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sex in quarentine

Are you getting laid in lockdown. Any cock in quarantine ? I have received several comments and e mails about no sex in lockdown and asked the writer if I could share his story with you - beloe. Add yours if you have one... share your story with us here.

Hi Hohn: I have been in lockdopwn for the last month and have almost not gone out at all.

A few days before all this kicked off, I met a guy from Dubai who was over on business and we shared a couple of nights of the most amazing sex, and he was exactly what I dreamed of in all ways.

Anyway - the lockdown came and I got a call on day one from the guy.

He was stranded. Flights had been grounded. He needed somewhere to stay while he sorted things out to get home. Hotels were closing and refusing his reservation and I offered for him to come stay here for a few days while we / he sorted himself out.

He arrived that same day and it was a cold afternoon with his bags and - as we agreed, there was nothing else he could have done. He had nowhere. We talked about the situation, I made some room for his stuff and having a spare bedroom helped and he stowed his stuff. And we had sex again, and again and again and every day in this lockdown so far, and he has now been here for over 4 weeks, we have been having the most, the best, the hardest and the deepest sex sessions lasting hours and hours, and falling asleep exhausted - satiated and happy as fuck.

He is very easy going and his English is very good and as my fantasy has always been hairy dark Arab men, I am in second heaven. I am aware how lucky I am as many are sex starved but believe me, this will be a very happy memory period for me.

Long way the shut down last.

Gregory ( Earls Court London )



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