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yes we are, but not yet

With church's in the USA demanding their congregation comes to church all through this Pandemic in the belief that their belief in Jesus will keep them safe -

And with a President concentrating more on getting business back to business and rescuing the economy above and beyond anything else -

And with Government Officials in the White House lying, deceiving, bullying and damning anyone and everyone who has a different opinion or who asks the wrong question -

And with Health Authorities in the USA wanting vast amounts of money before they do anything to a patient and will throw them out if they cannot afford it -

And when President Trump blames absolutely everyone and takes no responsibility AT ALL for his own lacklustre actions and has recently even started damning the World Health Organisation as their 'lock down' goes against what he wants / demands -

And where the arrogance of some in the USA who assume their God Given Right is to do whatever, whenever, and to whom ever - and damn everyone else 'cos we are the great US of A .

It saddens me dearly.

I was sent an e mail today from a gay mens resort in the USA announcing a grand re opening on May 1st 2020 and this did seem a little pre emptive considering the world is all still in lockdown and even after that, many - MANY - are going to be afraid - broke - unemployed - or working limited zero hours and millions will now be financially strugling. Same goes for business. Here at Hamilton Hall we are living off my savings and the income from one resident who lives here - otherwise the income has completely stopped. When my savings are depleted, that is the time to really start worrying - which I do already - as the government hand outs are not going to be for some 3 months at least, and then are loans to be repaid with interest - so putting small business into even more debt - and thousands will close and millions made unemployed.

And this American venue has not even reduced its prices, or adapted its Terms & Conditions making it easier and cheaper to cancel at short notice - all of which Hamilton Hall has done.

( 50% reductions on room rates until September 30th - 2 night min - and half price dinners - cancellation allowing just 72 hours notice not the usual 7 days and a full refund with a credit card charge of just £15 so we have not lost out completely and end up paying the banking charges leaving us in more financial debt.

( We are charged for every entry and ever refund - please bare that in mind )

Hamilton Hall is also taking bookings from May 1st - in theory - but are open to change as and when the government / health officials / WHO and my own common sense - tells me it is safe to do so. I am not about to re open just because I need the money and putting people at risk. Me included.

People will be judging all business' and how well / badly / greedy / helpful they were during this period and many will suffer because of their ignorance, denial, stupidity and blatant uncaring attitude in place of money.

I wish the venue in Arizona all the best of luck and I sincerely hope we can all get ' back to normal' on or just after May 1st, but I really do think after all we have been through, to think you can just jump back into your old ways - your old life - your old lifestyle straight away - is a fantasy... it is simply not going to be.

1) Everyone is going to start stocking up on food stocks.

2) Hand Gells and Anti Bacterial Soaps are going to be stocked up on - as well as disposable gloves and face masks. ( Stable - Horse - Bolted )

3) Social distancing will continue.

and we as people will take some time to get ' back to normal' as the mental health, the mysery, the loneliness and the isolation felt, will bring home to many how vulnerable they are.

The way forward for many older people, perhaps - is to live in a Community Living Space like

and then they are never alone again.

I wish everyone well. I do think a slow slow re entry is the best way forward and ' play it by ear' and see where the future takes us all.

Hamilton Hall is still temporarily closed - and we will be re opening, just not yet. We are being responsible to save us and to save you and problems in the future.



John. Walked my dog today and actually found a restaurant that was open and while it was a beach cafe, it should still not have been open. I watched as some people were complaining and shortly, the police arrived and closed the business and gave the owner what I thought to be a citation.

The owner kept screaming he needed the money - as do we all - we are all suffering financial losses - and sitting at close quarters in a cafe is madness. After this is over, I will tell all my friends - and will never visit that establishment again. If he cannot follow the guidelines we all have to follow and he puts peoples lives at risk, then that is not a business I want to spend my money with in the future when all returns to normal.

Will. Eastbourne. One of my wholesalers offered my business a special discount knowing we were short of funds because we are closed due to the virus. Another business offered me nothing at all and even extended the hand of arrogance and attitude, and I told them to fuck off. This is the time when the men and the boys part. When good and bad show themselves. Where one business will survive because it has acted decently and another will fail because all they saw was making money. We will remember. We will take action afterwards accordingly. Do these companies not get it ? Do they think we are all stupid. For the sake of a few hundred quid, they ruin their hopes and dreams for the future as they acted like real fools at a time when their public, their customers and their family, needed help - not money grabbing bastards. Edwars D. (Hants) BLOG HOME PAGE

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