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i'm hooked - am I now an addict.

I have said ' no way' for a very long time.

Friends have indulged for decades.

I held out.

But life was becoming more and more difficult without the ability to accept - as everyone else has done, that I am a ' bit out of step' with others because I have refused so adamantly, and now it's time to give it a go.

I have asked people NOT TO on the ground floor of Hamiloton Hall ever since we opened.

I insist friends do not - if and when we are watching a movie together in my apartment, and bark at them for constantly being distracted - not listening or paying attention and for ignoring everything around them - even when on a beautiful walk with stunning scenery.

A revcent survey showed that people hate it when others do this in restaurants.#Trains hjave special carriages where you ' go wothout' yet some still feel the need to indulge, even where they know it is forbidden. Driving your car at the same time - stupid and dangerous and you get 6 points on your licence.

What am I talking about.


Afyer all mthese years I have indulged and am slowly figuring it out.

iphone 7

I am learning text talk and all sorts more.

After so many years, I am expecting to loose it just as everyone else does, so amnkeeping an eye on it.

So I am now in the 21st century and the powers that be will know my every move.

ha ha

John Bellamy

John. It's about time. Been nagging you for years. Now we can chat free any time... and text. Good for you John. Better late than never. Ezra. ( Turkey )

Get you - all modern. Now the world will change for you with a mobile. You will never enjoy a movie without being disturbed all the time - again. ha ha ... Alain

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