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Was Osho homophobic

Osho speaking about homosexuality

Read John Bellamy's comments at the bottom of the page

'Homosexuality is not such a big problem, it is not a problem at all, in fact. It is part of human freedom. There is nothing wrong if two persons choose a certain style of sexual relationship; it should be nobody's business. But the priests and the politicians are poking their noses into everything! They create guilt in you -- absolutely unnecessary. If two men are in love, what is wrong in it? What harm are they doing to anybody? In fact, they look happier than the heterosexuals; that's why they are called "gay".... Homosexuals become more feminine and they start having a certain beauty, a certain "richness" about them, a certain roundness, a grace...

Why make much out of a simple thing?

If you are enjoying a relationship with a man, enjoy it! The Christian God himself seems to be homosexual -- the whole trinity consists of three men. How they are managing it nobody knows -- not a single woman! Only the Holy Ghost is a little suspect -- maybe the Holy Ghost is bisexual?

Ghosts can do any kind of thing! Otherwise the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost -- what kind of trinity is this? It is very homosexual !

They have not allowed a single woman to be in it, just to keep out of trouble.


One woman would have destroyed the whole trinity; it would have become a real triangle! So homosexuality is not a problem. We should start looking at real problems and should not be concerned about unreal problems. There are real problems to be solved. And this is a trick of the human mind: to create unreal problems so that you become occupied with them while real problems go on growing. And this is an old strategy: politicians, priests, so-called religious leaders go on giving you pseudo-problems to solve so that you become occupied with the pseudo.

The problem in itself is meaningless, the problem is not a problem at all, but how much fuss has gone on down the ages about homosexuality! There are countries where people are still killed for homosexual acts, murdered, sentenced to jail for their whole lives. Strange world!

This is a 20th Century world? Homosexuality is not a problem at all; there are thousands of real problems to be solved. But man has to be kept engaged with toys.



My effort is to withdraw all your attention from toys so that you can focus on the real problems of life; and if you focus on the real problems of life, they can be solved. Now, I don't see how homosexuality becomes a problem. How does it become a problem? Why should it be of concern to anybody? A love affair is two individuals' private concern; it is their intimacy, it is not a social phenomenon.

And, in fact, it will help the world population if more people turned homosexual. It will be good, very good for the world: less people will be born, the earth will be less burdened, there will be less poverty. Of course, less orphans and less Mother Teresa’s! There will be less need for contraceptives, birth control methods, sterilization, and of course the whole business of the Polack Pope will go out of his hands.

That is his whole business! For one year continuously, he has been talking against contraceptives, against birth control, sterilization, abortion. Homosexuality can solve all these problems simply! So I don't see there is much problem in it.... Don't make unnecessary problems for yourself, so that your whole energy can become focused on the essential problem. And the essential problem is only one: Know thyself!”



Is being gay an obstacle to Enlightenment?

Osho on same sex relations



John Bellamy Comments:




I attended a talk some 20 years ago hosted by the Osho people here in Dorset

Just as I was about to open Hamilton Hall - to everyone, as it was 18 months into HH that I turned it MEN ONLY, I attended a local weekly spiritual talk on different subjects - here in Bournemouth - hosted by a local women and was 98% middle aged / elderly women and a few husbands plus a few younger people. The hall sat around 100 that night and was packed out.

It was not the most enlightening event, and almost nothing of sex and spirituality was shared at all.

The talk told us absolutely nothing at all. Questions at the end asked by the audiance were answered - badly - and it was clear the speaker didn't really understand spiritual sexuality at all.

I was unknown to the group and made everyones head turn and stare in my direction when I put my hand up and asked in a loud and clear voice:- " We in the gay community believe that Osho was homophobic. Can you confirm or deny this ?"

Everyone stared at the one gay man who has ' outed himself ' in front of 100 straights - ( maybe ... ) and the speaker ummed and arred for a good 15 - 30 seconds and I responded loudly

' By your lack of a coherant answer I take it he was homophobic then.'

and everyone laughed so loudly the speaker couldn't be heard when he did respond, and again, said very little to answer my question - and I responded -

' Your answer is not an answer so clearly - judging on how you cannot or refuse to answer in a manner we can all understand - he was homophobic ."

Again much lounder laughter and even a round of applause.

It quickly was brought to an end and everyone went and got their cup of tea and digestive and I stood at the back nattering to a couple of women about how bad the whole thing had been, and I got on a roll, blabbering on and on like a motor mouth about what he should have ben talking about and the answers many had come to learn.

Within just a few minutes I was aware that at least 35 people had gathered around and were listening to be giggling away and having fun talking about a womens clitorus and a mans prostate etc. - energies - chakras - Biblical writings on sex and all sorts. Many were wide eyed and open mouthed. A few asked questions and I answered and I was aware of this man on my left in the group aggressively staring at me - and while I was not put off as I just continued for a good 15 - 20 minutes - I was aware of him staring at me intensely - until I turned to this guy and before I said anything he - agressively I though - said -

' And who exactly are you ?' I explained I was John Bellamy and was about to open a spiritual retreat in Boscombe called Hamilton Hall - and he held out his hand to shake mine saying...

' Thank you John, THIS is what we came to hear today, not the shit the other guy is babbling. This is EXACTLY what we came here for., Thank you John.'

I was all flustered - embarrassed - pleased as punch and thrilled - as Hamilton Hall was just about to open and these being the peole I wanted - at that time - to attract along with the gay market - it was a good evening.

So the jury is out about Osho being homophobic or not and as with many groups, the foundation may not be homophobic but the followers often are - and take it to extremes, which can destroy a thing of beauty.

Clearlky Osho's people were out of control back in the late 1980's and p;oisoning, attempting to murder and give food poisoning to thousands of people, is not enlightened at all, is not spiritual at all, and their entire approach to spirituality was completely betrayed by their acts of non love - but of violence towards others, and just because you were attacked first DOES NOT MEAN you have to turn your spiritual group into an armed militia - highly trained bullies who do your service no good at all. I have never been to the retreat at Gillingham, but hear if you are not young and virilemany are not allowed in... true or not, I do not know.

Make your own mind up. Watch the brilliant Netflix series and learn from it what truth you can. Outstanding series. But you do need Netflix.



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