shall not be attending your Coffee Morning for a while. Gping into self exile for a while.  Hope things are good with you . Robert.

John: Please cancel my reservation for the weekend I am booked on in April. Please keep the monies and I shall get back in due course and re plan for another date when this madness is over.   Sean M.

Good idea closing John. Under the circumstances think you are well advised.  All any of us can do is sit it out and see what comes out the other side as clearly, nothing will be quite the same again.  Ruddy.


John:  I think a lot of people in a similar position to yourself will be doing a lot of soul searching for ideas and solutions to the lack of income to help their business stay afloat.   In times when it seems to be ' every man for himself' to see how you are out there offering help and support is admirable and if only more gay men thought with their heart and not with their dick all the time,  the LGBT coommunity might be a better place to reside.
Walter H.

I live locally. Saw your signs on the fence about help
ing local elderly people with shopping., What a kind and thoughtful gesture. Well done John. You are a saint.










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