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I am not so lucky, from someone with Corona Virus.

John - for those of you 'healthy' may be in isolation but be glad you are not infected.

I for one am not so lucky.

I went to the local emergency room several weeks ago after 5 days of severe dry cough, headache, sore throat, and malaise.

The cough was so bad that I could not speak a word without going into an extended coughing fit. At the hospital, I was given an IV Saline Drip -Chest X-Rays Neg. - Full Blood workup neg.

The only outstanding test result was the panel for covids19.

I was given a small bottle of cough syrup with codeine (useless) and an albuteral inhaler, given a presumptive poz covid19 diagnosis, and sent home on quarantine pending further evaluation.

For the next 2 weeks, I have coughed pretty much non-stop day and night. I had chronic headache and chills. Fever ranged 100.6-1015. each coughing fit wracked my body leaving me sore and my heart aching. Sleep was fitful if at all. I was unable to eat or drink anything save a sip of water here and there. Yesterday I received the 'formal' diagnosis: I am officially now covid-19 case # 6 for the local county. As bad as it's been though, I am blessed to have family nearby; though they cannot 'do' anything, their daily check-ins and words of encouragement have helped me make it through the roughest of days.

Today is the the 1st day i've felt 'human' again in over 14 days. I'm still in home-mandated quarantine for at least another week, but at least I feel better and have the support of family and friends. Be grateful for what you have; trust me, it could be a lot worse!!!


hi john!

A short note, but long on sentiment and heartfelt appreciation. I feel like I may have finally passed over the worst of the covids19 infection, though I must admit there were several days when I felt my final curtain call might be close at hand. knock on wood, i think i can see the sunshine over the horizon now. It'll still be a long road back, as I feel pretty weak and tire easily. many thanks to you, john, and to your readers for their words of comfort and well-wishes. Try not to be too harsh on those whose behavior seem wanton and reckless; I'm not so old ( or am i?...) that I don't recall my own false feelings of invinicibility and immortality. Hopefully, with time and maturity, we all realize what is truly important in life. Thanks again for your support and kindness ! Good luck and Godspeed, my friend -


hi john!

i'm happy to report that, after a long and tough 5 weeks covids19 illness, i am - dare i say? - recovered!

thank you for your support during this difficult time - :)



My best friend also came down with this even though not diagnosed. But he came in to physical contact with someone on a recent trip abroad (who was then diagnosed) not long before the lockdown here.

Luckily his symptoms were not as bad but he was having all sorts of symptoms with the persistent cough, occasional chills, feeling of no energy, loss of taste, diarrhoea and this despite being a very fit 58 year old.

He said it was like the virus was playing games with him making him feel he was improving to only get worse etc.

Luckily he is through it now even though the cough is still there but not persistent.

What helped his spirits was my calling him to chat every day without fail as nobody could visit him and also with him living alone.

Stay safe everyone and follow all the guidelines as perfectly as you can. David


Thank you for sharing your stories with us here -


I think you will agree that when you read first hand a person case, like this above, it brings it home to you EXACTLY why we are all in quarantine. Good luck to Gary and I have offered his a free week if and when we re open to come and chill out and recover some more as our free guest. Keep well everyone. Stay indoors.

I threw a flat mate out of my home a few days ago as he would not / could not stop going out for sex and I warned him that one more time and he was out of here and now he is. I am not going to be put at risk by some irresponsible grown man whose life is run by his ass. I don't care where he has gone. I have changed the locks and I am now safe. Where he is - is upo to him. Your e mail from Gary told me I had done the right thing. It simply is not worth it. Thanks John and Gary. Tillman John. Read e mail about someone throwing someone out of their home as they would not behave under lockdown, and I did the same. One of my flat mates kept going out for drives in his car ' cos I'm bored' and even though I read the riot act at him, it was as if I wasn't even there and he just kept going for 2 hour drives all over the place. So today he has moved out. Thrown out is a better word. I am not going to be put at risk by him and his irresponsible ways as we are all bored and we are all coping. I don't care where he has gone as he was warned. Phil.

I walk my dog, do some gardening, sort out my finances and keep busy on my own,. What is wrong with these people they cannot stay put. Mike.

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