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an opportunity not to be alone again

Hair salons could be closed another 6 months.

Restaurants and bars will probebly be longer than that.

Theatres / Cinemas and any public event where loads of people attend, will at least not be available until the autumn. Who will want to travel by plane anywhere ? Who will want to take a packed train in rush hour ?

Who will want to take the underground in London ?

Or take a bus crammed full as they often are.

Football matches and horse / dog racing - The Olympics - Wimbledon - Eurovision -

The largest Air Shpow in the UK - in Bournemouth late August - All cancelled

Beaches are Closed.

Tourist attractions - Closed. Saturday nights are very different for a lot of people - as 'Britains Got Talent' appeals to some but does not replace a good night out with friends. But will have to. Many have voiced how lonely and isolated they have felt.

Many have said they are worried that - being older - that they might be taken ill in the night and being all alone and no one at home with them.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Move into Hamilton Hall.

Have your own room with shower etc.

Includes Breakfast and Dinner and Self Serve Lunch.

All hot and cold refreshments 24/7

Cakes and nibbles freely available 24/7

Lovely TV Lounge - Dining Room - Quiet Lounge - Community Room - Clorious Conservatory -

Lovely private garden for nude sunbathing

and just think. If you lived with us here - min 3 months - you will never be alone again and if this global health crisis happens again, and every authority says it will happen again and is just a matter of when - and could / will be much worse next time - at least you have company and friends who keep an eye on each other and not just by the internet, but face to friends - supporting and caring for each other.


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We were already well stocked with masks, anti bacterial gells and soaps to last years - and food stocks - where we do not need to worry. We havbe Netflix and WiFi - TV in your own room or come join us in the Lounge and share - You smoke - no problem, come and join me in the evening in my personal space at the top of Hamilton Hall - classified differently in law so we can smoke freely and legally in doors in the warm - and the garden also has some very pleasant smoking areas where you can shelter from the rain comfortably. Shops are a 5 minute walk.

Doctor & Dentist - a 3 minute walk.

Hospital - 15 minute drive.

Seaside - 10 minute wak.

Christchurch Town Centre - 15 minutes drive - Bournemouth Town Centre - 10 minutes drive - Poole Town Centre - 20 minutes drive -

Living through this unpleasant virus period has made many realise how alone they can be - when normal services are cut and visitors not allowed, at least if living with others, you have company and friendship.



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Absolutely love your idea about Community Living. Just wish there was something like this here in Florida. You really would think there would be - but no one is brave enough to invest. Well done to you John and your team . bet you are full . Bradley ( Kissimmee Florida )

Have been wanting to find a commune of sorts but for gay men and have not been able to except those who think outdoor toilets and cold showers is fun... The fayres are not my cup of tea at all and they consider themselves a bit above everyone else, which when you just look at them, a bath and a hair cut would do them good. So a place like yours John looks superb. Style and decent decor. Propper heating and the luxuries of a good and decent home. I am comming to the UK this summer - well - suppose to be - so might be able to check you out.

Manny ( Spain )

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