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'From the bottom of my heart'

Dear john. I am subscribed to your newsletters and used to be part of the Bournemouth gay community before a neurological condition made me return to my very rural Lincolnshire roots. I have wanted to visit you on several occasions with a vested interest in many of your weekends.

I learned Reiki and am now Reiki 2 and part of the official lineage healing circle so your spiritual and tantric weekends especially interested me but unfortunately due to one reason or another I have not made it to you YET.

Anyway I digress, I have been in hospital and discharged yesterday due to my neurological condition.

During these crazy times I wanted to offer thanks to the universe, to all peoples, animals and plants of the world and to all of the people who mean something to me, but who I haven't acknowledged and at this moment in time, I need to acknowledge.

Dear John, from the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you for being a pillar of hope. A beacon of safety that gay men (who often feel alone and isolated in normal circumstances, let alone the current lockdown situation) - can be guided to.

Knowing that there is no judgement, no discrimination and that all (L.G.B.T, bi curious, etc) are treated as equals with kindness and care. Even if they (as I) have not met you yet, still feel part of your world, still feel included because of your newsletter.

This newsletter means so much, and on behalf of everyone who is subscribed


Thank you for taking the time to personally write these updates, research and include links which are either applicable, human interest, joyous,cheeky or fun, thank you.

Thank you for your friendship and thank you for always opening your arms wide, to embrace and keep safe your big, beautiful, rainbow family safe.

From my heart to yours, with love and eternal thanks, keep shining bright-

JH xxxxxx

Please keep your newsletters coming




John Bellamy COMMENTS:

It is very humbling when I receive wonderful e mails like the one above - as it shows that the hard work and long hours and the passion I have for sharing this life and helping make it a better place, is appreciated and valued.

Sometimes recently is seems like a very solitary journey for many of us - although I am not alone here at Hammy Hall during the quarentine periods, but many are - and by keeping in touch and ' keeping an eye ' and knowing there is someone here you can chat with, laugh with, send dirty pictures and stories and whatever you like and I am here to answer and share and help keep us all ' on track' and not ' loosing the plot.'

We are all in this together.

No more or no less.

Everyone is suffering.

Everyone is frustrated - in all ways. Everyone is questioning and in a world where we have the worlds most powerful leader promoting people inject bleach and disinfectant straight into our blood streams - and where we have the USA creating havoc for its people during a pandemic - and where we have Trump stopping funding for the World Health Organisation in order to cover up his own lies and lack of action - and where we have some US churches claiming this whole thing is because of gay marriage and Trans rights - which is absurd yet people are in belief and follow through with even more bigotry and hate - and where we have a global panicked lockdown, this is a time to unify and to support and to benefit from ALL others - regardless of colour, race, sexuality, religion, status, education, money EVERY FUCKING THING - as NOTHING matters more than LIFE - and if we deny another the right to a good safe existance, then we are no better than evil - as what gives us the damned right to bully over others ?


So thank you from the bottom of my heart for such kind and thoughtful words J.H. Much appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------






Nice to receive your updates and photographs. You look good in a coat and out of your clothes. Your links are also revealing and informative.

Keep on doing your wonderful work.

Randall in Provincetown MA/USA

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